Are you ready for EOS to flip ADA

EOS is starting to blow the fuck up. This project is going to change the crypto space as we know it. Scalable dapps, zero fees and 100% normie friendliness. Stop underestimating this project and actually think about it. ADA trolls this is your chance to join the winning scalable DPOS blockchain. This is just the beginning.

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Can somebody explain to me the purpose of the EOS token? If it's not used as gas for transactions then what is it for apart from voting on the block producers?

It's held for bandwidth on the network. Dapp creators (or somebody) needs to hold (stake) it for their dapp to run. They can decide how to monetize their dapp on their own

dude it's a fucking pump and dump how new are you.

Lol have any of you fucking children even seen a 4000% day?

Ever seen literally endless green candles for days on end?

That's when you can post nonsense like this..

Btw we're in a bear market, so apart from stupid fucking news like the TRX testnet or fucking skeletor moneybags dying, most coins are going eastbound and down.

Welcome to the HODL.

good luck accumulating

Couple months out but mainnet launch is June 1. This is the perfect opp to accumulate

I thought EOS was 'free to use' though? If you have to stake EOS for your dapp to be used then it's not free is it?
Aside from that, if your app sees increasing adoption, you would have to buy more EOS?

EOS is a scam, but it's the scam of the year... easy money once bear market ends. For now dump your bags cause this poo poo is going to dump hard in following days

EOS will in top 3 by Q3. screencap this .

Using DPOS is giving up on the problem of scaling on a decentralized network.
If it's really the only way then ethereum could just fork and do it better.

Not trying to be a dick here, i understand how impassioned people get about their fav projects...

But guys this has already mooned.

I was in on eos at 72 sats (i don't have screenshots people don't do that fuck off) and I held well past the ath.

You don't fucking buy ethereum coins at 8$... you buy them at 8cents...

You can either lock all your money up now for a 10x (really fucking optimistic), or you can look to projects where your small cash have some mcap room to work with.

>eos creates fomo
>normies buy zilliqa

My plan. Will see.

> to change the crypto space as we know it

The world is not as it used to be!
Honestly, it's "just" first high-speed platform. Near noone believes in it long term.

It depends on the dapp bandwidth requirements. If it's popular enough to require 1% on the total EOS network bandwidth then 1% of the tokens are needed to stake. It's up to the dapp creators to decide how to monetize. They can transfer the bandwidth costs to users by having them pay gas fees or stake the tokens themselves so that users can use their dapp completely free. This model will be popular since no one will ever want to pay even a fraction of a penny to like or comment on someones picture.

Ya that Block.One vid is so fucking cringey and I despise the entire corporate image of the whole thing. But god damn do I respect and believe in Dan Larimer and his tech.

Don't buy ETH at $8? You realize with an ath of $1432.88 thats a 180X

Lol you actually think eos is going to have 1.3x the mcap of ETH?

Marketcap is a meme. ok Veeky Forums

>Lol you actually think eos is going to have 1.3x the mcap of ETH?

but there is high chance that EOS would be top 3. high chances for 2.

I didn’t say that? I’m a mega EOS bull but I don’t see it flipping ETH anytime soon. I do think the entire crypto market cap will be at least 1T by eoy so if you compare to current prices I guess it’s possible but no one knows

All the dpos projects ended by centralisation why would we think that this time it will work?

Yep the whale problem ruins some projects but EOS is doing a year long ICO intended to provide a wide distribution of tokens. This should allow for whales to be much smaller than typical ICO launched projects

Anons, I keep suicide insurance in every coin when sell my stacks (EOS i ahve a little less than 900), but i'm gunna be honest, there are wayyy better projects that will outperform this one.

Unironically Chainlink will 3x by June, and the market will be re-evaluating where that estimated 600 billion mcap should go. It will be a question of redistribution into the winning projects, not a question of all projects taking a piece of an infinitely increasing CryptoMarket.

The market can't keep up with all these ico's...

thx to John oliver

He led normies astray so he could buy the dip

LINK is just a meme no one here actually buys it except the bagholders who pay for shill bots. I suggest staying with a winner like EOS

Brock Pierce is a fucking retard, you guys are lucky EOS kicked his ass to the curb

If you think ChainLink is a meme, you will be very disapointed to see your 300 eos go to 34$ while LInkies go 100x by december.

This is about math, not about crystal ball bullshit.

>Brock Pierce is a fucking retard, you guys are lucky EOS kicked his ass to the curb

he is no more in team retard

>If you think ChainLink is a meme, you will be very disapointed to see your 300 eos go to 34$ while LInkies go 100x by december.

y not u guys go 50/50. learn risk management. nothing guaranteed in crypto

As an ADA fan I do think EOS will pump in the medium term, just because normies are retarded and they will buy it until ADA is ready to take on Ethereum.

Tbh I admittedly know shit about LINK. The god tier meme shilling tells me to stay the fuck away. But considering future airdrops to EOS holders I'm considering it worth a lot more than $34 per token. It's like buying shares of the NASDAQ and being given equal stock in every company listed in the future

This kinda, but ADA isn't really "taking on" anyone. They are trying to improve on BTC and ETH but aren't really trying to -- oh fuck it, who am I kidding

Cardano is going to annihilate everyone eventually, but it won't be for awhile. You get to live, for now at least

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Pretty obvious Hoskinson is too Chad to do any coding himself. He just laughs about how many billions he makes and loses. Look at Dan Larimer. He is the ultimate nerd who will bring crypto to the masses.

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