I'm sick to death of all the layers of FUD, shilling, counter-shilling, disinfo

I'm sick to death of all the layers of FUD, shilling, counter-shilling, disinfo.

Why does crypto operate like a demoralization war effort?

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Raw is war

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As long as people let their egos run their bodies, they will perceive each other as separate entities and thus conflict is inevitable.

Because it has the potential to disrupt traditional institutions, primarily governments. This is to be expected, they’re going to declare an all-out war on crypto eventually - and lose.

It literally is war, you're a soldier in a war with the banks, and the shills are the other side's soldiers. They also write most of the news articles you read and most of the movies you watch.

>this guy
News flash buddy, when one side has all the infrastructure that's the side that usually wins.

The lion doesn't care that the gazelle genes have made it beautiful, graceful, raised by a loving mother, or that the gazelle wants flex its muscles in running, leaping and playing.

The lion genes only get to live-on if they try any means necessary to destroy everything about the gazelle, all its past year, it's bones and pain, its hopes and dream - just so that the lion may consume those muscles and meat to fuel its own body for a few more days.

It's a cyber-jungle in here and the selfish crypto-memes want to eat.

Your mind is the battlefield, and you may not know it yet but Bitcoin Cash is King

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wowd me

The Modum bear fag is the worst of the worst. That guy seriously should kill himself.

Bcashies are the most deluded crypto cultists out there. Not even linkies come close.
Wtf is this pasta? Wtf?

Bitcoin Cash supporters are primarily concerned about the fundamentals: bitcoin’s value comes from its utility, and it will be most efficient if governed by the free market. Bitcoin Core supporters blindly follow a totalitarian central planning body and instead of talking about the fundamentals attack their competition with baseless smears and meaningless noise. I don’t expect you to see which will win as you are clearly an animal incapable of independent rational thought; like an ant or a bee your only biological function is obeying and doing your master’s bidding.

Lions don't have an incentive to hunt gazelles when they are fed though

You say corecucks want to centralize it while BCH plans to make the full nodes run only on industrial level servers. You might as well go with ripple at this point, there's no difference

No, everyone is going to act like your own personal thinktank and pick coins for you to buy, so you don't have to make an effort. What were you expecting?

>Why does crypto operate like a demoralization war effort?
crypto is a first decentralized ponzi bubble
every man for himself

because that is life, and that is the way of nature.
existence is defined by constant struggle, not just to survive, but to ascend, and thrive, and potentially transcend nature.

humans have evolved to climb hierarchies and conquer the unknown and the chaotic, and selection has turned to the meta selection of climbing hierarchies of hierarchies. from time immemorial we have been molded to focus on nothing but competition in this realm and as such have been refined to achieve staggering heights, but at the same time, have been cursed with the burned of having to compete, and in this competition comes both suffering and salvation, as the daoists and the Buddhists say, this is the way of the dao, the yin and yang, and as the ancient jewish sages say, the middle path.

the world is allied against you as strongly as possible with no purpose, and the only pressures in existence are those that push you forward in facing and conquering all that is stacked against you with the promise of the ultimate goal of existence if you shall succeed. The cosmic reward of fulfillment, which provides for the transcendence of the suffering inherent in this mortal realm. Fight this battle to your utmost, at all times, as that is what is required of you, as life happens in every moment, every instance, every interaction you experience. This puts immeasurable responsibility on your shoulders as it burdens you with every minute thing the occurs, but allows for equal transcendence if you accept this burden.

Now go forth, and fulfill your destiny, transcend, realize the ying and yang, the dao, the nature of this world and existence, and make proud you ancestors the evolutionary lineage that resulted in your existence. Do not spite them, but prove to them that you are deserving of the brief flash of lightning that is your existence and make the most of it.
thus speak all of the great sages, and so too do I, sage

BCH places no restrictions on who can own a node. If the network is allowed to scale, mining becomes more profitable attracting more competition and creating incentives for creating more efficient tech, which all enhances decentralization. That’s how the free market works and what statist leftist Core central planners fail to understand.


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Veeky Forums has been a constant stream of liquid SHIT for at least a year now

also you seem to have overlooked the irrelevant cuck threads and pictures of interracial couples featuring extremely attractive females posted solely to trigger people of the same ethnicity as the female.
This seems to be a new trend as the cuck fetishism was not so widespread here 6 months ago and while we're on the topic of widespread shitposting, the stinky linky threads, so help me God, if I see one more of those I am going to LOSE IT

We are in a year of contraction. Remember how GS said 99% of shitcoins will die? They were right. For a coin to moon, one or more shitcoins must bleed and some will die.

All the psychological warfare is bagholders desperately fighting over the last scraps of money left in crypto.

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but actually though,

also, it's sorta all philosophy if you explore it to enough depth. I blame it on finishing up a short philosophy paper in the middle of the night, but ehh, who cares what the cause is

Das right we’re al just one maaaaaaannnnnnn

notice me senpai

Zero-sum that is why.

Cause there is a lot of money involved