Dero deroroh

I'll be here for the next hour or so to answer questions about this project. I want to give users on Veeky Forums knowledge about DERO so they can make an informed decision, but there's so much to discuss that I don't know where to start, so just ask questions and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

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When moon?

There are three possibilities for that:

Scenario #1: Whenever the hell a whale feels like it

This coin's marketcap is currently about $500,000. This is ONLY because it's on only one exchange, has ZERO advertising, and the devs have been expediently getting the technology ready. A whale could literally buy the entire sellbook for about $20,000 then increase/decrease the price of DERO to literally whatever he wants to. However, this scenario is highly unlikely because NO whales know about this coin and most won't give it a second glance because they won't spend 2 minutes doing extra research about it.

Scenario #2: Early April

On March 31st, the blockchain rewrite into Golang will be released. Prospective exchanges will be given the code to look at, and some prominent journalists are working behind the scenes. Depending on how it plays out with the market, there could be a bull run for this coin in early April, even with just the one exchange.

Scenario #3: Once DERO actually gets on a good exchange. If DERO gets on something to the level of Kucoin or COSS, it's a guaranteed 5x moon mission almost immediately.


who is behind this shit?

shitcoin, don't fall for this Veeky Forums

Your question needs to be more specific.

>one-line FUD response
>doesn't ask any questions

So, another monero clone?

Whats so special about it?

shitcoin with no team and stalled developed scooped up by a discord shill group

>it's a guaranteed 5x moon mission almost immediately.

so stupid, promising free money and expecting to be taken seriously

No. The code was rewritten into Golang. Alpha testing has already been made public before the main launch on March 31st. DERO started off as a fork of Monero and has been rewritten and reprogrammed into something more. The devs of DERO have done in 3 months what it takes most other projects 1-2 years to do, and they did it with 1/5th the usual dev size.

1. Low marketcap (around $500,000)
2. HIGHLY active dev team
3. Bitcointalk contest for free DERO
4. Twitter contest starting in a few days for free DERO
5. Reddit contest starting soon as well
6. Smart contracts will be starting testing soon
7. Contacts behind the curtain (journalists, exchanges, and some big companies) that have been holding back waiting for the Golang rewrite to see if the dev team is actually serious

The only reason this thing has been "stagnant" for three months is because the dev team has spent so much time rewriting the blockchain into Golang.

How many scam coins do you see out there that easily reach a $5M marketcap? We're talking about a coin that has been held back ON PURPOSE in order to let the dev team finish the rewrite. Now that the rewrite is basically done, NOTHING is going to stop this coin from taking off.

You forgot the 797 trillion coin premine, the sex affair, and the five million forks every 10 minutes ;^)

>its shit on purpose guys
>no really

a shill that gets upset when somebody points out he is a shill, isn't a very good shill
btw your 'mystery' posts in the past weeks were just as stupid and transparent as this garbage you are writing now

Again, a bunch of one-liners that don't mean anything not backed up by anything other than salty tears and butthurt. You haven't rejected any of my points because you CAN'T reject them. You just continue to throw out weak FUD in the hopes you can continue to mine as much as you can before this thing gets started in full force.


nothing you said is backed by anything either, you very dumb and whiny shill faggot
you don't get to argue from a position of legitimacy and authority, when you have neither

Isnt this a bad thing?

>DERO started off as a fork of Monero and has been rewritten and reprogrammed into something more.
a slow, buggy monero clone, in other words

Dumb, one-liner response that has been refuted several times now.

It's called sarcasm.

>provides link to Dero website

>provides link to alpha test of rewritten Golang code released less than 2 hours ago

>provides links proving DERO's marketcap

>provides links to Bitcointalk thread with over 100 pages and Bitcointalk thread with the Bitcointalk contest giveaway

>B-B-But links to websites don't prove anything!

Then literally 99% of every single crypto ever isn't "backed by anything." Your FUD will never harm this project anyone who does 5 minutes of research will learn the truth and ignore your dumb one-line bait responses.

Wallet is trash, when I was mining this, literally >50% of my hash power was wasted cause of the million forks occuring a day (not even FUDing unironically).

Who are the devs ?
Is anyone backing it ?

A GUI wallet is literally on their roadmap. They were busy working on the actual rewrite, and now that that is done, the wallet is their next project. The devs have stated the wallet is easy for them to make but were waiting for the Golang to be done first.

Let's say you are a former employee of Monero with over 10 years of experience in your field who decided to leave and start your own coin. If the Monero devs caught wind of what you were doing, how quickly do you think they'd try to shut you down before you got started?

The devs of DERO have explicitly stated that they want to go public. They have acknowledged that their project will fail if they continue to remain anonymous for too long. You can speak to them in the live chat all you want, but until you see their faces and credentials, it doesn't really mean much. They're waiting until their deals behind the scenes are solid, the blockchain gets fully released, and DERO is established on more exchanges. They are debating internally whether or not to reveal themselves during beta testing of the smart contracts or after the smart contracts are finished. They are also building their dev team up by paying out-of-pocket to hire more.

If this coin was a scam, you know what it would look like? It would look like XTCC: Tons of dev-created volume, no roadmap, FAKE dev team, promises of coin riches, etc. The DERO dev team is not promising ANYTHING will happen to the DERO coin. They're highly focused on finishing the blockchain, getting wallets out, working on smart contracts, getting advertising started, getting exchange listings starts, working with publishers, journalists, etc.

Saying "lel no dev team :^)" is an extremely easy one-liner to say to immediately FUD people, but for those who are smart and do their own research, they'll see what's really going on.

Based on the sloppy mess of a project, I'll wager that these devs are a bunch of fat beard neck mix of high school / university kids..


Yeah I sure got BTFO by your terrible one-liner ;^)

Alright, heading out now.