crashes a booming economy

> crashes a booming economy

our president guys

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>is the reason for the booming economy

>crashes it anyways

He has started the boom, therefore he is allowed to crash it too

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

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How has it crashed you fucking dope? The stock market has pulled back a bit on the trade war FUD, but in case you haven't been paying attention it's more of the same.

>Trump puts out a provocative tweet
>Everyone shits the bed
>Oh gees Trumps really done it this time!
>Find out issue is not as severe as everyone anticipated and Trump is willing to make concessions
>Deal happens

You clearly haven't been paying attention you dope.

If you are this econimically illiterate you shouldn't be on this board. No wonder everyone is bleeding cash.

>economy is booming

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>takes presidency
>dow immediately shoots up
He caused it to go up but he did not cause it to go down.

How new are you to not know what a market correction is after a bull run?

> misunderstanding stock market growth and corporate profits benefiting less than 10% of society disproportionately as booming while industry collapse, low income wage stagnation, and job insecurity plague the majority of society - is what he recognized and promised to change - is why he was elected - is willing to disrupt short term bottom line incentive driven market for domestic labor middle class protection - is correct, inequality has gone too far and reached breaking point

>stock market
pick one

When the DOW goes back to 16,000, then we can talk Obamadrone.

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this, the markets have been booming since the gfc crash but almost nothing has filtered down to regular folk

>he is only responsible for all the good things not the bad
nice logic

>What are unemployment rates?
Springs coming snowflakes, better find some shade....

Inb4 "muh /pol/fag"

What do you mean what are unemployment rates?
Employment rates are doing well in the US but don't reflect the number of people chowing to leave workforce.
And employment rates are less important than the quality of the job.
The question may be philosophical if you believe having a gig-economy and wal mart minimum wage labor force that has no mobility or security but can afford cheap imported goods produced internationally is a better outcome than medium industry prodction jobs with security and rising wages but cost of consumer goods is higher, than we are in the right track

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jesus those traps

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>Crashes stock market
>Normies invest in Crypto and Gold instead

Sounds like a win to me guys.

>greenspan in for like a million years

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>Interest rates go up
>Stock market goes down
Fucking Trump is going to kill us all! Bring back Obama!

Yeah right. Back to Reddiit you go.
Didn’t see you complaining about obama raising the national debt from 8trillion to 16 trillion lol

>Be Emperor Trump
>Remember how shitty millenials treated me and how stupid they are
>Start to boom economy
>millenials hop onto the train because they think they can make easy money
>crash it again
>Millenial/Leftists poorer

Emperor Trump always know what to do

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>the President controls the economy
WHY are there so many retards on here? I can't even explain it.

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>doesn't understand frictional unemployment
>people are content with being paid less than they deserve for jobs they aren't supposed to be working

>thinks the economy isn't a teetering ponzi scheme propped up by the banks with spit and baling wire.
>blames Trump for trying to keep it balanced while both political parties compete to see who can spend the fastest before it comes tumbling down

Literally nothing changed between the 08 crash and now except for tacking 15trillion onto the national debt to artificially keep the dollar afloat. When the next crash comes, you're gonna be looking back on 08 with fond memories of a time when you could still afford food.

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>muh tariffs

Good. Trump's the man!

>the president has anything to do with the economy
Shit tier logic. Anyone claiming he has had any effect on it at all is a faggot. Positive or negative.

This, Sheev for president!
SHEEV 2024

>booming economy
>average pe is at 30
>QE has been all over the place in the last decade

what dis he mean by this?

>awful hair
Trump being the president of the USA just seems so appropriate.

he's not my president

No correction = no large % gains.

>The stockmarket is the economy.

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The stock market has been in a bubble for years

our? do you think im a subhuman burger?

More like
>maket crashes
>normies pull out of all stocks because they need to pay their bills

>He think (((they))) will let him keep his gold/fantasy coins
The FUD on gold/crypto is reaching Tolkien levels as china buys them up.

it is though user


>10% of society
Don't most people have 401ks that depend on market growth?

>debt of 14 digits

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Jew-funded Antifa super traders are probably crashing the market to make Trump look bad

>durr stock market is up therefore economy is booming

>caused a booming economy
>is not a shit cunt

European stock indices are already down 1-2% today. It will get interesting when mutts wake up.

booming ? yeah, soon will be going boom this hyper-inflated bubble.

>import tariffs have no effect on the economy

>dow shoots up immediately after he takes presidency
>multiple companies move back to the USA as soon as tax cuts are released

>It was obama


And yes, he is to blame for the slowdown right now, mainly thanks to his trade war which started just went the market was slowing down after a year long bullrun.

And nothing ever will.

>tax cuts have no effect
>tariffs have no effect
>the actions of a body that control trade, rates and the policy of the biggest market in the world have no effect on the economy

Are you literally retarded? jesus christ... Please refrain from posting.

>a booming economy

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>Lets keep interest rates low and borrow money forever
All you have to do is to elect First "insert race/gender" president so that federal reserve has to keep interest rates down in order to prop up the progressive president!

What could possibly go wrong?

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He is applying his negociation methods at the scale of geopolitics.
It's always the same fucking thing, you have to be deeply retarded to not see the pattern.

The only thing that's booming in US is debt

That's how our system works. Debt is creating more money which is needed to keep this shit circle up.

>a booming economy for the mega-rich

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8 to 16 trillion? Nigga he took the debt from 9 to 19 trillion from when he was sworn in and left.

why do you faggots never seem to remember it was W who sank us into debt, signed the first TARP and Obama signed the 2nd TARP when he walked into the door - Obama spent the rest of his time trying to cleanup the last Republican's mess, which will be the same case with the next Democrat.

Its like now - Trumps tax bill will explode the deficit, Democrat comes in and you faggots will totally forget it was the Republican's blowing up our debt

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The saddest part about this is that people actually believe this, you'll be fucked forever if base your decision on this.
>Obama spent the rest of his time trying to cleanup the last Republican's mess
By doing what? Borrow money, dump it on people through welfare, give it to companies so that they can buy their own stocks, open borders so that you get more consumers? Adding regulations that strangulate the private market?

If your entire economy hinges on 0% interest rates forever then you'll always be fucked.

What did king nigger even spend that money on? Just throw it away on teat suckling companies, retiring boomers who "payed into da system", and inner city coons?

Pretty much, unfortunately it appears that the republicans have no intentions of ending this folly. How some of these republicans can even look at themselves in the mirror after the omnibus, obamacare, and other spending bill failures is beyond me. Even so, the worst republicans are still better than any democrat so I guess it could be worse.

He fed the banks to keep the dollar afloat and gibs to the poor to keep his cronies in office. Zero for the middle class, which is what a healthy economy relies on. Actually, he charged them more with Obamacare and other shit programs like Cash For Clunkers, which decimated the used car market, thus costing my brother 3x what I paid for my first car.

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This is truth right here. We’re due for one now too

>Bothers writing a pro politician post
Heh, silence. Answer his rebuttal, I've already assumed the laughing position.