Should I go back to school and study blockchain technology? I'm 32 and already have a degree in computer science...

Should I go back to school and study blockchain technology? I'm 32 and already have a degree in computer science. So I have a background in programming. What do you goes think? Is it the future?

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>go back to school
>to study a new emerging technology

are you fucking braindead? use google fag boy

You have a degree in computer science already, what the fuck is a school going to teach you about blockchain?

You need to be taken seriously at job interviews. I can't go to an interview and tell them I googled everything. "Yea, I'm self-taught. Graduated from Google University." Come on man...

you want to be a wage cuck slave forever? fuck working for a jew boss

No, I trade as well. We need to wait for the next bull run. But it's nice to have a prestigious job and feel good about yourself doing something in life.

>School for blockchain technology
>Paying and wasting years of your life for this
Name one successful person in the blockchain industry who went to school for it. Just make some erc20 tokens and some etherponzis on your own and you'll learn more than any school could ever teach you.

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Provide examples of what you actually did then. Do a project.
It’s hard to give suggestions when you aren’t specific about what you’ll be apply for. But as example: Writing algos for a hedge fund.
>Here are some algorithms that I’ve written, how they’ve performed with MY OWN MONEY (huge deal btw), what I’ve learned along the way and how I dealt with challenges.
Boom, hired. At least considered.

Not a bad idea! Maybe i can just do a few udemy courses because i know nothing about blockchain.

Can’t tell if serious or not. But the idea that you need a degree to develop a skill and proved you’re skilled is wrong. Employers love shit like above. It shows personal initiative and a drive to succeed. Write a nice cover letter that showcases your skills.

I am serious. I need a career change and the blockchain field looks promising. I haven't looked into learning the actual coding yet. It was just an idea i thought of today. Thought I'd get some input from guys who are into the tech, other than my wife lol

You say you already have a degree in comp sci. I'm confused...what would you go back to school for? I can't imagine there's a university anywhere that offers courses in block chain programming. IBM has some good resources for learners.

I was thinking that way I could have an actual degree or certificate. Maybe i don't need it after all.

I wonder if there's an online nano degree program for blockchain, like Udemy or something. I'm curious about blockchain dev too but haven't spent a whole lot of time on it. It's kind of intimidating.

Exactly how i feel

Blockchain is too new for something to be well taught in school. If you really want to learn sign up for some bootcamps at most. If you want a job in the space do as the other user suggested and work with existing organizations to build things for them. Also contribute to other open source blockchain projects like Bitcoin core or Ethereum. That's probably your best bet since you already have the degree

>to school and study blockchain technology
good luck finding a blockchain class
even if you did, it's pretty much guaranteed at this point to only be a single class, not a whole track you could take in a graduate degree.
What you're talking about is like going back to school just to take a single elective to give you a shallow, narrow introduction to a single topic.
Do it on your own or join a crypto club or something but ffs don't pay money for it

Did Elon Musk go back to school and study aerospace engineering when he started SpaceX? Did he go back to school and study electrical engineering when he started Tesla? Did he go back to study civil engineering when he started The Boring Company?

Did you really think you learn skills in school, user? Lmao.

Also University of Nicosia has an online masters in digital currency I think there's an option to focus on the programming side. Otherwise I think your only other options ar like MIT and VTech or something

What the fuck? You have a degree in CS. What other qualifications do you need to work in blockchain other than an interest and experience working on blockchains.

The belief that you need a degree in a subject to succeed in it is outdated.
I will definitely not brainwash my kids to go to college and get a loan.

Why go to school for it?
If you have experience in decentralized systems, or Solidity, you get consumed by VC firms to fix their fucked up investments that didn't make the promised product.

The blockchain technology is nothing but cryptography. You don't need a special degree for that.

And if you're bad with cryptography, math and programming, you should probably stay away

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Thanks guys :)

What? What world do you live in where CS grads aren't expected to self-teach themselves about new technologies?

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I figured it would be more professional to go take some classes. I haven't been to college in like 14 years lol cut me some slack. I'm an old man haha