Lil pump says he's the youngest flexer

lil pump says he's the youngest flexer.

Any richfags richer than him?
Oh and he's 17.

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I have $300

>ego jerking a 17 year old
What are you? A faggot pedohile?

didn't he die?

I don't understand the question

>just signed 8mil deal for 1 album

I mean, I made a killing off magic internet money but that really kicks the shit out of what I got going to be completely frank.

This kid will be dead or in jail soon. Don't worry pal.

wtf i didn't know he was that rich.
proof on the deal?

he ded

this nigger will be broke by 20 after the normies find a new circus monkey to entertain them.

Watch this 0:52 clip

he says he got lawyers

Saw that clip the other day. This guy is a fucking monkey.

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Born: August 17, 2000 (age 17), Miami, Florida, United States

he's not dead

he got the better of that white guy

lil pump says he dropped out of harvard

Alexa, make me a list of all “lil ____” rappers and their respective net worths.

You are thinking about the other fag that died, lil peep. Fuck all of them. Evolution just doing its thing.

>richer than him
why don't you just say how much money he has then?

I know a black dude named Harvard. If his mom’s name is the same then it’s not impossible.


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lil peep
lil pump
lil uzi
lil xan

bitcoin gang
bitcoin gang
bitcoin gang
bitcoin gang
bitcoin gang
bitcoin gang

fuck all of them. They are monkeys. They should work in a circus.

Well, no one knew his age until it got leaked. I don't know his networth but he seems very rich

soon we will have our very own
>Lil dump

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oh :0

Not even close to all of them. Lil Wayne, Lil b, and lil yachty for starters.

Faggot. Listen to some REAL gangster shit
Like a white man

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I got fast cars, bad bitches and designer clothes
Couple thousand on my wrist and my neck is on froze
Spanish bitches' butt naked and they twerkin' on the stove
Too much racks in my pocket that my wallet can't fold
I got fast cars, bad bitches and designer clothes
I got fast cars, bad bitches and designer clothes
Couple thousand on my wrist and my neck is on froze
Too much racks in my pocket that my wallet can't fold

heres a little known fact. all record deals are advances, the artists owe whatever the advance is back to the label. it is like a loan where they dont control the payment or the expense side. the artists are then raped for everything at the highest possible billable rate. its like class action lawyers who fake their hours to rape the people who got fucked in a fraud and take the money. he OWES 8 millio which those in the know will laugh cuz he never even got 8 mill but hes 8 mill in the hole

>watching some scrawny middle aged man play halloween and antisemetism to look intimidating
>mfw he is built like a twig and without all of that make up he would look like an aushwitz survivor

kek. this is the gayest shit ive seen and Im also white

So you’re a fan of Lil Faggot too?

That guy would be thrown in the gas chamber if he ever stepped his foot in NAZI Germany. Doesn't he know how the NAZIS felt about degeneracy?

He had the voice of an angel is that why God took him?

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This is you

no but that black metal fag is just as cringey.
autism exists in every genre of music

True ricegum exposed this on the song called bitcoin

"Keep bragging 'bout you getting money
But the label taking half, ayy
Add it up, quick maths, ayy
You just broke and you sad
Little girl, I don't know what you wanna beef about"

no im a ricegum fan

What is a flexer? Please translate this nigger term for me

Now that I’ve gotten my kicks- this thread doesn’t belong on Veeky Forums. KYS OP.

flexer= flaunting money, cars, clothes etc etc

I was calling the black metal guy lil faggot. It’s a joke.

So you're telling us you're underage then?

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Stop dick riding, it's gay as fuck.

why are you dick riding a dead guy

How does it feel to be completely ignorant of modern low-iq, monkey terminology? It must be a bliss to not get exposed to that stuff. You must be lucky, I get exposed to this shit all the time.

Where/how? It’s easy for me to avoid. The only place I see it is online.

Do you live in eastern europoor

No, I live in Taxachusetts.

Why are you (a dick rider) asking another dick rider why they ride dicks?

i don't dick ride anyone. Where's your proof? gtfo projecting nigger

Do you know how ID's work? Every single post of your's is jerking off a 17 year old. Fucking disgusting pedo.

In real life and on the internet. Then when I find out I have to look it up, not to feel stupid. Kids use these terms all day.

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>Doesn't know Veeky Forums had ID's
>Constantly sucking off a 17 year old boy
>hurr hurr i baited u
Go back to /b/ you fucking inbred.

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Lil Peep was pretty cool tho. Seemed like a genuinely good guy.

>lil pump
>youngest flexer

Can american popculture die already?

Oh wait.. its already dead.

Anyone who listens to rap music is untermensch.

It's pure faggotry. How low and pathetic as a person do you have to be to look up to these jokers?

Your parents failed you

funfact, they are mostly gay as hell

I'm a younger flexer


I'm fucking of seeing these Amerimutt nigger mimic idols on this board.

unironically a great artist. was sad to see him go

>Do drugs and die
>Tatto whole face and body
>Good guy
Your definition of good seems a bit retarded. Nothing about that retards behavior should be considered good. All decadent, amoral monkeys should just drop.

my god. lay off the drugs mane

How old are you?
How rich are your parents
What's the most expensive thing you own? (post pic with timestamp)
How much money do you have in your bank account at the moment?
Do you wear Gucci everyday?

You're on a website that has been at the forefront of degenerate behavior since it's inception, but you are trying to preach morality? Ironic.

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stop posting this faggot already queer.

he's not cool he's not attractive he's not talented he's just a dumbfuck faggot that cant dress and looks like a mentally ill cock lover at the local suckandfuckgaybar.

yet faggots keep posting this loser over and over and keeping his no talent ass famous.
My only question is why is op attracted to such a faggot like lil bitch is

You millennial faggots and gen zyklon betas.
> muh lil pump
> muh lil
No one cares about lil pumps and lil dumps. I’m from a time when the good shit was B.I.G. Notorious. LINK $1k EOY.

>$8m record deal
you know what that “deal” is? it’s a fucking loan this child has to pay back if his records don’t sell. the money ain’t his, it’s for literally all the expenses to make a record and tour to pay it back
this boy will make money maybe in a few years if he a) tours his ass off and b) eventually owns his own record masters - if he’s smart

You must be new here

Conservatism is the new counter culture

t. /pol/

id honestly beat the shit out od this little cunt if i ever sah him in the street

who cares? pointless freak. No interest. Stop marketing him here OP or it will be counterproductive and he will be come the new pedobear

what the fuck does flexer even mean?
do you guys not remember justin bieber was a thing like yesterday? oh wait no, because it was 10 years ago and fucking 20 years olds now are born in the late 90s
i'm in under no delusion my "generation" (80s) was the greatest one, but holy shit young people now are the absolute worst since boomers

lol fuck off old man, go back to your retirement home.

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You realize living a wholesome life is basically the opposite of what society is doing? This website has always been contrarian, it's now contrarian to not be a degenerate.

This is true and most people don't know this
Also lil Pump got out of his contract on a technicality and owns all the rights to his album so all of his money he made with the royalties go to him like an independent artist
I know life is unfair