This used to be one of the most promising projects on biz

I saw Ambrosus get shilled for months and was even the prime target of pump and dump group a few times. Now the trading volume is dead, the CEO is asking reddit for ideas, and two of their C-suite team members quit- CFO and CMO. I mean WTF happened??

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Thanks, just bought 100k.

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Nonstop AMB fud threads on biz lately is probably the best sign of an imminent moon I can think of.

Thanks user, just bought another 100k

It's not going to moon anytime soon but your welcome to fill up those bags all you like. We're just poking fun at you the same way we make fun of trx and fun fags.

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AMB is going to be the standard for pharmaceuticals and baby food and you dumb faggots are going to miss out like usual.

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AMB will be the new standard. Once one big company does it, it will snowball. Also, governments might subsidize it. If you don't think that food will be tracked from farm to plate in the future, you don't get it. We are moving to a new technological age.

Can you explain exactly how they will become the new standard? My hands are getting weak shaky

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>Nonstop AMB fud threads on biz lately is probably the best sign of an imminent moon I can think of.
really? what's your timeframe then? i'll screencap this comment and revisit it further down the line to test your predictiv powers.

nah, jking. amb is a great coin. just been continually decreading in price for absolutely no reason.

It's the same problem as Devery: they're good ideas, but with no proof of execution. People compare coins like this to Walton or VeChain and expect them to reach similar values but that just won't happen anytime soon, not because they're necessarily worse projects in terms of team or vision, but just in terms of execution. They haven't been doing this for long enough, it's still just an idea and some pilot projects.

Take VeChain. They've been in business since 2015, albeit doing projects for clients on private blockchains. When they launched their token in 2017, they already had a few years worth of work to show for it. Investors knew their money could be put in something reasonably secure (for crypto, anyway).

1. Go check out their dev team's experience. It is absolutely fucking STACKED. Most of their developers have at least a decade of experience in their chosen fields. Not to mention that Parity, THE name in blockchain development, led by a co-founder of ETH, is in a partnership with AMB.

2. They just put out an alpha, so we know they have a working product, it's not just vaporware.

3. Their token economics highly suggest a masternode model, which means that you have the chance to get yourself a masternode at a bargain. Remember when VEN exploded and people who bought in at .20c were looking at a stack of tokens that could produce enough THOR that would set them up for life? Yeah, that's what AMB might look like soon.

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I just increased my stack to 10k. You think this is enough for a masternode?

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I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with ambrosus, the price is doomed to be extremely low.

If this coin is so promising, why does it have the shittiest trade volume, and losing the most stats every time bitcoin decides to crash?

>They just put out an alpha, so we know they have a working product, it's not just vaporware.
no they dont have a working product. youre an idiot to think they do.

>mining an ERC-20

DAILY fucking reminder

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Modum beat you AMBros

I told you all modum is the best supply chain project

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AMBlets on suicide watch now that lost. Bleeding sats all day everyday

This shitcoin will NEVER ever ever ever go back up to 3400 sats


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Ive tried telling these delusional bag holders but they dont listen. Amb 0.14$ eom


>he doesn't know masternodes are only for (((selected partners)))
>he thinks he's going to earn money from his holdings
>the ceo seems like a massive douchebag


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Joke's on you, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about :^)

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Is this why link mooned? Smart Contracts has been doing business since '14. Oh wait...

Stop posting this ugly ass shit logo and coin every fucking damn day ffs

>he sold

Hahaha whatever you vechain shill.

I don’t own any of these shitcoins because no one is going to hand over any bodies supply chain to a bunch of grasping chinks or someone who wears their hat on backwards (amb)