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about the McDonalds 2 cheeseburger meal. Two cheeseburgers, french fries and a drink. It's currently $4.89 plus tax. Historic prices of this same meal have varied greatly over the years;
in 1955 the meal would cost you .48
in 1972 it was .72
in 1979 it was 1.68

In the last 40 years it has almost tripled in price. What are your predictions for the price of this same meal in 20 years? And more importantly, why aren't you buying up all these cheap 2 cheeseburger meals while you still can??

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there are less cows

every friday night after the bar i get 6

ive been winning for years

in 20 years society will have already collapsed and this meal likely won't exist

Genuinely kek’d

since nobody made a prediction is suppose it's only good etiquette as the OP i make the first.

in 2038 this meal will be $10

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Bet you can't fuckin' wait for tomorrow

$1000 after the economy implodes and we end up with Zimbabwe money

i wonder what kind of soup the slaves of ronald were offering

Thanks just bought 100k cheeseburgers

The issue here is that you are using a shitcoin with constantly increasing supply as your benchmark. Try doing the same comparison with a once of gold or an average hour of work.

Maybe an hr with a prostitute is a better metric.

Thanks just bought 100k big macs


Cows are a discrete, countable thing. So you say "fewer" instead of "less".

I hope the UBI retards have their way so I get to see this.

Eh, if you follow the subjective theory of value, anything goes, you can choose what makes sense for you, so why not an hour of sexual service. But clearly, USD is a very poor benchmark in my opinion.

>not HODLing burgers
The absolute state of Veeky Forums


It actually costs less than it did originally counting for inflation and purchasing power. How does it feel being a massive brainlet?

You're a pedantic c-word you know that?

And you're a soyboy too scared to use the word cunt.

Its just inflation you retard.
They arent actually charging 3x more, its just adjusting to inflation.

I pay like 3 times that here :(.

2 Burger King® cheeseburgers, small fry and a small drink for only $3.29

fk mcondalds

Dont forget the 10 piece nuggets for $1.50

Why are you concerned with this corporate poison. You'll never make it if you eat this shit.

I learned in a thread about Rolex watches that they're a great way to store wealth. Obviously this would hold for cheeseburgers too so I freeze them. My portfolio is 90% McDonald's cheeseburgers.

No wonder you goblinos are all fat. I pay like 10 bucks for less than that. Fuck McDonalds by the way.

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Thanks for the lesson. I always confuse those two.