Binance Japan warning to stop operations was true


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about to get BTC-e'd

That's ok.

How did Japan media know before Binance?

Monacoin is fucked.

I dont know but CZ looks like an idiot for calling it irresponsible journalism.

This. Chink got BTFO.

What do you believe Binance?

Bittrex master race.

Funds are safe.

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got my 50x short going.

Already up 80%

NOW is the time to buy

yeah if you wanna get dumped on.

So many times i see people say BUY BUY BUY legit less than an hour after bad news.

Wait atleast 12 hours for the news to circulate then you buy.

only for a day trade,
sell quick on the bounce from the little panic dip.
overall trend still bear, haven't seen major bottom.
if on bitmex don't worry about size altering the market as bitmex doesn't trade in btc, only in futures contracts
if trading on actual exchange don't go in too big
if trading bitmex, only go in will size adequate for the high risk/reward and short timeframe

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What's this all about? Someone spoonfeed me.

the economic function of paying huge fees to list a coin on binance bakes in a huge capital loss for that crypto. in exact terms holders of any coin that paid to list on binance have a huge chunk of real world capitalization wiped out. pay to list is a lazy and greedy model by the exchange owners that will reduce the coins value guaranteed in an up or down market. binance is silly and almost sure to lose in anything but a raging bul where the loss from paid listing is masked

volume tapering off,
downward movement slowing, good time to put in a small trade,

I closed my short about $50 off of the bottom, 1 btc at 5x for a nice little day-trade profit,
waiting for the reaction bounce to re-open short
long/buy is less favorable than short, but could see good profit

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did bitcoin pay to list on binance? hell no, so bitcoin had no cap loss from being on binance. did every asian app fraud crypto pay huge to list? yes. so devs HAVE to dump enough to cover the fees plus normal expenses. its retarded. when a crypto devs get PAID by binance to list a coin or binance has to buy it on the market, that coin will outperform. binance model makes the exchange rich at the expense of all investors and users

gdax showing same pattern but with bottom in 8370's
put in small 0.12 btc trade at 8419, again missing the bottom by about $50, but that's only 0.6% difference so no big deal
have sell at 8472 for safe exit

again, only small day trade opportunity, just playing around with small amounts and trying to make a few bucks while I wait for big opportunities

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>he still doesnt have a twitter

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New teet:
>No need to worry. Some negative news often turn out to be positive in the long term. Chinese have a proverb for this. New (often better) opportunities always emerge during times of change.
>muh ancient chinese proverbs