$10k end of week

Can you feel it coming in the air tonight?

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those are the most disgusting gooks i've ever seen


the absolute state of ur IQ

i would fuck em, desu

They are Inuit you dumb faggot.

bears BTFO!!!.. wait

they look american to me

Is the girl with dark hairs bangs photoshopped on?

They look like Russian people in the areas near Japan and China.

Nothing a little plastic surgery, makeup and photoshop can't fix

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fuck all you fags i'd fuck them no doubt about it

They don't look human. Something is off about them. Some uncanny valley shit.

> not fapping exclusively to inuit porn stored on the blockchain

>all these faggots hating on the female bogs

are they bjork's sisters?


How much whale blubber do I need to get a girl that?

Still hot af

6k end of week. I`m short already.

>end of week
it dips every weekend

can i get a quick rundown

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its kinda sad that alot of kids in greenland have been molested