I grinded for 5 autistic years and became a profitable trader on all instruments ama faggots

I grinded for 5 autistic years and became a profitable trader on all instruments ama faggots

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what is BTC by EOY

can you give me few advice on how to get started?
what to read etc.
this is one of my dreams.

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what are the top 5 metrics you use to track your trade success?

Gonna range for years likely the market is too inefficient to recover from the parabolic bullshit it experienced, needs regulation and hft

been grinding for one year, have had some minor success. what is your daily routine?

Honestly it’s too hard to attempt, I’m just an autistic software developer so I wrote a ton of shit to teach myself including a market simulator so I can drill myself for hours each day

Read some basics like bulkowski for chart patterns and maybe some al brooks for some hands on reading about how an insane man scalps..

There is no good way to learn you just have to fail for years.. best advice I have is stick to bigger timeframe charts like the daily, and liquid instruments..

Oh and if you don’t have edge that needs protecting tradeoff.com is an ok tool for learning, shittier than what I wrote but whatever

Expectancy is the only thing that matters. Must measure winners and losers against amount risked. Risk is defined by a stop market order always.

If I am lazy and scalping and not wanting to log all that data I will use romad which tells you good things.

Need a large sample size of at least 200 or so trades with decent expectancy on an idea for it to have merit, then you can paper trade that forward then you can go live after validating. It’s a lot of work man.

These days just wake up and see if anything is happening.. most market moves are meaningless so I just wait for big inefficiencies to act. Don’t really have a routine since I’m not scalping shit like a 5m chart usually - I like hourly and daily charts mostly

have you used data-analyziz to help identifie certain repetitive patterns and indications in different instruments in order to improve your trading strategies?
I´m working on a trading project which leans heavily on use of pure data-analytics.

Why did you open an AMA thread only to act like an unhelpful jerk?

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No I am pure discretionary. I am the edge. Automating my shit will happen when I retire or something.

The software I wrote is just to help me learn not to trade for me.

That’s better advice than you’re going to get anywhere else.

do your farts have a smegma scent?

do you trade for living?
what are the instruments you trade the most?

what do you think of omg

Fair enough point though. Here is my advice:

1. you need to measure gains and losses against risk with a stop market order.

2. You need to systemize up - the market is mostly noise, so you need to do the same thing over and over hundreds of times to have an idea if your idea works. That’s why your entries and exits need to be systematic, so you can repeat them.

3. Big charts have less noise, easier to learn on daily data for example.

4. Real market is too slow to learn on, need some simulator to step through data quickly.

5. After you are profitable you need to paper trade it before you bust your nut live. Execution is one of the hardest parts of trading, being okay with the ebb and flow of money psychologically is critical, so drill up on live execution by paper trading for months and months

Not yet, and mostly es and cl - s&p futures and crude futures. Superior liquidity and taxes.

I assume that’s some crypto shit. I need liquidity, crypto is retarded.

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I have tried to learn trading for some time and my biggest problem have been that I rarely execute my trades as planned. I let emotions come in to play and don´t trust my beforehand made calculations.

do you have any advice how can I overcome this problem? I have made a little developement since I started, but still this happens too often.

This exact same reason always held me back in the times I used to play poker.

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Practice is what is required. You need to drill yourself on everything the market can do so you’re not surprised and left wondering wtf to do - you just do as you’re trained and react

That is where a simulator and paper trading come in. Learning from the live market takes too long.

Use smaller positions, maybe 10% of what you'd like to trade if you had the confidence.

Detach yourself from the monetary value, it's just numbers. Merely a game. This is how poker losses no longer affect my mental state nearly as much as they used to.

thanks friends. I really try to focus on getting my psychological and mental side better. all the maths about the trades seems to go extremely accurate most of the time, and I believe I could make a decent profit if only I would follow my own calls.