Cardano is shit and failing. Get out while you can

Cardano is shit and failing. Get out while you can.

No one is going to care by the time it launches. Good devs don't learn Haskill because it's slow as shit. It's genuine vaporware and has nothing lined up other then a slow full release with no community projects.

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You'll see

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Haskill is kill

> Haskill
> Haskill is slow as shit
Kys retard, nobody cares

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I like it

Only the engine is programmed in Haskell, people who use Cardano aren't required to program in Haskall, they can use an assortment of languages for the smart contracts.

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3/10, low effort FUD. Thanks, just bought another 2k.

ADA is a memecoin and is going to collapse.

> good devs don’t learn haskill (sic)
I’m not sure if you’re trolling at this point lmao
Also you don’t need to learn Haskell to program Cardano smart contracts.
It’s ok if you don’t believe in a project, don’t buy it, buy EOS if that’s your thing.

You're doing god's work OP thanks man. Was planning to load up on more ADA before the mainnet moon

People don't realize how much of a burden it is to ask devs to learn a new language specific to some new project and expect them to come in droves. Solidity and Haskill will die when you can do the same shit in C++ on EOS

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I'll just leave this here:



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XD more paid shilling by Larimer. I see the morons are getting really worried with Shelley being released in the next few weeks.
The hard truth is after Q4 this year nobody will care about your centralized shitcoin or its 21 nodes. You have a technologically inferior product and no amount of marketing and FUDing other projects can fix that.

I own no EOS. ADA is a piece of shit and Hoskinson is a fucking embarrassment to all of crypto. He is going to completely botch this shit and the community is going to skull fuck him for all his gloating and ridiculous behavior.

LOL have fun with your centralized coin.
Neither EOS nor ADA have what it takes to overtake ETH

ada has another shot at $1 when alt-season resume.

>Implying POW is not a glorious display of centralization

Legitimate use besides being a fundraiser token is a good start LOL

> Hoskinson is a fucking embarassment to all of crypto
Why lol? He is a respected mathematician and co-founder of Ethereum. I only ever see stupid personal attacks like "he's fat" or "he's posting pictures of food on his twitter". Who the fuck cares?

Just watch this guy speak and compare to a Larimer interview.

How he speaks compared to Larimer is also as faulty of an argument as "he's fat." If anything I'd prefer the genius nerd who has isocial interaction issues over a guy who aced debate class when it comes to blockchain dev.

He is not a respected mathematician, he ripped off Bitshares DPOS mechanism and made it slow as shit.

You fell for the meme because he uses actually famous mathematicians names.

> he ripped off Bitshares DPOS mechanism
ADA doesn’t use DPoS
Also Bitshares was largely Hoskinson’s creation

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ADA is DPoS but delegation is optional where as EOS is not.

I read this article but it all came across as emotional whining and complaining. Were there ANY legitimate problems with Cardano raised here? I don’t get it.

>no one is going to care by the time it launches
>already launched in October with its own main net and PoS consensus algo being implemented this quarter


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