Should I invest in

Should I invest in

I basically want to short the white race.

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Short it by necking yourself

>Wants to short a resource thats becoming lower in supply each day
Honestly we may be living in a time of peak ginger girls

Let's be hoenst here. Memes aside, the white race won't survive the next century.

big fan of gingers.

no idea why

Let's be honest killer robots aren't going like blacks.

We thought the same about the jews but here they are.

No, you don't. Why the cognitive elite would disappear?
t. ashkenazi juden 140 IQ

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not so fast

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W-Wait.. i-is Brazil the saviour the white race needs but doesn't deserve?

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Kuruminhas can't get enough of that coloniser semen

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t b h no one wants a spic or niglet if they have the choice

The white race is going to take over, actually. Even one drop of filthy white blood means you are white. It's the pure black race that's being driven extinct by the Jews running sites like Blacked.

mfw with the eternal Jew, anything is plausible. This one is a bit down the list though.

Checked, mixed nigresses look way better than the pure breeds, they behave in a more civilised fashion too.

What if I told you that black kids raised by decent white families grow up to be indistinguishable from whites behavior-wise

I'd say that you need to stop doing drugs.

Ok, prove you're not Jewish in 3, 2, 1, GO!

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Here here. If the cutie redhead in my discrete math class is on here, know that I am wanting to bang

No counter-arguments then.

Found him boys!

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There's nothing to counter, you just stated some myth. Its like if someone started talking about Thor being real, its not worth taking seriously.

what if i told you that that is a complete lie shareblue. Dude pols leftist shills are moving to less suspecting boards people. If you are white go over to pol an learn so you don't think these eople are honest. They are trying to hurt our strength as a people. Its coordinated Soros schilling.

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>still no counter-arguments

>Its coordinated Soros schilling.
How deluded do you have to be to believe that a multibillionaire investor gives 2 fucks about this shithole?

Nobody is paid to post BLACKED threads. People do it because it's guaranteed replies from fucking mouthbreathing mongoloids like you.

IQ is 80% genetic
Even blacks raised by whites have a mean IQ of 85

>I basically want to short the white race.
Just buy neo, elastos and other centralized chinese coins then.

I'd say that you seem to be new here. I'd imagine most everyone has seen the twin studies that completely disprove what you are saying. IQ is demonstrably genetic, as are many personality traits. These things correspond with racial divisions, as they are known colloquially (black, white, asain, etc). These genetic traits are indicators of behavior, and have fuck all to do with the race of the parents of an adopted child.

>muh IQ

Did I even mention IQ? kek you people are so insecure it's painful to watch

>shorting the white race
its all fun and game until you get liquidated by the obvious white bear trap

t. shills it for free

why aren't blacks raised by blacks the same as whites behavior wise?

There is another thing.

Difference between somalian and nigerian, dutch and italian, mongolian and indonesian may be more significant than the diffrrence between average "white" and "asian" for example.

Btw mongolians unironically have very high iq.

IQ is fundamental to behavior the fuck are you even trying to say. Time preference is largely a product of IQ.
>kek you people are so insecure it's painful to watch
Nice argument

Do you get paid to shitpost on Veeky Forums? Why do you think other people do? Trolls don't it for the lols.

How does IQ influence behavior. Please provide a credible source.

IQ is just a measure of intelligence.

Define behavior for the context of the discussion

Low iq correlates with violence. It's a know thing.


Are you seriously asking me to define words for you? You can Google the definition yourself.

>It's a know thing.
So prove it. I'm not saying that you're wrong, I'm asking for some proof. Just saying "it's a known thing" isn't proof. Show me a peer reviewed study or some sort of academic publication.

Even Charles Murray will tell you, you would be foolish to make assumptions about intelligence of an individual based on race, there's more variation within races than between them etc. But that part doesn't fit your narrative. You race-superiority obsessed people are just painfully butthurt about black people. They make you so god damn upset just because they're loud dumb, actually athletic, whatever it is.
In the end you lose simply because they weigh on you mentally as much as they do

I'm too lazy for it and typing from the phone.
No, you don't have to believe me but now you know what to research.

Iq is pretty subjective but when it comes to low iq or to extremely high iq it works fine.

Oh I know cuckspammers do it for free
All day
Like the mentally ill queers you are

This is sick. I love all babies ;(

You can just buy an Israeli stock exchange index fund

You didn't make an argument, retard. You stated an opinion as fact.

Okay so you have no proof then. Just as I thought.

>You race-superiority obsessed people are just painfully butthurt about black people.

Much as they will deny it they actually just hate blacks. Notice how they're quick to point out how blacks have lower IQ but will always make some excuse when you point out that Asians and Jews have higher IQs than whites?

These people suffer from confirmation bias to the max. They hate black people and are constantly looking for more and more research to support their point of view while ignoring all the research that doesn't. Oftentimes they'll simply jump to massive conclusions as we see in this thread.

Do it. There's no hope for us.

What if I were to tell you there's nothing wrong with black culture in general, and we're just constantly being programmed to associate the crime caused by poverty with skin color because blacks have historically not had access to jobs or education

Because black people have historically lived in poverty without education. This has greatly damaged the knowledge transfer from generation to generation

What if I were to tell you that IQ is a meme, and we are all as smart as we try

What if I told you that blacks live in abject poverty and crime because of their low IQ and terrible culture. Just like aborigines, both of which just so happen to be the two dumbest races on the planet, whereas every other race is more successful the higher their IQ is; and you're just being programmed to believe evolution doesn't exist in humans.

>Are you seriously asking me to define words for you? You can Google the definition yourself.
For the context of the discussion you fucking idiot. Literally every action taken by a human can be described as a 'behavior'. So yes I'm asking you to define it.

Is time preference a behavior trait? Higher IQ people are more frugal, less impulsive, save more money, etc
Unsurprisingly blacks save very little and spend lots of money on frivolities.

What is aggression a behavioral trait? Blacks have much higher rates of carrying the so called "warrior gene" which is a huge predictor of violent crime.
Unsurprisingly blacks are massively overrepresented in the violent criminal population.

>Even Charles Murray will tell you, you would be foolish to make assumptions about intelligence of an individual based on race, there's more variation within races than between them etc
Obviously every individual is just a piece of the bell curve. Some blacks are incredibly intelligent, but they are proportionally much rarer than whites of similar intellect. And to say that environment or white racism is the ONLY reason that blacks under perform whites isn't coherent.

And to say that the only reason that people point out differences between the races is that they're evil cross burning nazis is even more retarded.

>Notice how they're quick to point out how blacks have lower IQ but will always make some excuse when you point out that Asians and Jews have higher IQs than whites?
Asians and Jews are more successful than whites for a reason. And who are 'they'? The /pol/ boogieman? The general consensus on /pol/ (if there is such a thing), is that asians are as smart, or smarter, than whites. /pol/ hates the jews for tons of reasons, but not because they have low IQ.

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I believe in natural selection and I do believe certain aspects of every race will be weeded out over time. I'm just saying that if black people in poverty had access to wealth and education their culture would have less crime and people would be less racist. It really doesn't matter how their brains work. Natural selection will take care of that.

>and we are all as smart as we try
What if I told you that was bullshit?

What if I told you that despite untold billions being spent on improving education among the black community has done fuck all. From the great society to no child left behind, to common core, not a single government cheque has closed the black-white IQ, achievement, or criminality gaps.

In fact the gaps were smaller during the early 1900's, when blacks WERE systemically denied education and employment.
>What if I were to tell you there's nothing wrong with black culture in general
Also wrong. The illegitimacy rate among blacks is +75% percent, fathers and male role models are non existent, black mothers routinely use corporal punishment or 'whopping' (which lowers IQ), black mothers don't breastfeed, the culture glorifies violence and criminality, the list goes on. And the culture has gotten worse over time not better. During the early 1900's blacks were more likely to be raised by both parents than whites.
>, and we're just constantly being programmed to associate the crime caused by poverty with skin color
12% of the population
50% of the murders

>cognitive elite
>their rabbis rape their own kids and "genetic family"
>if you are jewish and get sodomized/throated by your rabbi you can't complain because your fellow jews won't stand with you.

You are nothing but a pawn in a greater mafia, and as a creature you are so immoral that one day your children will die slaves to bigger jews that enslave their own. Enjoy it faggot

>evil cross burning nazis
Nah man that's you saying that. I'm sure you're a rational who seeks truth and fights decpetion like most of us here, a lot of intellectual dishonesty comes from these 'everyone is 110% equal' types.
But in terms of the tone I'm getting from you, and the amount of time I'm guessing you've spent on this specific issue, I don't think it's ultimately a fruitful, helpful, or healthy endeavor for you or humanity.. Shit skins ain't going anywhere, we're all going to be tan in 400 years just chill.

>Is time preference a behavior trait?

>is aggression a behavioral trait?

>the so called "warrior gene"
Is this real or is it pseudoscience?

>Jan Schnupp at the University of Oxford was critical of the work. He commented that up to half the population could have one of the genes involved.

I'm not convinced at all by this.

>Asians and Jews are more successful than whites
Are they? By what metric? I'm pretty sure that the average white person earn more than the average Chinese person.

>The general consensus on /pol/
I don't care about the general consensus of /pol/. /pol/ is full of twenty somethings with little to no education who think they have figured the world out.

This is literally the same idealist BS called "white man's burden" that has failed for the last hundred years to pull blacks out from the stone age. Now they just do all the same shit they've ever done before, but with welfare and smart phones. Sure, we get a hundred decent ones out of every million but that percentage is exponentially higher among whites or asians that you're basically throwing money and resources into a black hole when it could be used to quintessentially bet on a stronger horse in the race.

>or healthy endeavor for you or humanity.
How so? If people actually recognized that there were inherent differences between the races then all of the hundreds of billions that the US government steals and spends on trying to close the achievement gap would stop, and so would the constant demonization of whites.

And saying that researching a topic is "unhealthy" is not an argument

>we're all going to be tan in 400 years just chill.
Had to put that in there didn't you. I feel like with genetic engineering everyone will be 6'6" aryan Adonises.

You must not have ever known any.

I understand that it's easy to look at black communities in poverty and assume they're just naturally different, but you have to put yourself in their shoes. You were born in a community where gangs, crime, and drugs are everything. No money, no loving home, no education, no good influences. You grow up thinking you might be something someday but probably gonna end up in a gang tryna get money. 90% of your friends are in a gang and everyone is trying to get you hooked on drugs. How would you end up? No one just born wanting to fuck shit up. They are born into it. This is reality in the ghetto of my city. I'd be ready to give up too.

Id prolly join a gang desu if that's what everyone was doing. I had a friend who's older brother ended up on bloods just for protection. He's missing now lol

Education is not done in public schools and unfortunately it never will be. Yea I learned a little in school but realistically I'd be just as smart if not more educated if I had learned all on my own. It's all in the home life.

None of this refutes racial IQ difference. And if there's nothing wrong with the culture then why are thing deteriorating, not improving? And if people are just a product of their environment how would cultures and groups grow and improve?

I do agree with you though. Their fucked up culture and community isn't doing them any favors. Like everything in society, the black plague is a product of both genes and environment, not one or the other. Before the welfare state and collapse of the job market blacks had a much stabler community.

all those upper income blacks are generally the adopted children of white families.
think again, nigger.

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bro stop with your fucking hate facks what the fuck

>small dick alert

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8" come at me dicklets

But how did they end up this way? Why does Africa mirror black-majority communities in terms of IQ and crime? Name one successful black city/country, please. I'll wait.

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Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa Oklahoma in the 10's and 20's, the so called "black wall street". In 1921 the neighborhood was largely destroyed during race riots but managed to rebuild and didn't decay until the 60's.


I'll build a gas chamber just for you, you moose dick sucker. You have no idea of the storm that's coming to shake the leaves off your trees. All that you cuckolds have worked so hard to achieve will be gassed, burnt, and bombed back to dust and rubble. Evil and cuckoldry have no foundation to stand on because these things go against the natural order, and the natural order is the core on which all stable things stand on. Your evil, twisted society was built as a playground for jews and cucks to enjoy themselves in as they rotted the white man away. You put yourselves in high society, on platforms high above the corrosion you were inflicting on the white man. You fool, we feel the pain of this destruction, it burns us all like singes from hellfire. We are living in racial agony inflicted by you, and now we are ready for revenge. In all societies there must be a class of people that suffer so that some may thrive. In this modern world you have chosen us, now it is time for us to put you beneath us. We are more knowledgeable of suffering than you, and we know what kind of power the suffering of others can bring to some. You jews and cucks will become the lowest class that ever existed in human history. You will be the most pitiful and saddest humans to have ever existed. You will envy the lowest of past slaves and serfs. Your role in the new Nazi society will be to become vessels of pain to support the spirit of the völkisch society. There will be no lower or middle Aryan class, as your pain will take that role. You will be batteries of pain, existing only for your torment and our pleasure. We will have no need for sex. Orgasm will not come from primitive penis rubbing anymore, instead it will come from the ecstasy of the witnessing of your pain and state of defeat. Sex doesn't compare to the pleasure of seeing cucks and jews in complete, all consuming, unending torture. This will all be coming soon. Leaf, you are damned eternally for your cuckoldry.

Wakanda doesn't count

Wakanda is sickening. The message is that culture has nothing to do with achievement, all that matters is dem REEEsources. The wakandans are just niggers who happen to get a meteor, instead of being blacks who developed the scientific method.

Fuck man I want to see the face of the person who originally wrote this

Why? He was 90% right, the pain batteries thing is I guess a bit ridiculous but jews and cucks will be enslaved in our lifetimes


Would they be able to do this outside of a White Society?

You're in for a rough ride over the next few decades my friend.

You will die in a country surrounded by brown people where you are a minority :)

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Blacks would succeed if the upper classes weren't constantly putting them down behind the shadows. This is true of basically any race that isn't at the top of the food chain. Unfortunately, the world doesn't work that way.

You think the others bring black people down? They are given the most resources from the government out of any race. People ignore that they are the violence problem in our country. People make excuses for all of their failures. They are 80% of our media and always shown in a good light. Be honest. Are Asian Men or Black Men treated worse in popular culture?

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I probably won't immigrate to america so the chances of that happening are pretty low honey :)

>maaan we wuz king it's jus' DA SYSTEM that's pressin' us mane, thas' why I got no job
How the fuck did blacks create their own prosperous neighborhoods at a time when they would get literally bombed, but now can't even keep the peace when they have affirmative actions, welfare, and countless other sources of government cheese?

How did the Chinese go from dry cleaners to doctors in one generation?

You think Canada, Europe and Australia are exempt from the BLACKENING? You will be wiped out my friend. Enjoy your genocide :))

I'd post mountains of stats but I'm lazy so
Umm no sweety try again :))))

I got you OP

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Stats? How about the stats from the UN that state that the poplation of African and Asia will soon account for over 90% of the world.

How about the millions upon millions of migrants that will be arriving in Europe over the next few years and decades. Waves and waves of blacks with balls full of cum and BBCs ready to impregnate the daughters of Europe lol

God I'm getting hard just thinking about it...

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Or is it The Bleachening? As an Asian I've read a lot about white history and tell you that you don't want to make whites angry. I've noticed that they are starting to get very angry. I will probably go back home by then, so much luck to you against the white tsunami.

Whites will be completely irrelevant as soon as America becomes majority non-white.

It's all downhill from here for the white race. Just relax and enjoy the show. The best part is watching how upset these effeminate little white "men" get when they see their own women cuck them lol

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At some point we'll make a new Hitler and nuke everything

Yeah you won't do shit. You'll just shitpost online as usual.

>implying numbers have ever mattered
Putin will destroy non whites lmao

who's going to carry the world then user? The compassionate Asians? Ha.

LOL that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Putin is doing more to help destroy the white race than any other leader. You guys are fucked fucked fucked :)

Not really. I'm going to have at least 1000 kids, and they will all be trained to each have 100+

And it's dumb because you're not white so your brain doesn't work properly.

you clearly never noticed the 9-5 blacked and cuckold patterns of /b/ newfag

Come 2050, the white race will be a minority in America... I mean you can't short it any harder than that.

We left Africa to evolve and develop high IQs, and now they're mixing the nig back into everyone so we can go back to starving in mud huts...

Doesn't matter. Your daughters will taste black dick and produce litter after litter of brown babies. Does that make you little white dick hard?

The only reason the liberal narrative has been allowed live is because the boomer generation and their kids have lived in a time of unprecedented stock market growth.

Look at the overall stock market for the last 30 years. That has enriched many public and private pensions, private asset holders, people's dads who just got into investing, etc. It has literally been a case of "oh shit don't upset the status quo" for quite some time.

The bull market will not last. We're due one hell of a depression. With hard times will come strong men, and with strong men will come the end of tolerance for open borders and diversity quotas.

Besides, statistically white women are the most race-loyal of all. They want white men. Asian women want white men. Black women want white men. Very few want black or hispanic men. Only asian women tolerate asian men.

So here's to the strong times.

1. I have a bigger dick than most black people
2. You're obviously a white larper

You have not seen anything. I was put on this planet for a reason. You will know who I am in the next 20 years. I will make Soros look like a fucking saint

You seem very convinced of something that is statistically insignificant.
White women want men of status. Black, brown and hispanic men will never hold status in white countries again. Obama has virtually ensured it.