Tell me the next 1000x

Tell me the next 1000x

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I thought you couldn't short altcoins.


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There are no more 1000x's, or even 100x's for that matter. There are still some 10x's though. I'll let you know which ones when im done accumulating. Come back next week, same time. 3 key ones.

what is even the point of posting this?

Ncash or KIN in a few months


KIN is the next TRX


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Are you so simple? Obviously cared because asking what the next 1000x is seems foolish, because you might've been there at one point. Seeing this, it's like letting your past self know the truth, manifested as a random user.

Shorting BTC with leverage.

Jibrel if you have iron fucking hands

Petro = Crypto = Gold

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imo AGI or EQC
AGI is a legit AI project.
EQC(qchain) is a low cap ad project wth phd's.

You won't believe me, but TEL



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Shipchain if you buy now at -75% ICO.


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Being this delusional


overused chart
the only thing that can make a little low-life idiot feel smart for a second

>what is inflation

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>happened with dotcom, houses, bitcoin and other famous bubbles
>b-but is gold!!!!

TRTL. Or maybe RVN or 0xBTC.

Coin metro has some potential

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LINK after it hits 1$



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there is one that has not come out yet that has potential to 300-500x.

There are two existing projects, one that might 30-50x, and one that has 100x potential.

All of this is within a time frame of 2-4 years.

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which ones?

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>what is inflation

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