I laugh, you laugh, we all laugh at my life

I guess I'll start making call outs for like the next hour. Cause fuck you.

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buy @ 8585.5

totally meant

buy @ 8584.94

2 active buy positions:

1 position @ 8585.5 and another @ 8584.94

ofc when user is making money street shitters won't post

come on faggots bump the thread

the brap meme is the most stupid, juvenile, unfunny shit I have ever seen in my life

yet upon entering this thread and not seeing any brap posts, I feel compelled to post


thx user

buy @ 8600.99

btc about to pump

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buy @ 8588.81

oh boi, she about to rocket here soon

is this what loneliness and autism combined looks like?

that's what we're laughing at

im watching a screen with white text scrolling
it just scrolls and scrolls
telling me when to buy and when to sell
tells me when it about to moon too

the struggle is real when your autism has made such a tool, yet you're the tool flipping burgers with a college degree getting yelled at by a ged holding tard

normies piss me off


thanks sold 100k

Shorting 100x leverage


Positions still active.

1500.0, 8585.5, 0.17471317919748414
1275.0, 8584.94, 0.1485158894529257
1083.75, 8600.99, 0.12600293687122063
921.1875, 8588.81, 0.10725438099108026

USD Balance 5220.0625

Who's we? Are you schizo or just don't know how ids work?

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buy @ 8392.87

783.009375, 8392.87, 0.09329459112317955

buy @ 8390.0

665.4581901847938, 8390.0, 0.07931563649401595

>watching brapper sniff fags getting BTFO

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Only BTFO if sold.
Couldn't call Binance CEO confirming Japan drama.
Positions still opened. Will remain open too. 3.7k USD left. Will wait till lower to trade that.
Limit set for 0.72909661412990623 BTC bought to sell @ 8615.

Been fun though (:

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bye bye autist, please don't hang yourself soon I wanna laugh at you any other day

Haha get rekt faggot

Bitch you don't even have 0.72 BTC to risk.

here comes the damage control

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