Why do they both feel so fake... like they are hiding some shit

why do they both feel so fake... like they are hiding some shit .

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Because they know what everyone really thinks about the whole situation.

beautiful couple fuck off jealous fedoracuck

he's a nazi and she's a nigger...aint hiding shit bruh

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dude was pressured into marrying a mudblood for muh diversity.

which is?

>they are hiding some shit
An unknown amount of monero

shes totally old man
will like the typical old black bitch in 5 years
guy is fucked

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Well she's been hiding that she's a yacht girl and he's been hiding that his Dad is not his real Dad.


Whatever helps you sleep at night
I think you got your races mixed up. Black don't crack broski

oh look, it's the BLACKED dude
go back to your degenerate pornsites

>so fake
Look at the ear to ear smile on that woman. She was just some American TV actress who is now a legitimate princess like in every fucking fairy tale she ever watched growing up.

She's completely giddy and can't believe this shit. Absolutely nothing fake about it.

>t. massively insecure nigger
stop posting here, we're tired of your inferiority complex

Nah. I just love triggering stormfaggots like yourself

i dont get it still

you're such a loser kek

Have you ever seen the prince and Carson Wentz in the same room?

But black are always on crack. how shitty is it to know your entire ace is hated by every single other race on the planetand you nigs destroy everything you touch? Fucking low iq animals.

Well, Harry is a worshiper of Moloc pretending to be a Jew pretending to be a Anglican. Being royalty includes lots of deception.


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If it wasn't for kikes you'd like blacks just fine

He'll get his justing when she leaves him for a big black nigger.

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/our prince/

santa madre es la creatura, dios nos proteja

He pretty much could have taken his pick of Hollywood if he wanted to/was allowed go down that path, what a fuckin idiot

>why do they both feel so fake... like they are hiding some shit .

he's bastard and she's a whore just like his mom

Well...... where to start op, were to start.
He is a bastard child op
The king assassinated his parrents.

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The colors don't match.

Read David Icke

They are our reptilian overlords

>6 seconds apart
We're both vibrating at a very similar frequency I see

one drop

this is how the British empire falls


pol posts in biz
x posts in pol post in biz

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He is dating a nig nog to appeal to the changing demographic of England.

have no clue who this is sorry. thought it was prince charles or whatever at first but last i saw he was bald? did he get a hair transplant?