I just bought worth 3 btc of Datawallet

I just bought worth 3 btc of Datawallet .

DataWallet is backed by some seriously heavyweight supporters in the field – one of which being Tim Draper, which you may have heard from Tezos fame. Marc Benioff is also listed in their page as being an investor, with Marc himself being the CEO of the tech giant Salesforce. It’s these kind of connections that make me more bullish on DataWallet – an app like Salesforce could have plenty of use of the DataWallet solution, and possible future partnerships or communications between the two parties could certainly lead to some great things.

>use cases are really cool and so is design of the site


>already working MVP

>marketing is starting right now

>partnered with FintruX, SteemIt, Indorse and Fresh Digital + Kochava and more is coming ..

>new exchange listing end of this month
>cobinhood trading contest going on right now

>only 17m marketcap

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look that team

also tim draper mentioned datawallet at 1:12 of this youtube video


only 33.3% of tokens sold in token sales so yes team will hype this to moon

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and look that design, it looks so good

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mä uimasa ruotiläisesa hotelsissa

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no nyt on comfy kuva

hahaha lol ylishintti

>that ceo hairline



ps laita all in datawallet kohta raketoi

> marketing
> partnerships
> listings

Great, but when will it, you know, do something useful?

en vittu osta yhtään tota paskaa :D

well everything is ready at q4 2018 , roadmap ends by then

however now many things in discussions such a buyback program , look this is below -70% ico price now

if they do it , or even some kind of buyback directly from exchange, this moon really hard

mikset osta vitun mr havumäki?
all in

ostan mielummin jotain mikä ei ole täyttä paskaa.
more like retard wallet

miten niin täyttä paskaa vitun kehityskallu?
mutsis pillu on täyttä paskaa

Nice find user. Will put on the watch list

nah you haven't time to put it on "watch list" but ofc if you think so..

juurikin tollaset 11IQ hinttarit ostaa tällästä paskaa :D oletko mahdollisesti neekeri?

kerro miksi se on paskaa vitun pillu ?

kerro mitä hyvää siinä on? ei mitään ei vittu mitää!N!!!!! paskassakaan ei ole mitään hyvää paitsi jos on jokin paskafetissi onko sulla paskafetissi?

paras tokeni mitä on markkinoilla mitä siihen sanot, homo

pumppista. ei se pumppuhaulikko

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perustelusi on siis että niitä ei ole eikä tule :D:D:D:D vitun nekuru

this is this project in 1 picture. have fun with your shizzle you fannyboys

mitä vittua sä homo selität? trollaatko?

vittu sä oot homo :D ja neekeri. osta nyt vaa datawallettii äläkä itke vitun homo XDD

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perustele miksi tää shizzle on hyvä projekti?

onko nää...? :O

mikä vitun shizzle?? langan aiheena on Datawallet eikä mikään vitun shizzle?

mitä haluat datawallet projektista tarkalleenottaen tietää? sano mistä haluat tietää, käyttötarkoituksista, tulevaisuuden potentiaalista..?

mikä tekee tästä hyvän projektin? yksinkertaisesti mikä tekee tästä hyvän. mikä tekee tästä jotain muuta kuin kasan paskaa?

mitä sä tarkoitat nyt tällä mikä tekee tästä hyvän?

miksei aloituspostauksen syyt riitä kertomaan?
entäpä jos sä itsekin etsisit tietoa etkä hakis täältä jotain spoonfeedaajaa

Ive noticed that there is many "dump" groups for Datawallet. Can any1 come up with an explanation for that? Are they making it look like a meme coin from the outside (like it does, so it could be working) but once you actually research it, its pure diamond. So they are making it look like a pajeetcoin but actually its just a decent team working on a very potential hidden gem. Im going to put small position since im not that sure and I dont like to "gamble" that much. Ill wait for some news and stuff and buy from the dip more if it turns out to be what I think it is.

joo luin aloituksen. siinä sanotaan lyhennettynä "here is this piece of shit that nobody wants to buy ever, pls buy"

why would they need the token?

so why do you want to wait for this total shitfuck to dip? you are going to by the dip so you can sell when it dips more to 0.5m market cap? makes no sense son.

Why not?

What ??

I agree

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imetkö mun persereikää tunnin jos sanon että tää on "hyvä" projekti


juu mä voin ainakin ihan mielelläni

pumppista :DD

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advertise with a lambo
>hehe buy me coins lads

ahahahah oikeesti vittu mitä paskaaaaaa :D:D:::D:DD:D:D

sä ainaki oot homo

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ei se tee homoksi jos puhuu totta. oletko vittu neekeri?

Oletko itse? Mikä sun ongelma on

neekerit neekeröi. kenties itse olet neekeri?

i genuinely can't understand the mindset of someone who looks at a picture like this and not only still wants to invest, but thinks this is a bragging point worth showing in their shill thread
it sounds like propaganda has utterly annihilated your capacity for pattern recognition

Why you don't like Datawallet's team?
they are all-star

What about buying a worth of 3 btc on btc, you idiot?