Crypto Illuminati Exposed

Let’s observe simple facts.

Anyone who liked EOS before John Oliver’s FUD was BTFO is officially in the Crypto Illuminati.

Anyone who fuds EOS now is confirmed to qualify for special olympics.

Anyone who still doubts EOS is a certified major league brainlet.

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I unironically fud EOS on Veeky Forums because I want it to be $4 just one more time

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It will be $4 again. Then $0.04. It’s an ERC20 token and there’s no testnet. The only coins that will moon are EOS and STORM and that’s only because people fell for the mainnet in June scam. Tell those idiots to build a test net first.

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Dumbass spotted

The only thing you’re right about is STORM also mooning soon. Everything else you said is completely retarded.

>Making the decentralized model to scale is too difficult, let's use these servers instead.
Wow, such innovation

It’s going on Bittrex soon (storm)

I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with EOS, the price is doomed to be extremely low.

AWS is cheaper and better for their target market
5% inflation means its a terrible investment
10k tps means the blockchain will grow to 54 TB within a year,
meaning only a very few select nodes will be able to handle the growth (certainly less than 1000, lucky to get 100 really)

and looking at larimer's history:
>bitshares doesn't work, abandoned it, no one uses it
>steem's income model is structured EXACTLY like bitconnects, can't cash out for 2 years

>scammy year long distribution with little progress made
>community has zero organic growth, little to no interest on Veeky Forums & reddit
Look at all the red flags together, if you can't see it, you deserve to lose your money.

Why do these fags need $1 Billion for what essentially is one dude coding it all by himself?

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>It will be $4 again
Jeez, I hope so. I missed the opportunity to buy due to a shortage of cash.

Holy fuck there is a public testnet, not even a private one

Dude you are a faggot and you got shot down last thread. All of this FUD was provably fake.

Being a lying faggot is bad for you and everyone.

>>bitshares doesn't work, abandoned it, no one uses it
Are you retarded? Bitshares assets work very well, and chinks love them.

Don't bother it's all fake shitposting, he can't respond to people when they actually point out the flaws in what he says.

He also came out as a nationalist low iq fuck last thread

because you never address any of my points.
you just call me a liar.

I tried bitshares, the website doesn't even load. it just has a loading bar.

If it's so great why does everyone use binance instead?

bitshares work dude, you're probably doing something retarded
but the guys you replied to are sad shills nonetheless, the only volume on bitshares is trading against the canadian dollar for some reason ("chinks love it"? who's /pol/ now...)

OpenLedger doesn't work in Private Mode, just like most nano wallets

ah that's it. still tho, my point remains, no one uses bitshares.
$2 million in volume, that's like 100 chinks

>("chinks love it"? who's /pol/ now...)
But that's not wrong. What's this?

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>community has zero organic growth, little to no interest on Veeky Forums & reddit
This is the real fud imo, and I like EOS. Why the fuck is the community so small, and so retarded?

For example, go to the EOS subreddit - it might be the dumbest subreddit that I've been to, and the average IQ of that website is real low to begin with.

Also I don't mean community size like numbers on a telegram channel, I mean an engaged, *intelligent* group of people that understand the code, governance, etc and religiously want it to succeed. Eth had that in 2014. Really most projects have it somewhat.

It seems as though people shill EOS, but they don't proselytize, if you understand the difference.
This has always bothered me about the project.

>90 something nodes (21 producers) vs a couple of mining farms

Choose wisely.

Because the EOS subreddit isn’t a controlled psyop like the the bitcoin subreddit is controlled by blockstream and the cardano subreddit is controlled by the cardano team.

At least the EOS community is actually a community initiative that isn’t policed and censored for marketing.

won't argue that part, but mining farms aren't centralized.
The size of a pool can change instantaneously if the miners decide the pool is working against bitcoins interest.
once a pool got 51% and it collapsed pretty fast once people realized how big it was.

>10k tps means the blockchain will grow to 54 TB within a year
I didn't know "transaction" was a memory unit, that the network is forced to do such speed constantly, that it will be doing so from first day, and that you are such a faggot

>5% inflation means its a terrible investment
Everything can be voted. If 5% is too much for the price and network evolution, it can be changed. The same with the amount of nodes.

>AWS is cheaper and better for their target market
Does AWS run dapps and ICOs?

>that it will be doing so from first day
no, but i'm looking for all failure scenarios. Bitcoin refused to fix their problem, so what happened? no one uses it anymore, and its just a perpetual pnd "store of value" scheme.
EOS can't fill that role, btc already does, what will EOS do?

ETH can run dapps and icos...
what's better about EOS? txs? ETH's only limited by the gas limit, which is in place to prevent blockchain expansion, just like BTC's block size limit.

ETH has gas fees, EOS has inflation to pay the bills.
anyone really should prefer the usage be billed to the customer, not the entire userbase.

but rlly what does a dapp server provide that a traditional stack doesn't?

EOS tries to accomplish an economic platform, kind of real state on the cloud. Check The Awakenment, and EOS GO (very biased) videos on youtube for more details.

i don't mean to be a complete killjoy, but i like shredding ideas... and there's not many people to bounce ideas off of.
thanks for discussion thou.

I'm pretty sure these nodes act as a "pool" as well.