Nice Car Shitty Home Thread

Why is there such a negative stigma towards people that have a really nice car but live in a shitty apartment?

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Because a home is an appreciating asset and a car is almost always a depreciating one. Putting all your money into a nice car while you're still paying rent or living in a shithole is the epitome of being a moron.

Because cars lose value like mad when houses are good investments.
Nice car/shitty house shows you got lucky but are an idiot for long term investments.

Funny thing is in Boston this house would go for 800k so I'm used to seeing this


Or cars > homes. Some people have good taste

Enjoy being poor and living on the street

If you prioritize a nice car over owning a nice home, you objectively do not have good taste.

>Because a home is an appreciating asset
lol fuck off boomer trash

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you can sleep in a car but you cant race a house

There a $6k Lincoln limo for sale that you can sleep in and there's a full bar.

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I make 6 figures

They’re both money pits

Because it makes you look like someone who got a little rich quick and blew it right away because you don't know how to handle money.

In America anyone who isn't old money will at best achieve a really nice car and a really shitty house, because anything short of an estate is going to be McMansion garbage.

Obese if honest

Yeah only the rich have nice things.
Still I think the euro bros over estimate the value of their brick houses.

HAHA checkmate housefags

nigger rich

the maximum amount of objective value a car can have is about 10k. after that, you're paying for a status symbol
the objective value of a house is essentially uncapped
expensive car + shitty house boils down to signaling low intelligence

because there usually shitty people that just want to show off and go for fancy meals but dont have the gumption to save up for a nice place to live instead of a shitty place. its all for show and thats why i hate them. fuck. everything on credit cards and fake as fuck

What car is that?

i know someone who has a lamborghini aventador but literally lives in a trailer home

some people are auto enthusiasts and that's their hobby. not everyone sees cars as a status symbol.

car is a status symbol you show around

once you get the person inside the car, its too late for him to walk away once you arrive to your den

Hey hey. You guys ever thought that maybe, just maybe - there are people who actually really like expensive cars and aren't just buying it for the status? No idea at all here.

it's like going for hookers, its a horrible investment when you can litterally just masturbate.

Ahahaha - the Ferrari was bought by a 'psychic'

>giving a shit about what other people do with their money

The only real losers

thanks just bought 100k cars

That's not even that good of a car..