That 381 btc buy wall on gdax

>that 381 btc buy wall on gdax

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>2018 buying btc

445 now...AHAHAHAH

come on bears. Sell....don't you want to sell it?

ROFL....Watch this shit hit 10k+ in the next few days

>that 381 btc buy wall on gdax

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>it's real


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thas a sell signal

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>Implying that wall won't melt like butter if Bitfinex goes under 8600

lol did some mini whale have an autismo meltdown over BTC dying again?

Bless you based whale

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Poking the bear I see?

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how does this make you feel safe

fairly tragic to watch all the whales desperately try and prop up their worthless asset.

love the hypocrisy that crypto was supposed to be a libertarian wet dream as far as a free market goes, but just demonstrates how in an infinitely free market with no real asset value, the whole thing becomes beholden to a few whales.

no one is making any money anymore. it's just whales pumping and shorting whatever minnows are still dumb enough to think they're going to lambo it.

fairly tragic to read a post this retarded

that's the spirit!

a free market doesn't mean communism or socialism or whatever distributes wealth. It could only get more free when it was completely unregulated.

The whales totally deserve the control they have because they were taking bigger risks when bitcoin was small. Bitcoin is still the same, if you want to have some, mine it.

This is gonna dump hard. Order book is looking realllll fishy,

Lol. Whoever placed that is a fucking idiot.

"a single person buying almost 400 bitcoin at once isn't weird dude. he wants to get in on the bullrun"

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50btc sell walls for every 50$ increase in price
good look going back to even 10k
also the real players are on bitfenix since forever


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Yes this huge buy order is really bullish sign, it's probably warren buffett fomoing in.

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>taking bigger risks when it was new.

dude, think critically. all they did was point their rig at it and mine. literally passive income, the only risk they took was dollars on their energy bill.

It's getting eaten :(

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Oh god

aaaaand it's gone


so much for that

lol melt down


You idiots realize buy walls are a bearish sign, right? They're used to prop up the price, which would go down if left to its own devices

And the opposite for sell walls

fake buy wall
sub 7k this time bois

fake buy/sell wall sounds like pleonasm

Explain the logic of sell walls being a bullish sign? (serious)

whales suppressing the price/ pushing it down to buy cheap before it's sent back up.

in manipulated markets, a sell wall prevents the price from rising, and vice versa.

however in real stocks, generally a buy wall is bullish because the buyers are (((usually))) actual buyers and not manipulates just making you think it's buyers.

Buy walls can also mean a bullish sign as it forces weak hands to sell into it lessening the sell wall strength.

This. We're going back to 6k.

Thanks anons.

The logic of any wall is that smaller and less experienced people panic and try to "get over" it.

In the case of a buy wall it means placing higher bids (ie without the wall higher bids would stop coming in = bearish) and in the case of a sell wall it means placing lower asks (ie without the wall lower asks would stop coming in = bullish)

Oxygen theif