Do you day-trade crypto or are you a long-term investor?

Do you day-trade crypto or are you a long-term investor?

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Long term

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mostly long term but that doesn't give me the gambling hit I need so a little day trading

I have 60 percent of my portfolio to swingtrade vechains with and 40 percent stacked on MEW

HODLing and accumulating here since 2015

Why not both

The game has changed so I will adapt

Some day trading mostly doing 2-5x longs and shorts, easy money if you don't panic

I cant not day trade.

the rush is just so good.

Anyone who goes long in this ponzi is an idiot. You gotta fuck this "market" while you can, and get out before it inevitable implodes. The ONLY exception might be ETH, but even then it is a crap shoot.

It depends.
I set on a mid long position if I see upcoming events. But aswell I day trade to buy near the bottom and to swing trade and maximize the profits.
You need to adapts to the situations.

holding any of this garbage for more than a week in this market is suicide.

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Both. I have a few coins i hold and a stack of eth to trade with. Just focusing on growing my eth stack right now.

It's a Ponzi only in the short term

listen faggot, go away this is OUR ponzi, we will keep feeding this ponzi because we love watching it grow
this is my first and only ponzi and im proud of being part of it. most can relate and will stay for a long time

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Day trade. I have a BCH SELL @ 2700 pending for several weeks now.


Im mixed short-mid until Im in the 100K zone.
Invested in a worker and after this im going on long with everything over 100K

Daytrade and swingtrade. Not sure why everyone here hates daytrading. It feels good to press two buttons and make upwards of 10% in an hour.

Zoom out retard

Would cashing out 4k set off any alarms for the tax man? This market sentiment is stating to scare me.

Day traded for a few months back during the great bull market of oct-dec but not much since the crash desu

I'm a mythical creature

I want to daytrade, but im afraid i'll be rekt in this volatile market

Day trade 2017

I should just hodl

2018 hodl link till $8k

i loose money to the wales dumping on me during the day too

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Day trading is basically synonym of timing the market with precision. I don't.

day trade i lose
long term i win
i just hold.