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that no one on this board cares is a bullish sign imo

agreed. no one cared about bluzelle and i sold for like 7x in ETH.

Who here wew lad?

4400 here


This is a gem of a coin
Holding 10k of these

40k ez

I have to take a giant test tomorrow and can't watch the price. What should I set my buy order for in sats?

Still Pretty cheap on etherdelta.


lol people paying 2.6$ for worthless tokens

Dont buy on etherdelta
Those are ERC20 wancoin which are now invalid as the token swap is complete
Better put ur money in the gutter rather than buying on ed

people fomo'ed at $9 at token.. now they lost about 60% in few hours.

they will never learn..

fomo'ed in a bullshit coin

Volume has dried up and it has no support, they're going to lose even more. Waiting for sub $2 to buy in.

>nd it h
agreed. so many people thinking it will moon to $10 in a day. not gonna happen. zilliqa tanked from 19 cents to 4 cents over 2 weeks

The amount of FUD on this board actually gives more confidence. Well i’m atleast done with accumulating, have set a two 1 btc orders on 35 and 25k sats in case it does drop however.

Zilliqa is an ERC20 shitcoin with mainnet in Q3.
Wanchain is on mainnet and has ICOs in April, yet the marketcap is barely above zilliqa's.

>has ICOs in April
Citation needed. They're just talking about them, it'll be months before they become anything concrete.

Please user, shill me on this. I don't understand why it has so much hype.

Go on their website.
Whitepape, Yellowpaper, Mainnet, all contributors are public, private and public transactions, smart contracts

3 confirmed ICOs starting around April - literally on the first thread on their reddit

Ok ok I get it, it's good, it'll rise something. But I don't get why it's SO good. What makes wanchain an outlier, as some people have said?

Confirmed larper, there's nothing.

Literally nothing. Don't get me wrong it has a future, but it's certainly not better than ICX for example.


Then why is people so hyped about it?

Really, sometimes I don't understand people. That's why I like trading kek. No interactions involved.

You're obviously lying, like I said originally there is just an announcement about an announcement. Ordinary.

They bought in high and are trying to make people FOMO in to dump their bags, it's standard practice. Don't fall for it.

>only 6k wan

i was so close

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Because ROI retard. It doesn't have to better product. If you got in ICO you can get 20-50x without WAN reaching any meaningful market cap when you would barely get a 2x from Bitcoin going back to ATH.

>3 confirmed ICOs starting around April
6 mate
one is a stablecoin
not starting in april though. they will be announced in april. they'll probably start up over summer.

And it's dumping, like clockwork. Next stop $2.

I might buy at around a buck

210 million supply, trading at 4.25 on Binance. Is this really a 900 million dollar coin already?

Nevermind, it's dumping. Might look at it when it gets to a dollar.

Only 50% was sold during ICO so it's half of that, not counting the lost, stolen and non-redeemed tokens.