The exchange which made ripple, monero, bcash moon out of galaxy.

The exchange which had up to 2 billion volume per coin.

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but very same exchange take icx in to undergrd or near ico levels.

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This coin is about to sky rocket

Dropping like a rock on upbit

the fuck you retard talking about. this exchange is fomo capital and will atleast double icon today. i didnt say tripple or 4x like xmr and ripple because we in bear market.

only newfags are not aware of bithumb

Just like when that chink coin DBC hit a chink exchange (Houbi) it dropped like a rock.

>a small chink exchange is the same thing as a very large gook exchange

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wat? its the only green coin right now on the whole exchange.

you realise bithumb is the korean coinbase right. its normie base. they buy everything what gets listed.

where did you get that specific time from?

>a small exchange was able to dump value to rock bottom means a larger one can't

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BTC needs to stop shitting itself

Worst possible timing... wish they waited another month. This shit will sink again.

koreans we not able to buy this coin yet you massive faggot. how will they exactly dump on us no brained single cell parasite

You still don't get it

This is like if ripple got released on Coinbase and ripple was some super all American coin with the intention to interconnect all of America and Americans were actually patriotic anymore

this dude gets it.

cant believe btc is doing this to me but it will shine regardless

How much more time to launch?

2 hours

1 hour and 44 minutes

how long do you think it will moon? days? week? hours?

What's your sell orders, anons?
Did you peg it at a safe x2 (9k sats)? Or more?
When do you plan to sell if not now?

Whys it plumetting then?

because btc dived a grand since yesterday

I'm holding my stack till 5 dollars minimum. When bithumb listed QTUM and EOS that shit pumped hard on and off for over a week. Plus we got coinone listing any day as welll


hodling. Don't be a fag OP.

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This OP is a cool fag like Freddie Mercury.

In the bull market. If you didn't notice Asians ain't that big on fomo and don't have the funds to pay kimchi premiums for alts of that magnitude anymore.


Not much going on.

I sold all my link to buy into this to get even more link later. I hope it works.

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