Relax, faggots

relax, faggots

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Thank you OP. I feel like I'm the only one that sees this in the 1d chart.

We're making a fucking gigantic wedge with BTC. Unless crypto gets banned by the world governments, information is continuing to be bullish in favor of the tech, and we're going to break out hard mid April.

Fucking buy as much as you can until then.

this isnt a wedge

this is a symmetrical triangle

it is a 50-50

it isn't bullish or bearish

Yeah because BTC is going to crash through the floor back to 1k, right?

looks good. i concur

Every month the goalposts move further

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It just might. Altcoins do crash like that, and bitcoin is just a very big altcoin.

He said it is 50-50

There needs to be reason for price movement user. You're acting like the market's in a vaccum and TA is the only thing that matters.

Look at the climate. Do people have a reason to sell all their BTC, especially when companies and governments left and right are praising blockchain tech?

Fuck retards like you guys.

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Yes. 1k is much closer to it's actual value than fucking 100k.

>especially when companies and governments left and right are praising blockchain tech?
Kek. What does bitcoin have to do with it?

>Actual value

Will people stop with this? It's value is exactly equal to the demand outstripping the supply. There is no fucking actual value, the actual value is completely dynamic. Can you tell me reasons why a deflationary asset is objectively worth less than 1k?

What if 21 million people want it? Are you going to tell the people selling that they're not allowed to sell it for any more than 1k?

What goes through the minds of people that say this?

zoom out

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>What if 21 million people want it?

exactly. bitcoins are scarce. there's a lot of pajeets chinks niggers gooks jews spics and aryans who want them. there are infinitely many shitty fiat currencies being printed to oblivion.

Altcoins are scarce too

It boggles my mind how many people seem to say with a straight face that cryptos have an "actual value". Nothing has an actual value because it entirely depends on whatever people are willing to pay.

If I want to sell a fucking black lotus to someone that is willing to pay $15,000 for it, nobody is going to tell me "Actually this is just a piece of cardboard, its actual value is $1 you dumbass."

Yeah, maybe, but this guy will buy it from me for 15000x that.

This is how bears see the market

>implying the Bogs don't set the price of Bitcoin with a magic slide whistle.

Bitcoin is deflationary only after mining rewards end. This will happen in the year 2140.

This means that for all of your entire shitty lives BITCOIN IS INFLATIONARY!

oh and

These are the pillars of crypto. Adapt or die

weaponized autism

I can say your life has no value

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It's deflationary already because coins are lost daily, along with hoarding. In fact if this deflation isn't maintained at ~1%/year Bitcoin will enter hyperdeflation and become worthless very quickly.

nothing triggers my autism more than fuckfaces on this board who post "BTC is overpriced, $x is a more fair value", like their subjective fucking reasoning matters even one bit on a free market like this.

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weaponized autism is ethereum user

moon rocket in two weeks then?

1K 2K 3K 4K 5K 6K will never happen again!
The JPY usage of BTC don't allow value go dip

in usdt till may, see you then

Weekend is coming. So if there will be no bullish signs today, you can expect that we go down like last weekend. This time I would expect a marketcap ~

Oh its may already? Wasn't it supposed to be right after Chinese new year? And what would it be in may? August?

> (You)
>Oh its may already? Wasn't it supposed to be right after Chinese new year? And what would it be in may? August?
All the concurrencys will release products and betas in MAY, so in MAY BTC it will start is steady bullrun to 25K EOY
Screencap this you fagooot

You should never forget that big investors already know things like this. So the price is already included. Thats not how it works in crypto. As long as we have an uncontrolled market the whales decide when the price will rise again. And they already know which time it will be. Do you think the downtrend last weekend wasn't planned? They used the G20 to play with the small fishes. Like they use Chinese New Year, banning FUD news and other stuff as well.

True True, but the Network effect will surpass the Whales games.

The math checks out

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Remember guys, you didn't buy memes for thousands of dollars at the height of a bubble.

You're actually genius early investors who got in before a single Normie has ever heard of burpcoin

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Bitcoin is the only coin ans everything else is either shit, a scam, or a copy. BTC isnt just another crypto or a big alt, its the soul of the market

kek the zoom out meme won't work this time, btc is literally going to moon

Das rite

Dem other coins be slower and more expensive than bitcorns.

Symmetrical triangles tend to break out in line with the previous trend, with the previous trend being up.

what about the desu cross?

unironically true. this is less than 10 years old but we got over 100 years before they are even all mined. the people who will buy my bags havent even been born yet.
>t.iron hands

that looks more like a descending triangle you fucking retard, which breaks down, not up.

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Need to hit 3k before 30k sorry.

says zoom out
zooms in

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>OP bought in @ 19k
>panic sold @ 11k
>FOMOed @ 10k, 9k, 8k, 7k
>starts the usual "beg for directions" thread

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