So biz, If the meme chart is right we should all be getting our shorts lines up, are you prepared?

So biz, If the meme chart is right we should all be getting our shorts lines up, are you prepared?

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you guys think dow jones gonna fall below 20k points?

Today is going to be very critical because if downward momentum persists in the US session, many larger funds will probably start to call it quits, and begin dumping.

A lot of margined long positions will also be getting close to reaching their critical points if things drop much further.

But, a lot of people will now also be piling in with short positions. If there is a rally you're going to see a lot of short stops getting hit, along with short covering. And that could give a vicious upward spike.

we dont enter a bear market until the macd crosses on the MONTHLY
it goes sideways, buy the dip

>The next 24 hours are going to be CRITICAL for boomer stocks


The little kiddies don't know what bear and bull really mean, they just like to sputter it like the retarded parrots with tourettes that they are, so they can pretend to be big swinging dick traders.

Nope. This will recover by Monday, like always. They're just FOMOing because of Facebook, the game Trump is playing with China, and the Fed's announcement.

I'll be honest, the market shit the bed today, and it will probably shart more tomorrow, but this is momentary - the economy itself is fine, this is just typical herd mentality from the market, and the trading bots doubling down on the mini-panic. This is a buy opportunity.
Best case, we get more moderate, controlled growth moving forward, not the bubblicious boom we had last year.
Worst case, it languishes where it is sideways for a while.
I don't think there's enough bad in the system right now to cause it to drop that much. Most of the pain happened today. There will be more tomorrow, from the Nikkei. The market would have to drop more than 10% to hit below 20k, and there simply isn't anything happening that would cause that.
Granted, crashes happen. But the FUD simply isn't coming from the experts, they're all cautiously indicating the worst is over, for now.

What the fuck are you babbling about. You're just using a bunch of cheap phrases to say "if it down, longers will get rekt, and if it goes up, shorters get rekt". You're a fucking retard, and don't know shit about shit. Let me guess, you've been stuttering "Bears rekt" in the Bitmex chat for a couple of weeks, so you think you're Warren fucking Buffett now, right?

wasn't me in the bitmex chat, I am warren buffet though

>the economy is fine
Oh god, actually swallowing the narrative fed to you by MSM. Productivity just barely rose above 2008 and everybody's in debt. But it's going great, party on.

The question is not 'if' but 'when'.

I Read somewhere 1.3 trillion spending Bill Passes
Strap in boys

I know right, the narrative is the exact opposite to the one given to crypto somehow. Why are they not calling the 10 year bubble to explode everyday in addition to multiple articles everywhere warming people about the parabolic run fuelled by the derivatives scams in addition to central bank trickery just like they do which bitcoin?
Enlighten me please.

Oh, oh, almost missed this gem
>I don’t think there’s enough bad in the system right now
>Gov employee
>paid shill
Pic one

Typos from phone.

At first I looked at it and thought this was one of those "let's pretend it's the past" threads with Bitcoin from the beginning of the year
Get ready for the pop, I've had these visions before

Oh, and by the way, remember how the GFC started? Well, this time the trigger will be a bit more significant, Deutsche Bank.
Anyway, it’s a matter of time. Some say Dragi will manage to hold it back until he leaves in 2019. Not long to go.

Get ready.

Goes down %10 and boomers panic. Cant wait for the crash to finally happen its due time. The age of the dinosaurs is almost over

Yeah, the “experts” (con artists) the other OP refers to have the FUCKING AUDACITY to call Bitcoin a scam. Their fate is coming soon and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Yeah there are trading gaps till 2200 on the S&P

Jokes on you I have a short oppened since last friday.

It's gonna fall all the way to 17-16k, maybe lower if the credit bubble pops. Also the chinese stock market is already crashing, we very well may be on the verge of the actual collapse.