Come back home after a long day of cryptotrading

>come back home after a long day of cryptotrading
>see this
Wat do

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>take medication because I see stuff again

Fuck, I've died and went to heaven.

Veeky Forums meatup

>leaving home
>crypto trading

choose one

Commence the raping

Me on the left, drinking tea.

Me on the left enjoying some tea.

Me with the cat

me standing in the back


ive died and went to heaven

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call the police and tell them a bunch of kids have broken into my house

Get comfy. They will handle the rest.

Who realistically could they be looking at?

Who is the person behind the camera that is being adored by all these similar-aged young girls?

Could it be their father? if so what kind of household does he run to have so many similar aged yet different looking daughters? that would imply the man behind the camera had sex and repeatedly impregnated at least ten very good looking women around 8 years ago, and has had the means to support all his children for that long in what looks a fairly nice house and food and clothing.

How did he become so wealthy? and how did he structure his life to get away with such polygamy?

Does this picture imply that this is a society where social order has broken down? perhaps most of the men in this world died for some reason, a great war? but that doesn't match up with the girls having such clean nice new pajamas - would require at least large scale textile manufacturing to still be functioning in this society - which implies there was not a massive war.

Its truly is a mystery.

Anyone have an insight on this?

Their kidnapper

It's a green man with a question mark for a face, their husband.

Why do they adore him so?

Did he build up a relationship with each of them by giving them candies? saving them from some danger? where are their parents in all this?

Are they all drugged? the don't look it

Produsa. They are hoping it will be their turn to show him how much they want their own single.

fuck the lizard

I imagine they are friends celebrating someone's birthday with a sleepover party and they are posing for a picture or greeting said birthday girl/boy

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stockholm syndrome

>can you guys get the fuck out of my room? =O=

This. Stupid pedo perverts always see stuff.

Me in the middle looking annoyed.

i'd fug the lizard

either a sleepover or a summer camp

Trade them for more stinky linky.