WAN on Binance soon

Guess im here for just the memes now, because I had to find this out on one of my private discords


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Oh shit. Good find. Should indeed be soon if the page is already up.

Get your BTC ready.

if u r not brainlet, u understand it


do you not see that there is coin info? I did the same thing too lol

nice im finally going to make it

what price you think is a good buy

Exactly. Of course you can put in anything but it doesn't show any coin info.

anything below $4

What was the Wanchain ICO price?



People are going to buy this and get rekt 80% out the gate.

Be ready for the pink wojaks.

What is Wanchain doing again? Chinese XRP?

It's there...

absolutely, price is going to be ATH for first couple of hours, then it'll dip and try to buy in about 4 hours. That's when it'll rise naturally

same shit as jnt..im gonna be watching them charts like a goddamn hawk

lmao, not in this market. Will start at 2x ICO at best and then just bleed to under ICO in a few days/weeks.

it'll follow Cardano's chart
wanchain can easily top 2B within a week ($20 a coin)

yeah, no

whoa, 34cents?! wtf

this isnt a simple dapp token kiddo

uhhhh. holy shit? grip as soon as it launches if that is really the case.

LOL they waited 5 months only to release in this SHIT market. they must had their investors lmao ill buy sub ico bitches

Yea its a fork of ethereum lmao

i know, do you know the current market?
poa tanked, zilla barely recognized
everything tanks

you speak of a x80 in a week
you on crack nigger?

only retards will fomobuy YOUR icobags in the first hours

ETC is worth 1.8B
whats your point kid?

lol. it will be slightly above aion. noobs gonna burn who ever buy above 2$

imagine buying ETH during the bullrun to buy a ICO just to wait 5 months to dump at below ico price in fiat in a bear market

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>you speak of a x80 in a week
ICO was 5 months ago tho

hey I just claiming a 500m (around $4) evaluation based on OTC sales. it climbing to 2B isnt out of the question if it catches Tron hype

remember this is ETH fork.

when does this shirt starts trading?
i will witness the dumping

>hey I just claiming a 500m (around $4) evaluation based on OTC sales. it climbing to 2B isnt out of the question if it catches Tron hype

delusion at best. so you think more than ICX. anything above 2$ have to bag hold forver for this sth fork, yes literally cloned it by changing name

>ETH fork but with ring signatures
how is this not a chink scam

this is going to the moon.

It's a direct competitor to ETH/NEO/ADA/EOS, the coins that have mooned the hardest, not to mention it can host ico's and has privacy integrated in it like xmr.

Market buy as much as you can, it will go up for days.

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probably tomorrow
this will be the chinese ETH

lol. how many chinke ETH's. i will scoop this below 1$ when btc below 6k, which is inevitable next week

anyone here ever watch Saving Private Ryan? The opening scene? You know- when the first wave of our boys got rekt when the gates dropped? Mean MG-42s....

But the point is if you want to end up like that then buy 10x when it drops and get REKT hours later when it consolidates 1.5x above ICO

lets fuckign go baby

Unironically the Chainlink killer. Enjoy your bags, linkfags.

it's literally the Chinese Ripple/ETH, 1000x by end of year or I eat my dick live on youtube

2 hours

Will dump and dump hard.Stay away for the first 3 days.

There it is boys

If you've been trading on binance for a while, you know what'll happen. massive dump and accumulation for 2-3 days, then massive moon. it always happens with binance listings. I'll be watching this closely

to bad btc will hit the shitter the next 7 days



this one is different from your usual listings. It was on lockup for 5 months when eth was still like $250 or so. Just based on that expected return this should 2-4x at the lowest, then it will moon harder the next days. Smart money will buy everything they can get their hands on.

not what happened to icx

starts trading at 2 AM eastern time

cant wait for you wanfags to get rekt

smart money is in and will dump on you and then get out asap while we see 5k btc

6AM UTC. So, 2 hours.

icx came out in the midst of the biggest altrun ever you dumb ass faggot

I dunno, man. Be careful. Better to wait then to lose your ass out the gate.

ICX was/is an anomaly, but even that dipped when it got listed. By the second day it was non stop pumping until January.

ETC is the original Eth. What's the deal with this coin? How much is it right now?ICO ended 6 months ago with a listing now? Wtf is this?

you retards really need to see what happened with ADA on the daily chart to see how hard this will moon since its much better than that, and how much money people who bought the first days made.

Hint: At least 30x.


setting buy orders for 3 cents

repeat after me:
btc will go to 5k
this shit goes nowhere


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Moon 2-3 days after back up to that or more. Cha ching!

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nuls was flying right out of the gate when listed

bear market.

Ontology recently as well in the midst of a bear market.

Obviously avoid the initial dump, but if you can get in around $1 you'll be fine.


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>repeat after me:
not for long
>btc will go to 5k
lmao, no

>this shit goes nowhere
30x is guaranteed from this point on if you buy today

it is going to be cheap cause bear market

Why doesn't anything show on the orderbook and chart?

this will be a pump and dump for the ages.


sell: 2bucks

FINALLLLLLYY!!! I'm gonna buy the shit out of this one! This ain't no retard dapp, it's the freakin' RIPPLE OF CHINA! You know how many Chinese banks there are waiting for this shit? I'm going to sell all my 16 various coins, this is an all in for me. See you soon neighbor Kanye!

btc is dropping like a rock. anything above 1$ to buy this eth fork is risky. if btc go below 6k. we can at ico level

>FINALLLLLLYY!!! I'm gonna buy the shit out of this one! This ain't no retard dapp, it's the freakin' RIPPLE OF CHINA! You know how many Chinese banks there are waiting for this shit? I'm going to sell all my 16 various coins, this is an all in for me. See you soon neighbor Kanye!

buy my bags nigga. dont fool noob to drop u r bags. btc falling like a rock

tfw broke with no fiat nor coin but excitingly awaiting for direct deposit paycheck to hit bank so can transfer $250 to coinbase to buy bitcoin to transfer to binance to buy first shitcoin since 2014. WAN or LINK?

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>they're buying above 10 cents

dont fomo. this is eth fork , not much of use. more hyped projects than this at ico levels. u can scoop below 1$ next week. today is bag holders day to drop bags on noobs

I will wait til next week. In the meantime i have a shitton of terms and such to learn to from Veeky Forums to no longer be such a noob fag

lmao you are the elastos pajeet-fudder right? hilarious

This is a coin everybody wants to buy. Fud explains everything. Buy as much as possible for a price you are comfortable with.

WANjeets will cry

lmao keep going please, fool these idiots

Nah, your ELA bags getting heavier. kek

I just really want to know what the opening price will be.

binance announced it earlier on their tg ann group, literally the most anticipated listing

... hope I can get some at a decent price

must be less than 1$, given btc dropping like rock, heading towards 5k.

If you buy in first seconds, you'll get pretty cheap, my guess is 0,40-0,50 starting price

LOL ico price was .34 with eth at 290

I want it cheap but we won't see anything under 10

I want it cheap but we won't see anything under 10
> being this new to crypto , must be bag holding lot of shit coins or ICO bag holder to pump it. this will be below 2$ in a week from now. only noobs will burn who every buying above 2$. dont forgot BTC heading to 5k. if so we get at ico price for WAN

noWAN's on suicide watch

another speaking points retard?
I'll be buying up to 2-2.5 stupid fucking mongloid. Give me your bags while I hold for 5 months and make 10x.

WTF over 4$ starting??? Fuck no man..

>I'll be buying up to 2-2.5 stupid fucking mongloid.

agree 2$ must be reasonable but not in this market esp BTC may go below 5k , in which case below 1$ WAN is on the cards

kek keep fooling these idiots, it's ok i would do the same if i cared more

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WAN bagholder detected. kek

I put 50 ETH into the ICO I'm laughing to the bank, i'm simply stating I'm buying more upto 2$.

lmao people telling anons to comfy buy at $2 lmaooooooo

if you pay more then $1 you are fucking DELUDED and asking to lose your money

I know u did not. individual cap about 7 ETH. who you fooling retard

this. esp when BTC heading 5-6k. if so we may get below ICO WAN like REQ


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> I could only wish I was one right now