What is your biggest regret since you started trading cryptocurrency?

what is your biggest regret since you started trading cryptocurrency?

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Trading cryptocurrency

Delaying the fiat that I pumped in and fucking around with shitcoins. I should have made a lot more since Spring 2017.

At least I was smart (dumb luck) to cash out most of my gains in January.

none. I'm making it.


Not investing enough at the start of my crypto journey. I could of put in 150k and be retired right now, but only did 20k and am only comfy.

Based lynch poster

Buying bitcoin scam and then being dumped on over 50% in 5 minutes like a December newfag normie.

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underestimating the correction and not cashing out in January

Listening to newfags and ChainLink

The last batch fiat I sent to Kraken was sent when Bitcoin was at around 7300 during the massive bullrun. I only used half of it, and waitied until 15k to use the rest.

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Not buying more. I vividly remember laying in my bed having a conversation with myself saying "I know this is the real deal, this is truly revolutionary like the printing press and even the invention of written language itself"

I could have bought 21 BTC with my leftover savings but instead I went with the conservative investment route and didn't... I only have like 7

for me, I didn't hop on the ETH train when it was still under $40 or so


pussying out of buying raiblocks at 15 cents
would be a millionaire now

Not buying any when I first hear about it. Saw some faggots getting excited about buying pizza with it and thought it was the stupidest thing in the world.

Year is 2020

Didn't bought more link

This FUD /pol/ raid tonight is pathetic

We get it, you losers finally figured it out and are sad you missed the boat

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Biggest regret of crypto is ignoring yhe bitcoin threads on /b/ and /g/ in 2009

In 2010 I had a grand that I wanted to invest. Heard about bitcoin for the first time and it was only 10 bucks a coin, so I tried mining some without much success, and invested instead in some shit-tier penny stock thinking there was a higher chance of it growing since Bitcoin was already 10 bucks, which wasn't much lower than the stock price of more established companies at the time like Electronic Arts, Gamestop, bunch of other companies.

Imagine the egg on my face 7 years later when, in 2017, I see BTC is fucking 13k a coin. Wouldn't have helped since what little BTC I'd mined was either in a software wallet I'd lost the HDD to or had gotten fucked in Mt. Gox, which was the primary exchange at the time. Fortunately I didn't even have 1 BTC so I didn't lose much.

I know that feel

>see at $1
>see at $50
>see at $500
Wtf? Don’t investigate further again
>see at $3000
Ok time to figure this out

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Selling too early and too late on literally everything for an entire fucking year.
>Got into TRG at 3 cents sold a few days later for 4 cents before it spiked to nearly a dollar.
>Went into NMR at $15 and went through the spike to $150 before selling at $40.
>Got into ANS at $3 and sold at $6 or 7 about a week before the rebranding after holding since it's before it's first run
>Got into OMG at .30 cents and sold at .80 because it hit and dollar and bled back down
>Got into Link at 9 cents and sold at 14 cents after holding through SIBOS

I also was in crypto for a little bit in 2014 and the only thing I bought was about $50 worth of Ripple which was about 8K XRP which I sold for around $800 before it's run. Thank fuck I actually held onto Ven from .50 cents and sold at $8 or so. I'm great at picking shit but boy fucking howdy is my timing terrible.

not buying enough NGR coin when it was still cheap and legal