I just shorted bitcoin

with 50x leverage at 8385.8

what do you think about dat?

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I will update this thread when whales spike it to stop hunt you.

the time for that was 9k

I think you're a fucking retard who got lucky and made a couple of bucks on crypto, and are going to lose it at the Bitmex craps table, like all the other desperate losers who think they're day traders now.
The only way you could be worse is if you bought bitcoin with cash within the last two months, to throw away on Bitmex.

Have fun getting liquidated at 10K.

I think I would close it with as soon as It got to 8300ish probably looking At a bounce soon

You are a pig

Currently trading at $8,449.41, nice trade man you fucking chump. Here's a tip don't post your trades before or during. In fact don't post them at all, all the rich people I know don't talk about their wealth or feel the need to share their business decisions. As you get stopped out, just take that in to consideration as an important life lesson.

make a sc when u get liquidated and post is here

I hope you lose your house you fucking scab.

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I think you are most likely liquidated by now

well done friend
we will both be liquidated by sunrise

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>not realizing you've been mindgamed by whale OP who actually opened a 100x long and can now retire

Odd because I bought in at 8400.
I did so primarily because the volume indicates that we will be back above 9k soon.

OP here.

Unironically went long about 45 seconds before I opened this thread. I just wanted to see if Biz was salty I went short to judge opposite market sentiment (as Biz is always wrong). Biz is salty I went short, which means they think it will go up, which means it is actually going to go down and i need to close my long now, thanks Biz data



dumb as fuck senpai. u took the do the opposite meme too far. only good for low caps. not the king


Congratz being liquidated

Pump it

biz is permabull, they will always be salty if you go short

and you got liquidited

why the fuck would you do it now and not literally a day ago when it was 9200

shortie op got licked


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aren't you almost rekt by now?

he got already liquidated.

Next time this hits 9k is the critical point. If it breaks above, we might be ok, otherwise it's down to 6-7k territory.

Can we have a moment of silence for this man. For had he shorted exactly at 5400 he would be in 40% profit. Let’s close our eyes and bow our heads

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>>THE NEXT (current time) is CRITICAL FOR BTC

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Lmao rip

nice liquidation newfriend

How do you know? Was it on Twitter?

>50x leverage

you are a fucking retard LMAO

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thanks for the pump

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OP, you are going to be ending up shorting your life too with this kind of risky behaviour. Call your mother, she misses you.