How do you know when you've "made it"?

How do you know when you've "made it"?

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when you no longer need to work for the rest of your life

When buying food isn't a problem.
Owning a house.
Paying bills and thinking nothing of it

When you own at least a dozen niggers


Fuck niggers

When I never have to see or smell another subhuman nigger again.

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gibs-son is that u

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when you look in the mirror and see white colored skin


I'm not sure OP good question though really got me thinking.

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What's it to you?

This is a very valuable clip that too few people understand,

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A female I was talking to for a bit revealed that her last 3 bf's have been black and she's talking to a few other guys atm including me and 2 other black guys.

Nah I dont date girls that purposely get themselves passed around by picking shitty peopleto date and the only blacks around here all fit the gthug stereotype. Pity but life and choices and she's made a few.

I dropped her hard and she's only now about a week later noticing I havent hit her up or replied to anything she's said. She's now doubling down on trying to get my attention.
sucks I feel this way but watching how gthug all the blacks in this city/area act thinking she's dating material is a bad idea overall.

Hell the only reason I found out is the one ex dumped a fuckton of her nudes online cuz she wouldnt suck his dick after they broke up otherwise I would have once again been clueless how pathetic and degenerate she acted for him.

So it goes....back to focusing on my investments and once again ignoring the dating world... seems the more I go along the less I care about having a gf/lover.

Oh well I wish that girl the best but the moment I found out how much she degraded herself for antwon (yes it's spelled that exact way) is the moment I mentally checked out of her life.


trolling niggers need to fuck off of this board


Mods better do something about these cuckposters before they drive away all the traffic from this board

>A female I was talking to for a bit revealed that her last 3 bf's have been black and she's talking to a few other guys atm including me and 2 other black guys.

that sounds depressing as fuck man. hope the girl gives herself more value than dating gangbanging thugs who have no future.. it sucks to see girls who get manipulated so easily by men. i know many asian girls who are in abusive relationships due to blackmail and shit

So I guess it's a thing now where you post interracial couples to draw attention to your threads? Fucking pathetic.

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its worse for asian girls cuz when they date rich asshole asian dudes, they follow them around like a fucking dog. one of my best friend's close female friend is dating a pyscho asian dude. he making 15k a month or some ridiculous shit from some banking job. he basically made her tattoo his name and become his slave 24/7. and she complies even though shes so scared of him because she got fucking manipulated.. abusive relationships..

How many bitcoin for that nigger over there?

If they were white would you care? Think about it

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It doesn't matter lol

That's why I feel bad I feel how I do but if you had seen the pics you would have instantly noped outta her life. hell there was bout 15pics of her licking his asshole with a bottle shoved up her cunt.... yet she's trying to act like a good respectful girl with me and trying to convince me she's a good girl and doesnt do those things. Yeah no that is exactly what causes me to check out. you will lick antwon's asshole while bouncing on a beer bottle for him but you want me to think you're a respectable girl that maybe cuddles in her undies if the right guy comes along. Fuck you fuck your lies and fuck you for trying to trick me like that.

some bullshit she gives her best to the degenerate thug and I get her good girl act.

Just so much about that just killed it for me man. every time I get a text from her it just makes me go pfft yeah hit up your beta chump loser you can trick....fuck me.
So I cant shake that and i've never used to think about or care about that crap til her and all her bullshit was outted.

I think she knows I know about the pics cuz the day they leaked I just checked out and havent talked to her. Her last text earlier was is something wrong you havent talked to me? did I upset you? Please talk to me you're a great guy who treats me really good and I dont wanna lose that.

fucking kek
didnt even read

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When you don't feel the need to autistically post le cuckold le interracial bait threads with only a minor connection to the board's subject.

Absolutely can relate to this
Good choice user. I used to fuck this girl well and she would want my cock 24/7 and then after a while she started treating me like shes a good girl. I saw her flirting with some other guy right after sucking me off in a washroom

Just dip and find a better chick. Oh and next time, make your boundaries known

when you can make "fuck you" purchases

fucking antwon sounds like a gorrila wetback. and she needs to set boundaries for herself. how she gonna lick his asshole and do nasty shit. you shouldnt waste your time on her. she needs to mature and be an actual woman who can stand up for herself

When you've crushed a niggers skull under your steel-toed boots.

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Well, that's what she's doing

she is playing with you. make her your slave. you have leverage. play with her. and thats all..

Not even mad, he seems like a smart guy and they look happy.

Do you know how easy it is to pick up your samefagging by phone? You type like a fucking 12 year old and the style doesn't change. Stop with your stupid fantasies and get a fucking life.

Girls like that you can literally make fun of them for fucking niggers and talk about how they're going to be poor single mothers with a mulatto one day, then you get to enjoy the fear set into their eyes as you watch the texts and calls flood in (don't respond at all whatsoever obviously)

This, what are these strange boundaries?
>Licking a guys ass with a bottle inside you while he take pictures of you doing it is ok
>Sucking same guys dick is not just because they broke up... And you have full knowledge that he has said pics
Pfffffft. Just suck him off and delete them off of his phone/PC/ hard drives when he's passed out. Dumb bitch.

unironically this
i live with black people because if you're in a western yuropoor country it's practically unavoidable and the situation is worsening fast enough spending the time and effort to move to a slightly more remote area would be a bad idea, but as soon as i have the money to never have to worry about money i'm getting an investor visa to the us and building my house + underground bunker in wyoming

I have everything on that list except a house

Nice blog post, didn't read

If she didnt go around being a bottle bouncing ass licking girl than turning around and trying to convince me she's a good girl who deserves to be treated good while telling me she only cuddles in undies for the right guy I would probably not care... but since she gives her best to antwon and tells me I get 1/10 of that yeah that's outright insulting and disrespectful

Try to angle it some more racism tho that's adoreable