K so you didn't listen when I said Proof of Weak Hands was going 100x ez

K so you didn't listen when I said Proof of Weak Hands was going 100x ez.

it's already gone 2x since then (3x gains w dividends)

maybe you'll be smart enough to listen now?

probably not...


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Transparent ponzi :D

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Not a ponzi scam.... there is middle man holding the money... it is smart contract driven... there are also no promise of gains... when you gain someone loses. it is a genius way to build passive income

Should I throw some lunch money into this

early adapters make money when you sell....

opposite of ponzi,

btw the site is Ethpyramid.win

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yep Veeky Forums still not ready for fortune

>stay broke

Ethpyramid is the actual scam, powh is legit

Yeah, Use Ethpyramid.win to buy your POWH tokens


stop flooding the board with this ponzi shit

do you know how Veeky Forums works? you have the id. dont be a gay fag

your moms pussy is a ponzi

Like etheroll but for P3D tokens.


kill yourself

and also
who the fuck would ever type that into their address bar you dumbfuck? 3rd world retard I assume?

saged and hidden

Well, you can just type p3droll.com

But, you're right. I should have made it easier so retards could follow as well.

is it though

last bump for the night boys, ill come back when im at 4x gains.. a few days or so

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ethphoenix is better
also you wont be buying at the very top
you're welcome

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hows that scam token you built on top of your copy pasted pyramid scheme with your "devs" holding 20% of the dividends going?

Powh3Ds devs own less than 2% of the token.

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powh3d has literal memes for days

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nice reflinking lol

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nice memes friend

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do you have memes?

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did you guys even fork chainlink

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did ethpyramid even make anything on its own without just stealing it from the old powh teams?

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LOL. Literally the only use for "smart contracts" is making an ethical ponzi scheme. You cannot make this shit up, with the reputation crypto already had, the next big advancement (smart contracts) are literally only used to make ponzi schemes more transparent. They have no other real uses.

It's actually not a ponzi scheme because it only pays out people still in the contract.

When you try to cash out or leave you're charged as well, so it takes from early players and old players.

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There's also nobody at the top taking the money, it's all smart contract based. The only thing touching the money is a block of code.

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and the amount of people playing it, and the amount of people putting money into it and making memes.

It's the 4th biggest dapp on the eth network right now.

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so yeah, there's really no comparison.

It's a cryptocurrency that creates its own economic model and expands itself.

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P3Droll.com is pretty damn sweet. Mantso and ponzi are killin it. STAGE 2 BOOSTERS COMMENCE

and it's leeching millions of dollars out of the eth network.

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wow still alive nice.

smart contract dapps have literally have never been this big before.

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they've created an entirely new vaccum for ethereum, and they're threatening to do more.

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the developers are threatening to make an entire decentralized ecosystem that runs on this coin, there's already dapps out that run with p3d tokens.

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crushin the game

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It will literally never die.

78 ETH buy just came in

Whales comin and you retards still sitting on the sidelines lulz

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so good you have to shill it hardcore on an anonymous imageboard whos most notable characteristic is being a harbor for pedophiles
must be pretty sweet

is that why your here?

The question is will you join before 2000ETH or CRY YOURSELF TO SLEEP

Calculate your gains (or losses!) here:

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