Suppose the bubble meme chart is not a meme after all

Suppose the bubble meme chart is not a meme after all
What is your plan biz?

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play video games 16 hours a day and cry myself to sleep

dont be stupid its got another 1000x for the market cap of all cryptos to go

in the mean time buy PCL

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>bubble meme chart
Are you fucking retarded of course it isn't a meme it's straight from wall st coming from over a centuries worth of data.

crypto moves way faster than wall st, yes the bubble is popped but there will be another big run before the year is over

I used to think it was a meme until I saw it correctly predict every bitcoin crash in the past.

Peculium has AI that predicts within 3% error

this will blow you all the fuck out, buy and let AI day trade for you

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My plan was to sell in december. You’re late. It was clearly following the chart.

Peculium doesn't have shit.
No product and a nigger on the team.
True shitcoin.

no product? They have the AI and it just keeps getting better each day. beta AI EVE goes public soon

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lol @ that infomercial tier intro video

Is there anything their AI CAN'T DO?!!

not really, thats why google took an interest in them

It's not a meme, but it has been completed for now. Expect us to go basically sideways for awhile, bouncing between 8k-9k.

lock the coins

>dey have teh AI
you're fucking retarded. you don't even know what you're talking about

>beta AI EVE goes public soon
if I had a coin every time I heard this bullshit...

I hope we'll go to 3-4k

i know a hell of alot more than you think

Do some research

have you seen the meme chart? obviously buy at 1k but I doubt it is going to happen.

I did, that's how I know that you're a paid shill trying desperately to get people buying into your shitcoin. It's plain obvious to anyone who's been here for more than a day.

Or bored and spreading good gems

Preparing for the apocalypse. Crypto investment is for if it somehow doesn't happen.

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