Popular US cities

What are some popular US cities that a lot of recent college grads move to?

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Idk but we should make a city for fag ops that make the same thread every day and nuke it

>If you want to be rich
>If you want to be famous
>If you want to be a politician
>If you want to play vidya for a living
>If you want to make weird sculptures or paintings
>If you speak Spanish
>If you want to be murdered
>If you don't want any of the above but like being cold and angry

WTF dude you literally post this question in various form every night. This is the second time I'm calling you out. MOVE TO AUSTIN ALREADY EVERYONE IS ABOUT TO SAY AUSTIN AND MAYBE SEATTLE... AGAIN.

>If you want to deal with spoiled soyboys and soygirls
>If you want to deal with even more spoiled soyboys and soygirls and dangerous brownies
>If you want to be a gay male escort
>If you want to have suicidal thoughts
>If you want to be hated by everyone that lives around your city
>If you have rich parents and want to get into real estate
>If you want to be cold all of the fucking time.
>If you want to live someplace totally unaffordable where there's not even tech jobs

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I tell you this everyday - DC

God tier
Nyc, San Fran, Austin, Seattle

First tier
La, DC, Chicago, Miami

Mid tier
Atlanta, Boston

Shit tier
Everywhere else

Only DFW and Research Triangle are godly.
Everything else in the country is shit tier.

>Austin and Seattle better than Chicago

Don't think so.
San Fran is underrated though, but it's very, very expensive.

Indianapolis senpai. Get around it.

Denver is the true hidden gem that nobody will ever shill you but you will make 100x if you invest right now.

You have bad taste.

Considering taking a job there as a Seattle native looking to get away from the hipster faggots from SF that are ruining my home town. What are the main selling points?

Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Go to Frisco. Zappa advocates

google U.S. news desirability index and go from there.

Don’t listen to these fags op. You will end up killing yourself if you move to one of these traffic pits (Austin, Seattle, etc). They are already overcrowded and not built for the load they are under. The only god tier cities are under 300k population.

From Los Angeles, lived in Seattle for college. Los Angeles is an overcrowded shithole. To hot and too much traffic. Seattle is top soyboy. Seattle has the most unlikable residents.

Living in San Jose, Ca. right now, much better in all regards. Less traffic than both Los Angeles and Seattle. Better weather, better nature, better jobs.

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Honestly, fuck californians. You did the right thing by moving back.

You can't go wrong with Nashville, you really can't

Kansas City

Boston is full sorry