Is it Really This Easy?!?!

long when indicator goes green
short when indicator goes red

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What indicator is it?

Thanks just longed 100k green and shortrd 100k red

just a couple of MA's that change color based on gradient

Just one problem: You don't actually know when your haribo worms will change color.

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mind sharing the settings?

wow bud looks like you found the secret, might as well margin 100x for fast profits!

In all seriousness, this is going to be a massive overfit.

How do I get these settings?

OP cracked the code for riches and casually posts it for us. Thanks man.

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share the settings bro

This shit always looks easy in hindsight, but try to predict when it's not another fakeout and you end up losing money buy literally buying high and selling low a bunch of times.

wait for a couple of candles as confirmation before pulling the trigger? You can still get into the trend early. Or perhaps check across several timeframes?

Learn 10 minutes of TA and you won’t need that

that's why you have to program an algo that trades exactly based on the numbers

no matter how you look at it it all devolves into a gamblers fallacy, the market is illogical and you're not the next limitless

How do you short ? Without being Mexican


I was on bitmex and always made at least 10% on every trade I made because of TA.

What did for me was getting greedy and not closing my positions when in profit.

Congratulations, you've learned that trading is not a 50/50 chance game because who fucking knew that after you've guessed the direction you still need to guess the right close time!

It's the easiest thing in the world, until you either sell at the bottom or buy at the high,
With waves, you're always a genius in hindsight. Shame big money don't see that.

>>Redrawing indicators
They're always right!

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>Hmm, we got 5 red candles, better buy/short in!
Good luck bro. Can't think of a single era where 12h candles consistently fell.

Big money see it before you do, that's why you're not rich.

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Yoooooo, pls share settings

Tradingview > Indicators > Public Library > CM_Ultimate_MA_MTF_V2

And sorting the public library by most popular usually has good results.

thanks user, just found Vdub Binary Options SniperVX v1 , which seems alright

Use the Hull MACD with be normie MACD.

No good luck doing that in real time. Back tested it looks great, but you get that signal late. Especially on the 1hr.

they're both trash. At least in regards to margin trading BTC. Unless you're using 3x lev you'll get liquidated.

>kek he doesn't know what repainting is and what a meme that strategy is to any serious trader.