How do I convince my GF to quit her shitty job?

She works a 9-5 min wage, white collar job in business travel and she is miserable.

She gets treated like a retard by most co-workers because she's the youngest in her office and I think she's a dyslexic in denial so she does genuinely struggle, she's not cut out for a demanding office position.

She really isn't struggling financially as she still lives with her parents and I make more than enough to support both of us if she wants to move in with me.

Idk if it's her parents or society that have just brainwashed her into this wageslabe mentality, because all she thinks about is her shitty work and hoping she can get a raise (she won't she's been there over a year now and her boss keeps cancelling meetings), she complains about it but I can't do a fucking thing, complain about something I can help you solve. She's a complete fucking brainwashed wagecuck, I fucking hate postmodernism and all this feminist cancer.

Please help biz, kinda drunk atm.

What easy job should I tell her to look into? She likes travel/tourism. Applied to loads of airlines and nothing, worked for a hotel and hated it.

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She sounds like a retard. Why not cut the dead weight?

She's a solid 8/10 and I've been with her for so long idk how I'd meet someone else, maybe it's love.

>She likes travel/tourism
Premium escort if she has the looks.

I actually told myself if she got a flight attendant job I would end it because I'd never trust her to not cheat on me. She nearly got a Ryanair job but they're a ripoff.

gee, i dunno, maybe its called 'marriage'.

you're asking her to quit her job (where she can socialize and meet guys) and just be your trophy gf that doesnt work. she wont leave without being proposed to or being knocked up

One option is knock her up, and make her a stay at home mom, but that's risky

Her work is full of +50 year olds, she doesn't have it in her to cheat in the same city as me.

I make enough money, I've earnt a trophy girlfriend.

I'm not marrying her till I'm at least 25.

>women want "equality"
>can't handle having a job
Fuck off OP

take her on vacations or if you trust her send her alone then make a fake online travel magazine and hire her to be a writer

this user. imagine the reverse situation. your gf comes home and tells you to quit your job everyday. how would that make you feel? some might see it as she is looking out for your best interests but i would bet a lot more would see it as manipulative and intimidating.

tl;dr just marry her ass OP(if its right that is), dont listen to the incels here that reeeeeeeeeee about vagina.

We've travelled to Ireland, Greece and going USA this summer.

We could probably travel more if she just fucking quit.

if she likes the social side of work (i think most women do) she can do work as work in the hotel industry. sales or management. start somewhere small like front desk. that's related to tourism.

better than a soul sucking office job

make a fake website and offer her $20 / article

>Idk if it's her parents or society that have just brainwashed her into this wageslabe mentality,

This is the greatest triumph of feminism. They were able to nearly double the workforce over a generation merely by convincing women they need to work to feel whole. Work makes you free and all that. The result is that life suffers for everyone involved except those at the very top. Women work shitty jobs they hate. Men have their wages depressed as a result of more labor. Men don't have someone to cook and clean at home.

She sounds like a keeper, hold on with both hands, user.

I actually like this idea, I see fashion students do it for their shitty blogs. I'm pretty decent at web dev.

Thanks, user.

If you state these facts to any western women they will look at you with disgust and that's because they don't know any better, they all think they have the fucking world sorted out just because they're a woman and the whole YAAAAAAS SLAAAYYY QUEEEN.

I know this isn't pol but thank fuck Hilary lost can you imagine how every HR would be behaving?

If she's only making min wage she can do a lot better. Does she like to travel and have an interesting personality? She should blog it like this chick on Steemit does:


She makes bank just surfing and being a hot chick. Crosspost to Youtube/Instagram/personal site and get travel deals like those weird travelling couples do. Man there are so many ways to make money online these days there's no reason not to

If she really is treated like shit then eventually she will want to quit, just stop pushing the issue because you are only making it worse by making her self-conscious about it. If she doubts her own ability or inteligence she will want to prove herself -and you- wrong.

This is what you should do:
Tell her that you care about her and that you will support any decision she takes regarding her work and future.
-But actually do it, because if you flip your opinion back to being "judgamental" (which is how she will perceive you if you continue pushing the issue) she will definitively resent you.

This is not about feminism you brainlet, this is how women all around the world and history have always been. Don't even suggest her to change to an easier job. She will give you shit for even suggesting that.

Try to talk about her job in a productive mindset so that she sees that you actually care about her and her future.

And please for the love of God don't boast about your wealth in comparison to her own ability to be financially independent. Nurture your relationship instead, and if you really can maintain the lifestyle you both want then she will naturally give in to the idea of a better job.

OP listen to this guy. She's not going to leave without stability. Imagine she left her job and then you broke up with her in a month? She'd be completely cucked. Besides, it's better for you to have her making money so you have less expenses in the meantime.
However, this might work:
If you really do make a lot of money just buy property and rent it out. Then hire her to have her manage it for you. Shell get to feel like she's working atleast. If she likes to be busy but high class student housing around a university that has a lot of Chinese students. University housing takes more effort to maintain but gives higher returns. Once you get married let her transition into being your accountant/assistant. This might not work though, depends on how open minded she is.

I appreciate this.

I've never once doubted her or ever put her down, I just come here to vent and get a new perspective.

But you're right if I just stay supportive it's a win-win. She either quits herself or actually gets somewhere with it and finds fulfillment.

You're better than Veeky Forums man

I will never rent out to students, I rented as a student with 2 other guys and it was a fucking nightmare to be taken seriously or get anywhere with them.

When I get some properties it'll be short to mid term rental, out of town contractors needing accomodation. Works for my parents no issues and I'd do the same.

this is a terrible idea, she will feel very accomplished and proud of herself. when she eventually realizes that it was you she's gonna feel like shit