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fuck yes!

bumping wtf why is no one excited?

Because it will dump like every other hyped coin does.

because I havent had a chance to buy some up before it did that shitty spike price on new exchange thing.... so nothing for me to be excited about. I would be happy if this was a week from now since i'll have had the money by than and invested it.

so congrats to you and i'm happy for you but I will miss out by days on this spike

Just put whatever you have in. Even if it’s only like $100 or so.

lol, discordwhalefags in full shilling mode

buy order at 500 sats.

>bear market
I wonder if this will dump.

Serious questions, please help a brainlet out.
I want to FOMO in no matter what the cost as in normal conditions this will ICX where anywhere in the first day is an excellent buy. However, we are kind of crashing in terms of market. What do?

You know how this plays out

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>locked for 5 months when eth was still $200
>Chinese ETH
>Privacy integrated in coin
>cofounder of Factom is the CEO
>Massive team of the brightest chinkgineers
>Most awaited release on exchanges since ETH
>Retards think it will dump which means it will moon super hard

Don't miss out on this 1000x by december.

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Ya but Ian Balina will panic sell WAN like he did ICX

itll start off at 2x-2.5x ico price then as bitcoin drops to 6k it'll be at ICO price maybe lower

Whales will be out in full force dumping and pumping on pajeets. Be careful

I have 0.0000019 eth that isnt shit and I cant even withdraw it from the exchange it's sitting on still.

again fucked for money til the 4th for investments

> Eth fork with the same security flaw
> PoS = centralised Blockchain
> PoS = vulnerable to attack

1000x EOY for sure, kek.

what was the volume

It’s looking like it’s gonna open up trading at $23???? This is gonna dump so hard.

Wtf?! Jesus that’s too high. I’ll wait like half an hour and see what happens. I’ll use a quarter of my funds to buy initially, but then I’ll wait.

23 dollars where are you getting that from

most people who got into the WAN ICO are rich now/already.
look at ripple's market cap today... that's the target.
anything under $12 ever is a serious buy

where do you see that? everything is blank for me

How many days have you been in crypto?

Newfag from Nov. I got 35k profit from ICX but that was bull market. This is a totally different situation.

Looks like this coin is going to take a swan dive

I'm scared and excited at the same time!

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ETH plus Monero on a Decentralized crosschain exchange. Yes!

After the swan though :)

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Okay, I’m seeing don’t buy over $3, which is 10x the ICO price. I’m hearing buy around $1.

put 1/3 of whatever you are wagering down on $1. put the rest on $0.50

why are you scared?