What do you think of Stellar Lumens?

What do you think of Stellar Lumens?

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What do I think about a shitcoin? Its a shitcoin

one of the few coins that is going to see mass adoption



As much as I don't care for the concept of it, the unwashed masses and globalists will probably be interested in "banking for the underbanked".

Only dumb /pol/ racists don't want Africa lifted out of Poverty. not even a leftist.

Announced a literal IBM partnership and no one gives a fuck. Weird hold.

It is the closest coin to mass adoption.
IBM already declared that it will be used to facilitate financial transactions to complement Hyperledger (The Biggest Consortium of firms under one roof),
Financial Remittance firms and banks. Hell, it is even being used right now.

ICOs like KIN already moved to XLM from ETH, more and more platforms/Fiat anchors are accepting Stellar.
This is not even considering FairX which is perfectly legal and coming out Apr/May.
Once Critical Mass is achieved, Stripe will jump in and we will be going Interstellar

>What do you think of Stellar Lumens?

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if you want to give your money to poor third worlders that is admirable but dont buy it as an investent or store of value cuz they will give your assets away

One of the few coins that will unironically make it

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gibs doesn't reduce poverty, it fuels it.
if you haven't noticed, africa has been taking gibs for a century now and they're no better off than they were 100 years ago.

The last time we tried to lift Africa out of poverty everyone bitched and complained about it, and some faggot in Belgium fucked it up for us.

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Until the Chinese came in and sold them infrastructure/industrial training/modern amenities(Smartphones etc.)/Cheap cars for raw materials/market access/soft power

One of the few good coins. Giving it away to Africans isn't a bad idea, but not a good one either. A few of the unwashed and unbanked will use them to buy jenkem, the rest of the African airdrop will just vanish into the ether. But the small transaction fees coupled with very fast transactions make this one really promising. Inb4 "muh Nano has free transactions" - great, zero incentive to run a node. At least this collects a nominal fee.

This is late, but there are a lot of different reasons. I am 100% invested into XLM and trade any other coins i buy versus the value of XLM.

>If you look at the cryptocurrency market in general, a huge issue it has with being adopted is volatility. With yearly inflation, stellar solves this issue somewhat, and it becomes much easier to use XLM for currency as opposed to other crypto as a result.

>XLM becoming more stable as a result will actually pump up the price, because businesses can then use the currency safely. Mass adoption creates huge pumps in price, until no more growth is possible and it flatlines.

>Nano actually beats Stellar in terms of how good of a currency it would be, but the fundamental difference is the stability of price, and the fact that Stellar implements smart contracts too which makes it viable for business applications. It is literally the best of both worlds.
>Backed by IBM
>FairX makes anchoring easier, allowing it to become a better asset to trade against

why is the wallet so terrible

Nice just bought 100gay

The wallet takes getting used to, but I've seen worse. I rate it a solid "meh."

#2 currency by 2020. This and neo are the only zero bullshit coins in the top 10
>Inb4 muh nigger handouts
Literally every successful company in the real world has an sjw pr team.

Wow such a compelling argument

Take my lumens to the grave crew, eternal HODL

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You have to go back.

Kekekek you really think lumens will make a difference?
Until China and Europe stop raping them for their resources, and education becomes normal, they aint improving their lives