Only the most rare and robust ChainLink memes

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you have summoned me

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I liked that one, mostly cuz it was ez to make

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somebody post the bladerunner shop
i think that may have been the very first chainlink meme

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nvm found it

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why won't it go up I bought in at .0000564 and it won't go up

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Needs a flaccid willy

but my willy is flacid user

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Mainnet cannot get here soon enough.

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will be posted again when we go over $50

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I should make some more of these

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>posting only the abridged version

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I like this one

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That's weird, the original version I saw posted didn't have my chainlink edit in the ice like that.

Fresh OC one time for ya mind.

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i made that to get the attention of people trying to learn more about LINK back in late december. I felt bad that they were actually believing the pajeet meme

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What is this from?

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Best moopy, ebic thread

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