Stockbroker/Financial Advisor AMA Pt 3

Feel free to ask questions outside of crypto as well. I am here to help. Crypto became my hobby at the right time during the summer boom around late July I put 30k into the markets to play around and turned it into almost a million before this huge crash. I have posted proof of my licenses (series 7/63/65) and my holdings. No fraud check me out on twitter @welambonow. I will answer questions if anyone has any.
PT 1

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What do you think about RLC?

good price to get into WAN

What is the bottom for BTC in your opinion?
I want to buy at 6k.

I know you are big on supply chain coins, but could you go a little deeper into AMB and what your more detailed analysis on it. There has been a shit ton of fud surrounding it but supply is low and that have high ambitions. I'm more curious on who in the market will be buying the product?

Good project. Horrible marketing. Would not touch WAN until the hype and dust settle. It will trade at insane prices when it first hits binance. You are just asking to lose money to whales trying to day trade this when it first hits exchanges. Under no circumstance should you touch this coin in the first 10-15 minutes it is listed it will be anywhere from 10-100x the price it will settle down at. I do not think we drop that low. 6800 at lowest. At some point once BTC drops so low alts become too cheap and people purchase BTC to scoop up ridiculous cheap alts.

The 2 main concerns regarding AMB are is the coin even needed and can they even implement the technology/idea. One issue can be fixed aka the first one being the token has no real value/purpose the 2nd one is the real issue and only time will tell. Yes I am still very bullish overall on supply chain coins.

>I do not think we drop that low. 6800 at lowest. At some point once BTC drops so low alts become too cheap and people purchase BTC to scoop up ridiculous cheap alts.

I have actually not thought of this and this makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

What is your opinion on Bitcoin Cash?

Also, will ripple be around in 3 years?

Will Eth recover?

Not a fan of bcash or any of the bitcoin forks for that matter. Frankly BTC is old tech and plenty of far superior coins but it has name recognition and is the face of crypto. In the finance world it is called first mover advantage. When alts are finally not tied down to BTC we could see it crumble. Ripple the company will be around but the coin might not be. When people buy ripple they have no idea what they are really investing in. Yes once the full crackdown on all these money grab ICO's takes place. ETH was hammered buy all the sell pressure from shitcoin ICO's dumping

Which will win or which niches will each serve: eth vs eos?


Safest long term HODL?

Also, will dash ever do anything? No one ever talks about.

My money would certainly be on ETH to win out between those two. The people working on ETH project are some the brightest minds in the industry. Some real creeps associated with EOS. Also ETH has basically 95% of active working projects taking place on its network and huge corporate ties and money invested.

Not even close to the safest hold in crypto. That honor would go to Binance coin. Even when the markets are shit the money Binance is raking in is solid. When they eventually add margin trading which is the bread and butter for exchanges in the stock/etf world then it will crush. MEH. I would rather put my money into something with a smaller market cap and room to move.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by again. I asked you about GRAFT last night; I'd be curious to know if you've had a chance to look at it.

More generally, though, what do you think are some good principles to keep in mind when trying to accumulate coins? I have a good feeling about ENG and I might want to run a node in the future, so I would like to gather up a bunch of it in the next few months. Would you suggest doing a bunch of market buys at regular intervals? Or should I be setting up limit buys just below market each time? And if the latter, how far below? I have had a bit of bad luck with setting limit buys recently and seeing the price almost reach low enough before rocketing up. It seems a degree of market prediction is required. Just want to hear your thoughts on this subject.

If all the coins did what they say they will do, name your top 5 coins.

Why are you literally the only person in crypto who is super bullish on CMT? I looked into it while the connections seem legit and the 5miles app is an advantage for a real use case, they seem to be mismanaging it enormously. What are some project milestones to look forward to?

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That is a ton of questions. First no I have not looked into GRAFT there are hundred of new shitcoins coming into the market everyday it is hard to know about every single one. That being said I will look into it.

If you feel strongly about a project then trust your instinct and go balls deep before the masses realize its potential hence what I did with Cybermiles. No need to use market orders unless you are in a rush to accumulate and know big news is coming. Most of the trading done is by bots wash trading back and forth to create volume. Set a limit order and a bot will place a higher bid but just be patient it will most likely eventually get filled. Worst case scenario you are holding BTC and did not overpay. If the bots since that you are trying to accumulate in a hurry that will start auto moving the bids and raising the ask automatically trust me I know I have tried to buy a quarter of a million of coins on Binance and the bots adjust quickly. It is all about patience specially when trying to buy a large amount like I was. BNB NAS GTO CMT GAS you could also sub in one of the top supply chain coins. It really depends on what you trying to do and what your bankroll is. There is no "top 5 per say" some people may want to take more risk and try coins outside the top 200 vs some people who already think crypto is risky enough as it is and stick to the blue chips of the crypto world like ETH or NEO.

How we feeling about NULS with their public test net next week and mainnet coming up in May?

Haha it is a good thing I was able to accumulate cheap. I would rather be early than late after it has already made it's run. If you read the entire white paper and really study the linkedin profiles of each team member and spend hours and hours reading through the entire bitcoin talk forums and their telegram, reddit, medium, etc you will see why I am so bullish.

Hard working chinks in a tiny apartment turned into a office. Good luck to them. Personally they have too much competition for my taste and the cap is starting to get high. But I love platform coins so I would not advise against it.

Thanks for dealing with my ton of questions, haha. I appreciate your thoughts. I hadn't considered just how much of an effect bots would have on my own trading.

I don't believe in XRP... However it looks primed for another pump/really. Sat value is nearing ATL and TA is painting a nearly identical picture to the previous correction where 2 consecutive bear flags led to a massive bull flag before correcting again. Do you agree with buying ripple purely to flip?

Holding 35% in BNB right now and couldn't be comfier. Holding strongly and even climbing as we speak.

Have you had a look at Skycoin? Unbelievable transaction fast. I just can't get my head around the token price

Thanks BROker

What do you think about RKT, the exchange utility token for the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange? GBX looks like its going to be one of the earliest if not first (unsure) full regulated exchanges ideal for institutional money. They're also going to provide a suite of corporate/fund services which I think could be exciting given the requirement for proper custody of wallets/private keys for institutions (which seems to be one of the biggest barriers to entry at the moment). They're also moving the Gibraltar Stock Exchange onto the same platform which will incorporate RKT into transaction fees and payments for corporate services.

RKT currently has 30m mcap which feels like nothing especially when you look at the other big exchange tokens. Recent ICO price was 10c I believe (currently 12.8 or something).

I HAVE done all those things. My question wasn't why you're bullish on CMT, it was how come you seem to be the lone voice who is. And are there any upcoming dates to monitor?

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If you think we are due for a huge bull run then picking up some is not a bad idea. Normies and urban youths all love XRP. I personally only have owned it once and that was around 50 cents and was able to sell near all time high locally to people who I knew were begging to purchase it. Yep BNB is about as comfy as it gets. Yes I put it on my VIP groups top 10 power rankings as a pure speculation play. High risk high reward. NP

Are you expecting BNB to pump significantly leading up to the token burn? I'm really hoping they mention something regarding margin trading prior to influence the price. During last quarter's bull run the price went from $9-23 preburn. Obviously this time conditions are not favorable but is a 20-40% gain reasonable?

I am not going to pretend like I know everything about every single coin the crypto world. I do not know enough about this to comment sorry. I do not know why I am the only bullish person on it. I sent a few guys in the crypto world I respect like cryptocole information about it I am trying to get the word out but it just remains super overlooked. That should change real soon with testnet results at the end of the month and a new website. Hell the CEO met with trump any other coin would have tripled.

I put 200 grand into BNB at $9 last time which turned out to be my biggest play ever in crypto. I was about to be over a million + but CZ fucked up the burn announcement and the crypto world started to fall apart all around that exact date. Terrible chain of events. O well yes buying again before the burn is a smart strategy I doubt CZ will mess it up again this time.

Would CMT be a good crypto to "get a feel" for how the whole thing works?

no worries mate, appreciate your thoughts on all the other coins you've talked about. I'd suggest you look at it though! Might be a similar play to BNB.

not sure what that means but yes you could hold it short or long term and be fine either way.

I'm pretty hesitant about getting into crypto as heavy as this board. I'm just curious to see if it could be a semi-reliable way to increase capital in the short term though for other investments.

Well then go with CMT/BNB mix and call it a day. Check it in a few months and thank me later.

Will do. How much would you recommend investing in my first outing?

How much are you willing to risk?

No idea what your financial situation is like. Everyone's risk tolerance will be different based on their job/income, goals. time horizon, etc. That question is impossible to answer without additional information. If you would like you can dm me on my discord full details and I can help you out. The same goes to anyone else on 4 chan biz.

'bout tree fiddy

Buy low sell high always applies. If you want to get your feet wet buy the blue chip coins like BTC ETH etc and throw some playing money on low market cap coins. Crypto is unregulated and pure manipulation. Time has proven that buy and hold is usually the best course of action. You can make a killing day trading but the odds are heavily against you unless you know what you're doing. Know that everyone is still unsure if we'll see another bull run this year... Definitely a good time to get in but I would DCA your entry points. BTC, thus the entire market, could drop another 30% if things go even more to shit.

I could go up to $1000 and not care if I lose it all.

This is probably going to be a one off. CMT got my attention because of the CEO meeting with Trump. That's a better sign than any.

how low you think ETH can go? looking to load up

Good post. Then with that attitude try out the small caps I suggested. Haha it was pretty cool and random. Surprised no threads on 4 chan about a crypto ceo meeting with donald. $375-425

What’s the best way to go from btc to usd in your opinion?

Sell locally, use gambling sites, or withdraw via coinbase/gemini.

do you have any tips on swing trading in crypto?

Have inside knowledge..

But in all seriousness people trying to daytrade swingtrade without being an angel investor/insider are going to always be late to the party. Arbitrage is a better bet personally if you can find some deals on tiny exchanges with people randomly listing coins for way less than what they go for on the big 3.

what r some of these tiny exchanges sir

cryptopia, hitbtc, tidex, kucoin I tend to stay away from exchanges outside the top 100 because lord knows if you will ever see your money again. The top 4 I have made successful withdrawals from.

How many other brokers you know have entered crypto? How long do you think it will take for this market to become efficient, I'm geussing until until then a lot of millionaires can be made in this market.

A ton. Hell I meet uber drivers, concierges at hotels, urban youths, even waitresses that have all bought crypto. It is a myth that it is not mainstream. Hell Katy perry had her nails done with crypto logos.

Market will never be efficient until mass regulation and at that point the days of being able to make millions as a average joe will be long gone just like beating the stock market is nearly impossible and hedge fund managers performance has been beaten by monkeys throwing darts google it yourself. The wild west of crypto is what makes it so profitable and I preached to my VIP guys we have a limited time to make money before lots of rules and regs are in place.

Mainstream adopters only buy xrp and trx. I can imagine the ones who are in good projects now will get a huge payout once the market is regulated and institutions come in.

What do you think of the fact that a lot of companies are doing ico's now and instead of issuing shares are handing out tokens (e.g. AMB). I have not done my research yet on CMT or GTO, but i recall you liked then because they are run by existing businesses. What do you think the new profit/business model will be?

Is there a live link for discord?

Blocknet opinions please

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Can you give me an example of what should a good fundamental analysis report look like? How should it be structured and what topics should it cover?