What will you do once you made it?

What will you do once you made it?

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2 grills at the same time

adopt a kitty!

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Buy some land and live a life of silent contemplation. Maybe start a family, and pursue the career that I forwent to do something more "responsible."

see if I can go an entire year without leaving my house

Isolation and tranquillity. Be free to be alone without dependence on anyone.

Buy a mountain home, have solar power, grow food, and have a lot in storage. Then study, read, play games, fuck, whatever I want.

i was thinking of going to asia for a bit

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Enjoy suicide after you find out that even with all the money and despite being white cute asian girls don't want to go anywhere near you because you're a fat neckbeard.

Buy a yacht travel the Greek islands maybe get a place in Santorini to swoon grils and live like a king in that broke ass country

wew that projection

Noob. I already did that.

Marry a loyal qt3.14 woman and enjoy life together. Also a little bit of show off here and there to show to the people who dumped/underestimated me.

The first thing I'll do is probably tell my fiance that we've made it, and proceed to book a dream vacation anywhere we want in the world.

After that, we'll move out to a bigger place. This will take a while, since the options become huge. After that...just..enjoy not worrying about money anymore.

get 2 girlfriends to stay exclusive with me
do cool stuff, post on social media just to see FOMO from old "friends" and classmates
laugh at FOMO
Dedicate time to a hobby so I can finally have real friends with something in common

You're in for a surprise. Traveling there is just as expensive as ever. Supply and demand, everyone wants to be there. The government being in debt doesn't effect the price of hotel rooms in peak season.

Good thing I'll be rich from making it

this but unironically

Two chicks at the same time.

>Buy some land and live a life of silent contemplation.

Travel and find myself

Student loans. Yeah I fell for it. Travel for a month. Then put my grain of salt in the block-chain integrations for everyday life.

>can't move porn to Japan but it comes from there

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farm, play music, and spend time with my family & friends

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Have at least one family on each continent.

Keep my cheap room and go and spend a couple nights in a 5 star hotel. Then after that idk maybe get an AirBNB somewhere nice for a couple months.

I was going to say sit around playing video games and making more money....but lately it seems I wanna invest in even more things so I can finally start going thru my book of ambitions and getting projects started.

going to buy a few old ratty mopeds/scooters and fix those up cuz I can.

Will restore a few old 1930s/1940s cars

And will be starting up a dropshipping business and a few other things.

My book of ambitions i've been writing idea's in for some time is going to get a going over and things will get done.

Also plan on getting a flying car and learning to fly it.
Buying up some old forgotten patents and doing something with those and if possible buying up some old dead forgotten video game IP's so I can put some games out.

and if luck even further finds me i'll have those games if possible support various coins. Would like the games I make to have ways to gain coins by playing. Mostly pipe dreams but stuff I would like to pull off in the next 10-15yrs.

wake up from my dream and get ready for another McDonalds shift

Spend the rest of my life exposing the Jews.

That's...actually a cool idea.

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Buy a nice SQL stereo for my brand new car and a nice used car for my uncle in need, learn how to do PDR, start flipping houses, buy my retirement estate in Italy for 20 years down the line, move to Utah, become mormon, find a nice QT faithful wife, raise a family, move to Italy, grow my own food, become Emperor, explore space.

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Travel a little bit.
Do cool projects with my friends.
Kys or something

interesting people have been saying for decades the racemixing thing is pushed by the jews.

not saying I agree with it or disagree but damn interesting someone from the 60s is saying the exact things we're saying in 2018 about why race mixing is being pushed so hard on whites.


welp I dont goto /pol/ and that's getting in their territory so imma just shut up now.

once I make it im moving to maldivas islands and disapearing from everything and everyone I know. Probably will get murdered since that island is 99% muslim but eh that or singapore so I can live out of hotels for 6$ a day

I would like to further my education, get Veeky Forums, and I kind of like this idea of becoming Mormon to find a wife, or at least pretending to. I want to have 13 children. Then I think it would be cool to work for linkpool or operate my own nodes as a show of respect to the man who helped me make it.

buy Veeky Forums and finally ban everyone that i don't like
then, i'd buy both m00t and hiro and turn them into my personal cumdumpsters

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Buy a Jag, some nice clothes, and a penthouse downtown
Speed past cameras on freeway listening to music
Take close friends and family who discouraged/laughed at me for doing this out for lobster dinner

>implying I will make it with all my bags

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>getting a 3D wife
I want to see places, but social shit is going too far. I want to buy an island. Small ones are affordable for a new millionaire.

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How does one finance race mixing?
Asking for a friend

Let Jews take your money.

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Start a porn studio and only produce interracial porn. Easy.

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Create and promote porn, then create and promote interracial and cuckoldry.

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Niggers just wear Masonic jewellery because they think it's cool.

Gee, I dunno user, it's a complete mystery.

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