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i thought the us was meant to be free? someone explain this

I assume Eros will be shut down too.

Freedoms less and less every year. Decentralized services will be mainstream sooner than I thought


this was unironically my only means of getting laid unless you count that one girl who approached me at the gym when I was 19

we're free to:
> gun down kids in schools
> get killed by cops for breaking no laws
> ban politically incorrect speakers from universities

>wah they're finally cracking down on my shady prostitution websites

OP wants wm4m ...kek

My thoughts exactly. Regulations shitting on centralised services will only make decentralised services more attractive. Yay!

hookers are all over dating sites looking for customers, its a common complaint when people run into someone out of their league and the person immediately mentions theyre a professional seeking clients. the gov will need to shut down all dating sites soon and then prosties can go back to standing on corners like the gov wants

trying to cut down on sex trafficking I guess


Can you pls make my wife go on a bull run with ur bbc?

except for the fact that craigslist's personals is not a dating website, technically speaking. the entire website is the digital form of the Classifieds section of newspapers.

this started with backpage > escorts being taken down, and now they've taken down the CL personals section because it was filled with prostitutes.

you are right, soon they'll have to tackle the problem of prostitutes/bots on actual dating sites and apps, but you see the thing is...whores are everywhere...they're on twitter, patreon, youtube, they're on fb, they're on every online platform you can think of. the gov't would have to police the entire internet, which they will do, if they want to stamp out whores and drugs.

nice catch, heh. OP is once again...a faggot.

this is actually a godsend for me. moon mission status. The amount of time I spent larping and calling hookers only to flake after fapping to the idea of meeting up with them was really shocking. Wish the same would happen to Veeky Forums so I can finally be free.

bp still up

Decentralized Craigslist. Freedom coin

no I was playing the role of bull, because unironically the cuckold section is the only place to find real women on that god forsaken site. It's getting harder and harder with this BBC shit lately. That's all they want now.

You'd think they'd just legalize prostitution instead of wasting taxpayer money on this bullshit.

Prostitution is morally wrong. No one would willingly prostitute herself if she had basic opportunities.

that's patently false. Some girls genuinely enjoy the profession

>basic opportunities
what, are you some kind of socialist hippie? This is America where everyone fends for themselves and only the wealthy can afford basic opportunities

Do you ever get tired of larping about cucks and spamming bbc cuck spam? Of course you dont, it's your lifes mission

ive never once posted those tulip mania photos if thats what you mean. Always kek tho

wow you are really fucking ignorant and brainwashed by the females are always victims bullshit.

alot of females choose to whore themselves out. not all of them have pimps abusing them not all of them are victims of abuse and not all of them are forced into this line of work... in fact a scary high amount of them choose it by their own mindset and go with it.

The quicker you drop this eternal victim is female and white knight hero bullshit the quicker you'll see reality and not your fantasy version where you save the girl and she loves you.

and fuck you for your prostitution is morally wrong crap. It's wrong to you cuz of the above I mentioned. You wouldnt give a shit about it if it didnt cause your brain to go into white knight mode cuz you think the girls need saving and you wouldnt care.


kill yourself white knight

wtf where am i gonna find trannies with aids to fuck me now
fuck trump neocon faggot

Kek this but also add get cucked by the state-approved medical industry

Usher in the change of the guard motherfuckers!

Please don't tell me you actually believe that bullshit.

fuck off white knight she wont love you for "saving her" and she's not always a victim

If you could pick and choose women to fuck and get paid for it would you? Seriously women are different from men in a hell of a lot of ways but you're insanely out of touch if you think women only whore themselves out because they have to.

Yeah every porn star on the internet is a poor destitute girl in need of a hero to save her from the profession she opted into! Even mainstream feminists aren't that fucking stupid.

i believe it because I've experienced it
why would a whore ask me to spend the night if she didn't enjoy it?

He's right user...some don't but some prefer it as a means of making $.

Also does this mean online dating is RIP?

>white knight
Damn, you're dumb. I don't give a fuck about whores.
I don't even know where to start here because it's just a bunch of rambling bullshit. Women are prostitutes for the money. None of them would be hookers if it didn't pay. You're right that there's a lot of sluts in this world who fuck a ton of guys for free in their day to day lives, but that's different. If it wasn't then why aren't you fucking those ones for free instead of paying for it? You're probably going to try and say some dumb shit about not liking to go out and that it takes up too much of your valuable time or some other lie you tell yourself. The real answer is you have to pay women to fuck you because you're a loser and you still haven't come to terms with that fact, sadly.
>why would a whore ask me to spend the night if she didn't enjoy it
Because you paid her, fucking shit, how is everyone here so oblivious. You're probably going to say some dumb shit like you only paid her for an hour or two, but you got an all-nighter. That's called getting a good deal and good customer service. I used a coupon at a small food place the other day and they even threw in a free drink just because. Does that mean the worker truly enjoyed working there and that they would show up to work there for free? How have you even stayed alive this long?

So if you were given the choice of hauling refrigators up flights of stairs 8 hours a day vs spending 15 minutes eating some fat chicks pussy for the same amount of money, you really wouldn’t choose the second?

have you ever heard someone tell you that they love their job? "Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life" or some bullshit like that? 99% of those people would not work for free. It's the combination of a pay check and enjoyable work. Same with prostitution. I hate to use this cuck tier word but you lack NUANCE

Listen, I'm sure a lot of women prefer getting paid to fuck over slave waging, but what I'm trying to say is that these women wouldn't be hookers if they weren't getting paid for it. I don't want to be argumentative, but it baffles me how people fail to see this obvious truth. It's a job and they're doing it for the money. Maybe 1% of their customers is someone they might fuck if they met them at a bar, but it's sad to see all these anons fall for the whore's lies. They're seriously better than used car salesmen when it comes to tricking their customers. All these losers think they're special when they're just another customer. I'm trying to help them see the light, but they rather stay in denial.

Blockchains don’t look so bad now do they?

you fuck off white knight. any loser that still clings to the lies that females are all victims and men are bad needs to die with the femcunt movement.

Not all females are victims and not all females are forced to be a hooker and some choose it by their own free will.

anyone going it's bad its wrong it's morally not ok is a white knight that wants to save these girls even tho not all of them need saving.

so once again fuck you white knight and i'm not dumb you're the idiot still clinging to 1874 views that all females need protection from the big bad males on the earth.
time to come back to reality and not your virgin saving the girl fantasy world user. you arent the hero you arent the savior and those girls arent all victims.

call me dumb again so I can mock you and your pathetic white knight ways. pathetic unman

I would rather flip burgers than scoop pajeet shit off a beach for a living, but that doesn't mean I would do either for free. It's a just a job to them and they're doing it for the money, not for the love of prostitution.

They're doing it for the money, not for the love of fucking losers who have to pay money for sex. They might love fucking top tier men in their personal lives, but that isn't their customer base, it's pathetic bottom of the barrel guys whose only way of getting a woman to touch them is to pay money.

Actually handicapped lmao.
>You're rambling
I typed like two lines your comment is longer
>None of them would be hookers if it didn't pay but you're right a lot of sluts would fuck guys for free
Wow it's almost like they enjoy fucking guys which is why many will do it without even being paid! I guess every one of histories countless prostitutes has had the worst life ever and hated her job!
>Why aren't you fucking the free ones instead of paying for it
I'm not paying for it, what the fuck?
>You're going to say some shit like
Strawman once again

Then this shit about how a whore cannot enjoy sex, no one is saying the majority of whores enjoy their work, but it's absolutely case by case. I mean hell you say that girls have sex with guys for fun but can't even comprehend the idea that they can still enjoy it while getting paid? It's like you are literally incapable of considering the possibility that people have different tastes, lots of people have weird ass fetishes and get off to being made an object of.

To say that no girl can enjoy being a prostitute the sheer number that have been involved in the trade is willful ignorance.

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>you fuck off white knight. any loser that still clings to the lies that females are all victims and men are bad needs to die with the femcunt movement
Are you confusing me with that other user? You know we have ids right? Or are you too dumb to figure that out? I have never once said a damn thing about whores being victims, I don't give a fuck about them, get that through your head. I'm only arguing that they're doing it for the money, not for the love of prostitution. I'm not sure why people are too stupid to comprehend that. Of course they're nice to their customers and tell them what they want to hear. They probably say some dumb shit like, "I love having sex and I'm always horny so I figured why not get paid for doing what I love, teehee". It's called good business sense and good customer service. You would think Veeky Forums of all boards would understand that.

The US is not free

Everyone calm down we can solve this with blockchain

Nice digits, but you're still a retard. Please find me one sex worker that does it for free and for the love of sex, you can't.
>Wow it's almost like they enjoy fucking guys which is why many will do it without even being paid!
I enjoy eating and I eat every day without anyone paying me to do it. That doesn't mean I would eat shit or some other gross stuff, especially not for free. These women probably like sex, but the guys that pay them are the gross shit that they'll do for money. They're not sirloin steak, they're shit, that's why they have to pay for it. This isn't hard to understand. Steak doesn't have to pay to be eaten, but shit does.

i told her i was from out of town (i was). she knew i wouldn't be repeat business.
whores are lazy girls. they make so much more than they could anywhere else.
if anything we're getting the raw end of the deal, if I want a nice paying job i have to sacrifice years of my life for the skills. then 40 hours a week.
well if she works 40 hours a week she gets paid in the range of $20k-$100k a month
how can you seriously frame someone like that as a victim?

they're called sluts you moron. they fuck for free, and for that reason they're not called "sex workers".
have you never been outside before?

See here friendo, if you look at this complicated graph you can actually see that it is possible to have a group be mostly one thing without all of them being that one thing. This is called a "venn diagram," it uses circles to display different categories, if you're in a circle you're part of that category!

Now if you were to use a pen and place a dot inside these circles you could place dots in the category with the "Musician" label and some of them would belong to just that label while some could be inside the other circles as well! Isn't learning fun?

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What the fuck do sluts have to do with my original post that whores only do it for the money and not for the love prostitution? I think people are projecting that other anons posts onto me. I guess I can see how maybe people are confused, but my only point is that whores only do it for the money.

The burden of proof is on you. Please find a sex worker who doesn't accept compensation and does it for the love of prostitution, you can't. And I'm not talking about some random bar slut, that's different and you know it. I'm taking about a sex worker. A girl who sits in a brothel for hours on end or who advertises online and has to deal with a bunch of weirdos, freaks and flakes calling at all times of the night. Not one of them does it for the sex.

you have black/white thinking on this because you don't know what you're talking about.
some customers are better than others and sometimes I even enjoy MY job, it's the same for a whore.
there are sluts & crazy chicks that will fuck almost anyone, and some of these girls decide to become whores.
but you're splitting hairs if well yeah of course they're not having fun every time, but some even like it MOST of the time.

and the average john is not a complete slob fatty loser, those guys can't afford whores on the regular. old dudes & chads can.

what's the difference? you're not making any sense at all
By definition a worker gets paid. of course there are no prostitutes who do it for free.
They're called sluts for that reason

it's not that bad if you're addicted to xanax and oxycodone

shouldnt that be "all writers are musicians"?

>Sluts are a thing
>Whores are a thing
>Not one horny whore in the historical millions would fuck random people if not being paid
>The burden of proving that groups have crossover is on you
My neurons are overcharged help

I didn't make it, too complex for me

>the average john is not a complete slob fatty loser
Every single John is a loser. If they weren't then they wouldn't be paying for sex. What kind of moron would pay for something that they can get for free? There is a big difference between some random slutty girl and a sex worker. I'm not trying to have a conversation about sluts, they're not relevant to my point. My point is that sex workers are doing it for the money and not for any other reason. I understand that some losers can't cope with that fact and tell themselves that the hooker really likes them as a person and enjoys having sex with them because they're not a loser like her other customers, but that's just a lie they tell themselves so that they can still look in the mirror. Go find a hooker, become a regular and then after a few times tell her that you're not going to be paying her anymore. If she really likes you as a person and enjoys having sex with you then she'll keep fucking you, but we both know that won't happen. I'm not sure where I'm not being clear. Look, I'm sure you're an ok guy and I'm not trying to bully you, I'm just frustrated because I don't see how anyone can not understand what I'm saying.

Best post

>Sluts are a thing
>Whores are a thing
Right, but one isn't relevant to my point. It's like I'm talking about dogs and you keep bringing up birds because they're both animals. Sluts are sluts for a lot of various reasons, that I have no interest in discussing. Whores do it for the money and that's my point. This shouldn't even be a controversial stance.

I think we got mixed up some where. Let's try it again from the beginning. Sex workers do not enjoy having sex with their customers, they only do it for the money. If you don't believe me then call a hooker and tell her that her compensation is the pleasure you're going to give her and not money and see how it goes. They pretend to enjoy it because it's good for business. It makes losers feel good about themselves and it increases the chance that the loser John will become a repeat customer which is the goal of almost every successful business. They're aren't going to tell customers that they're pathetic losers who they would only ever be around for money because that's bad for business. Nothing is more offensive than the truth.

Keep posting please it's all this thread is worth.

Really how do we know any woman has ever enjoyed having sex on a regular basis, much less when they're paid for it. Nymphomania and the various mental disorders associated with high sex drive always did seem like a massive conspiracy theory. I also like the point about people doing jobs because they're paid money for those jobs I hadn't really considered that a possibility, don't most people hate money? Under your new theory if people weren't paid to work 40 hours a week they'd just stop which is ridiculous.

I mean women who are sluts and are by the definition of the word willing to have sex with almost anyone seem to be working without being paid so what's their ulterior motive? If we paid these women they would become by definition - whores. These sluts must have some motivation for their actions other than the enjoyment of sexual activities with less than reputable individuals perhaps they are secretly succubi and take the life energy of their partners? I think we should consider that as a possibility.

It feels like I'm trying to wake people up from the whore matrix, but they refuse to see reality. You're seriously trying to cling to some potential outlier who may or may not exist. I'll grant you it's possible that maybe somewhere in this universe there exists a sex worker who refuses financial payment and just fucks losers for the joy of it because that's her compensation. The mother Teresa of sex work. Now let's get back to reality and common sense. Look, if you went to a bar and met a girl and went home and fucked her and then found out later that she happened to be a sex worker then guess what, she had sex with you because she wanted to and she had no other ulterior reason which compelled her to do so besides the joy of sex. But if you call a hooker off the internet and she fucks you then she is doing it for the money, she doesn't enjoy it. Like I said earlier, get a hooker and fuck her and then tell her that pleasure was her compensation and not money and let's see which one of us is right.

yes, it is a good way to prove the womens are the devil.. follow this user's advice.

Like I said earlier, get a hooker and fuck her and then tell her that pleasure was her compensation and not money and let's see which one of us is right.

follow these instructions..

this is how to unlock the devil

There is fool proof way of proving who is right. Call a hooker, pay her and then give her the best sex you are capable of. Call her a week later and ask her if she enjoyed herself last time. I'm sure she'll say it was great and she really enjoyed it. Then tell her since she enjoyed it so much then you will no longer be paying her money because you're both getting mutual satisfaction out of your time together. We both already know how that will go which means she was lying because if she really enjoyed having sex with you then she would do it for free. If she agrees to come have sex with you just for fun then I'm wrong and you're right, but that won't happen. Losers who think that hookers enjoy having sex with them are just deluding themselves because they can't keep going on day to day knowing how much of a pathetic loser they are. Losers believe whores when they say they enjoyed the sex because people are more likely to believe lies if it's something they want to believe is true. The whore meanwhile is lying because customer loyalty is where the money is at.

Hookers can enjoy sex and do it for money at the same time. I know, amazing concept.

Wrong. They can enjoy sex, but not with loser Johns. Just like you can enjoy eating, but not enjoy eating aids ridden glass shards mixed with rusty nails.

Can any user list all the websites that are still up for handjob happy endings?

So if Brad Pitt or some other famous uber-stud walks in, the prostitute will feel absolutely no emotions or sensations just because he is paying?

But on her off day she hooks up with some nobody random, she will magically have enjoyable sex?

Do you really think that's a good comparison? Some Chads(I hate using that meme name, but you get the point) might get a hooker because the rest of the boys are doing it too on vacation in Thailand or Mexico or some shit. A Chad would never get a hooker off the internet or go alone to a whore house, that's just pathetic. A rich/famous person might have some favorite pornstar that they want to fuck so they hire them, but the payment is secondary because the odds are that the hooker would fuck them willingly for free. The common loser John can't say the same. The Chad has value and doesn't need to pay for sex, Meanwhile Johns are bottom of the barrel losers who have no value and are seen as pathetic by everyone including the hooker. A Chad might fuck one on a whim, but it isn't necessary. For a John hookers are necessary because they are pathetic losers who can't get it for free. I'm not sure how much more clear I have to be.

I second this. CL was the only place I knew where to find love. Now where will I go?

Have you tried not being pathetic? If you have a genuine handicap or something that makes it hard to meet women then I apologize, but the odds are you're just a lazy loser.

You're infintile

Your argument that is is humanly impossible for a sex worker to enjoy sex with a client, and it has never happened in the entire history of mankind.

I'm not the one paying women to pretend that they enjoy having sex with me.

>my area it was nothing but fags and cucks
no loss

CL is shitty cheap hookers but my real loss is cityvibe being shutdown. Rip my Korean babes :(

This is why we need decentralized services and apps. Then comes the retard who always asks "B... but why we need blockchain when you have AWS, that is cheaper..."

Wrong. I'm not saying that it's impossible that at one point in time some hooker felt a moment of sexual pleasure from a pathetic loser John. But that's the exception, not the rule. That's an extreme outlier like winning the lottery on your first try. There isn't really any benefit in talking about extreme outliers. The fact of the matter is that sex workers may enjoy the perks of their job like making their own hours and being their own boss, but on the whole they don't enjoy the sex and wouldn't touch those losers with a ten foot pole if they weren't being financially compensated. That's just a fact.