Mfw 8.7K buyers exist

>mfw 8.7K buyers exist

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>mfw OHP in the squat rack

Wow you post this shit thread with that same pic everyday. Im curious to how much you weigh, is it less than 700lbs?

>implying anyone sells their meme coin

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just fucked my shoulder up because I must have cleaned the dumbells up awkwardly, so I could begin my OHP

why the fk do u care?

>OHP not "dumbbell press"

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Is there a way to short ass pain on bitmex?
>The overhead press can be performed with any type of weight/equipment, but is commonly performed with:



Is the squat rack where most people do their biceps curls? Sorry, never done a legit squat.

where else would i do an OHP safely?

Smith machine

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wew lad


What exercise is the smith machine actually for?

calf raises and burnout sets maybe


don't @ me or my posts ever again

20k buyers exist

I feel like this image of Austin Powers became even more derisive after that enormous red dildo. Now 8.7K buyers have to come to grips with the reality that they won't break even.

gets funnier every time OP updates it kek