Veeky Forums drugs thread. List you're day to day drugs that you take for work and/or trading...

Veeky Forums drugs thread. List you're day to day drugs that you take for work and/or trading. Also does anyone know any drugs to help destroy my sex drive to really make me not attracted to women anymore. I want to focus only on being productive and don't want my dick getting in the way.

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Smoke buds whenever I'm not working. Can't stand anything else though I'd like to try some psychedelics.
Heroin kills your sex drive but it also makes you a smack head so idk. Just watch porn and fap every day.

>>make me not attracted to women anymore

>>I want to focus only on being productive

every living being has 2 purposes:
1. survive
2. reproduce

That's it. That's why you want money. So you will be desirable, so you can attract the best DNA specimen to merge with your own.

That's the point.


That's what I do. I beat off like 3 times before I even leave the house. It usually helps me throughout the day to not be crazy over women, but I also work at a gym and have women coming through non stop and it makes it hard to resist, so I have to wank the second I get home. For some reason I've found that when Im in a relationship it usually lowers my sex drive.

I still do hope of getting a family later on with an amazing wife, but right now I'm just focused on making the money so I can provide for that amazing wife in the future

40mg of tramadol once per month to kickstart a positive loop
one to two 30 minute faps a day to stop dick from getting in the way
long-term relationship with long-distance girlfriend so we meet two weeks every trimester and fuck like rabbits to get the urge to breed away

Stop thinking like this immediately or you will get cucked.

Alcohol on the weekends and cocaine everyday

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Ok the family part I'm not sure about. But wanting to spoil my wife? I've had the most fun in all my relationships by spoiling my girls, not always with money but just with fun activities. Sex honestly sucks but I'm addicted to porn and masturbating which I'm trying to stop


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How much does it help you? I heard it's okay for improving focus.

Look at that belly jiggle lmao 2/10 stacey hit the treadmill

only drug worthwhile is dmt

I used to take it in school and it helped a ton, only downside I didn't like was how hard it was to eat when on it, and would occasionally get super depressed when off it. kinda helps with removing sex drive, you're still attracted to females but it makes it impossible to get a boner.


It's pretty much the ultimate medication for trading. Full focus, alert, constant need for new stimuli (can easily check 3 screens while trading), I take 60mg a day , 15mg every few hours

100mg modafinil in the morning, another 100mg around lunch. Typical pill is 200mg and costs ~2-4 AUD so pretty cheap. Keeps me awake and very focussed. I don't take it every day because you do build up a tolerance with frequent use.

Are you on it 24/7 then? I would take 25 mg just once a day only in the morning

Pretty much. I have adhd, it keeps my appetite low, energy high, and I don't feel tired all the time. 15 mg every few hours keeps a good constant dose in my bloodstream

I haven't tried modafinil yet but have wanted to get on it for a while? How easy is it to build a tolerance, am I fine to just take it week days?

Its worth experimenting with a bit, I don't like to have it more than 2-3x a week mainly because I don't want to become reliant on it. The mate of mine who got me into it got to the stage where if he had to do any study/work he'd take it (psychological dependence). Being that dependent on a drug makes me a bit uneasy so I don't go overboard. It also makes all nightering a breeze if thats something you ever need to do.Main advice I give to people is eat something before taking it, because it reks your appetite. Also your piss will smell funny lol

how does taking amphetamine help with adhd? not trying to be a dick, i think i might have mild adhd myself but there's no way i could get a prescription here in the uk at my age.

>40mg once per month
i do 600mg of tramadol every day. Am i fucked?

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Source plz, she looks so cuddly

>(The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.)

Where do you get this shit in AU

Are you me haha...

Armodafinil, tramadol, Ritalin, propranolol master race. Erryday


If you have dependence problems with other stims you can suggest to a psych modafinil as a method of weening off more harmful substances. Otherwise you can order it online, it's not illegal to import (yet)

>but it makes it impossible to get a boner.
not really my experience with it most of the time. i think it's only hindered erections in relatively high doses, otherwise it improves longevity and orgasms

redpill me on propanolol pls user, it's the first time i hear about it

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who is gril


What website ships to australia? I havent been able to find oen FUCK

Propranolol stops you being an autist in social situations. It kills physical symptoms of uncontrollable anxiety. Comedians/performers use it to keep calm in front of large crowds. It's not like Valium or Xanax, no recreational use. Just mutes anxiety feelings and reactions from your body. I use it at work before meetings etc, no longer sweat or shake. Kills the soul, v good with armodafinil. I buy it on clearnet with no script.

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Joey fisher, guys

>addicted to porn and masturbating which I'm trying to stop
There's your problem. Just stop for 2 weeks and you'll be able to focus
You don't need to reduce anything
You need discipline first

yes, you're beyond fucked

On the daily, usually weed throughout the day and a few beers and some kratom at night. Also take adderall before class and I smoke cigs when I get to feeling pretty right usually at the end of the night

30 - 40 mg adderall daily. it's the only way i can get myself through the workday. lower to no dose on weekends and when travelling for pleasure.
10 mg ambien nightly. also fun for winding down. lots of good times with this one.
i just stopped taking welbutrin for depression. that shit fucked my brain up in subtle yet menacing ways. i'd rather be depressed lol.

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modafinilcat used to, if you check the nootropics subreddit you'll probably see a few names


How did wellbutrin cause problems to you and how would you compare it to addy? I have mixed symptoms of ADHD-pi and minor depression and I was wondering if wellbutrin would be a more "gentle" solution than actual stimulants. Sounds like it changes your brain a lot more than it should though?

40mg? I thought they came in only 50mg....

It actually did ease my depression after a few weeks. But then I started noticing random ass side effects; random songs stuck in my head and loop repetitively to the point of feeling like i was losing control of my mind. anxiety went up. body twitches/spasms throughout the day when sitting still. crazy writer's block and brain fog. and worst of all, it exacerbated a mild speech impediment i have which i normally can keep under control. seems like its effective for most people though; just not for me i guess.

200+ mcg Triptorelin for chemical castration.

My kinda guy! Thailand?

You know your cock isn't the only one going inside your misso

even better, France social security

Do you ever get brain zaps?

actually the most used ones are 37.5mg, i think its the ones he take.

But those are the ultracet with acetaminophen. Fuck that. You can't take 12 of those

i don't think, each time i got warning from anons about seizures but i never experienced it yet strangelly. At worst i get super sleepy and do weird squeaking with my teeth like with cocaine

yes exactly, they are 37.5/150mg acetam and no you can't take 12 of thoses unless you want to seppuku your kidneys.
I've a very painful degenerative disease of the spine called bamboo spine so i got all kind of painkillers, i'm actually taking 150mg tramadol pills 4 times a day + nabucox 1000mg + Anti TNF (tumor necrosis factor) simponi 100mg + plenty of random shit to try to get my body to not collapse like pantoprazole 40mg etc... Was on actiskenan 30mg before this, but i was liking this a lil too much so they stopped =(

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Bupropion once a day, adderall before difficult exams

Ohhhhh shit. This is what I found around:

"Tramadol dosing information

Usual Adult Dose for Pain:

Adults (17 years or older): 50 to 100 mg orally every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain
-For patients not requiring rapid onset of analgesic effect: Initial dose: 25 mg orally once a day; titrate in 25 mg increments every 3 days to reach a dose of 25 mg four times a day; thereafter increase by 50 mg as tolerated every 3 days
Maximum dose: 400 mg per day"

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if you live by the pill you have to die by the pill user, **anyway my life is shit, the sooner, the better.**

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Don't you guys worry about taking all this shit daily just to function?

wobble wobble

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But how can you even function man? You are overdosing daily
Everything works normally? In what bubble are you living

you build up tolerance with time, like with everything. You wont be able to tell if i were in front of you. Just sometimes i get super sleepy all of a sudden and my eyes are looking like cock's slots kek.