How seriously do my fellow link marines even take life? Let's get some general demographic information

How seriously do my fellow link marines even take life? Let's get some general demographic information.

I take life seriously and off. I'm actually a certified first responder but I do freelance bullshit work for "a living" while underpaying for an apartment due to taking advantage of a girl whose aunt owns this place. My rent is $400 in an area where the average rent is $2600. I exercise a lot for fun at a university gym and mainly gawk and young girls and then drink myself to sleep after my workout. I am 31 years old.

I like to fantasize that if LINK and COSS make me rich I'll settle back and chill, stop hustling people, stop drinking, go to church and be a good person. Right now I'm just too stuck and too socially fucked up to get a real job. Please save me, oh lord

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if you were taking life seriously you wouldn't be where you are now

Post current life
Post your post-singularity life

I graduated college a year ago and currently working for my parents. the pay is good for a first job
parents had a fight and almost divorced. (mother found out father was cheating on her)
My father needed someone to handle the financial aspects of the business cause he's not so familiar with it and my mother left home and the business for a while so I took the opportunity to take over.
I want to quit this job and get into proprietary trading though.
t.39k links

Current life:
At the moment picking up the pieces from ten years of hedonestic drug abuse. Trying to right the ship.

Post singularity:
Will resume hedonistic drug abuse, but this time with more hookers.

t.100k Links

i take life very seriously because i find little joy in anything. When link moons i'm going to travel the world in hopes of finding my soul somewhere out there

t. horribly depressed and holding 19k link

>When link moons i'm going to travel the world in hopes of finding my soul somewhere out there
But your soul has been there all along.

I take things pretty seriously I guess. 22, have a 65k/yr career job, no rent living at home. If it takes off I'll just set any profit aside for retirement, would be a nice head start depending on the outcome. I like my job so I'd keep working part time, but I'd be able to safely spend without worrying about the future. If it tanks, no bills so no worries.

t. 65k link, aiming for 90

I take my life very seriously. It might not look like it from the outside but I do. I am a weed dealer, a catering waiter, uber driver, and do some admin work for my fathers company remotely.

I'm about to turn 35. I have lost weight recently and I love working out. I am dressing better too. Meditating. More than anything I want to finally be popular with women. Some people might say it's too late for me but I still have hope.

When's the singularity happening?
Is there an update coming soon or are we just waiting out the bear market?

>tfw only 4k linkies

i finally bought back into link 107K . i hope it goes to at leaset $10EOY so i could be a millionaire . I quit my FT job August of last year to trade FT

35 is not late at all, mate.

Thank you

Never, we're all underachieving retarded losers.

I'm currently living at home and it feels like a personal hell. Trapped by my mums unending kindness yet complete disdain for my choices in life. Failed uni multiple times and then diagnosed with ADD, said I should've been diagnosed when I was a kid.
Wish I could move out but I can't hold down a job and rent is outrageous, would be 1/3 of a weeks work.
When LINK hits 1000 I will move into somewhere else and start on my quest to store the sum of human media and knowledge for when the happening occurs. Will also try to teach myself everyday until late 50s where I'll get into politics.

32 job hop alot

Post Singularity go back to school

T. 15k

Bitcoin is Windows
Ethereum is Unix
Chainlink is the Internet

Could someone please tell me what you guys mean by 'post singularity'?
t. newfag to Veeky Forums

Are you high or smart ?

25, unironically homeless. Live in my car, a 1989 town car. Parents wouldn’t/couldn’t help me pay for college so I had to wait till I was 24 so I could get enough loans to cover tuition. Hopefully my 5k linkies will let me live comfortably

this is the singularity newfag

godspeed desu, we're all gonna make it

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current life: neet/independent researcher

post-singularity life: eternal student, studying somethnig intresting

false dichotomy

12k linky here.

I am a lawyer. Post singularity I will still be a lawyer but aiming to retire earlier.

26, photographer. Still live at home with parents, only child.
Started my business last summer, every paycheck either goes into buying new gear for my business so I can make more money, or into Link. Finally starting to pocket some cash now.
Got a 10/10 gf, been with her almost 5 years now. Nice girl with a fantastic ass and tradcon as fuck. The only reason I haven’t married her yet is due to a lack of money.

Post-singularity: Still working as a photographer as it’s what I love doing, but can now afford to be more selective of clients. Feel more fulfilled in life.
Marry my gf, buy a decent home to settle in and start a family. As many kids as I can manage.
Enjoy life to its fullest. Travel, laugh more, smile more, get a home gym, play video games and read more.

The idea of just do whatever I feel like without worrying about money all the time sounds like heaven.

Demographic info: 27 British male, spent 6 years in a big finance org post uni and quit this year to go work in a startup due to shitty culture and lack of incentives.

Live with my 23 year old Lithuanian cutie pie and own 50,000 LINK.

Post singularity will probably abandon the U.K. and go live like a kang in Lithuania or Poland and have 4-5 white children.

fucking this x100
can't be fucked being anywhere else really though

LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA.

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pre: gay
post: straight

Current life:
Working in a field I love (audio) in an environment that gives me the opportunity to travel the world and work with some of the top guys in the the industry. Working on bringing my European queen to the US and make that bitch my bride. Feeling pretty, pretty good.

Post singularity:
Lost my job because everything's automated. Haven't talked to a single person in years because everyone is absorbed in their personal digital world. Wife left me because I've become obsessed with making adapters to every data source I can. I even experiment with building adapters for adapters and chain them together in this grotesque human centipede of data. All I dream of is Sergey and the singularity. Although it happened years ago, in my delusion, all I can do is wait for what will never come. The eternal singularity has become a hellish feedback loop in my mind, every neuron in my brain has become an oracle, I am the network. I am Chainlink

23, minimum wagie who lives at home. 15k links. I dump 90% of my paychecks into crypto. I take life seriously but I'm hopelessly depressed. It makes me feel a little better seeing others who are older with less link/in a worse spot. Not that I wish malcontent on any of you.

I just want to be free. My dream is to travel and maybe start a food show. Have sex. But most of all I don't want to worry about my future. What my parents think of me, what I'm gonna do with my life. If I made even $100 a day in the future from my Links. I'll consider myself successful. Hell even $50 makes me eligble for indefinite travel. I really only need link to hit $20-30 with 10% annual returns for me to experience true neet nirvana.