Stellar Partnership Announcement incoming

Lisa Nestor, Director of Partnerships, is speaking at the IMTC in Rio De Janeiro today.

Western Union sponsors lunch and is also attending. W..wait a minute!

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Yes, buy the cuckcoin

nice - just bought .4 of a Lumen

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HODL that 0.4, it will m00n!!!!!
1000x EOY

Honestly Stellar deserves to be in top 5.

>pump our coin so we can give it away for free

I like Stellar as a store of value, and for actual crypto payment. It's not a moon mission, but it's one of the few projects actually doing something that will see real world adoption.

Sorry pajeet

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It will be in top 3 with XRP and ETH by EoY

this fake FUD doesn't work anymore. nice try though.

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Firstly, it has to be said that that website and the wording they choose for the material they publish is severely lacking to say the least ("randos" comes to mind).

Secondly, given the date of that post that the screencap is from, I believe it refers to the first round of Lumen giveaways in 2017(e.g. to BTC holders).

If it isn't then it is in direct conflict with the mandate published on the same website.

I doubt this the case though. If they were announcing the end of all free Lumen distribution, they would be doing a 180 on the mandate the whole thing is built on.

Then there would be the question of what the hell happens with the massive supply of Lumens yet to be distributed.

In other words that quote is taken out of context and is unlikely to mean that Lumens distribution has been closed for good. The alternative is they can't keep their story straight, contradict themselves on their own website and regardless still have a massive supply that has not been distributed yet. Both scenarios are cause for concern.

the tuesday coffee is actually sponsored by Bitex

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That’s what I say to The giveaway is over.
And no one is dumb enough to believe that they will airdrop free tokens to random Africans anyway.

it was clever FUD that took advantage of outdated and unclear wording.

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damn, meant to reply to


How can a nonprofit's mandate become "out of date" within 4 years of it being founded?

What do you think is going to happen to the supply of undistributed Lumens?

>Honestly Stellar deserves to be in top 5.
It will be TOP 5 EOY

>What do you think is going to happen to the supply of undistributed Lumens?
It will be used by FairX and all the other projects built on the stellar network.
According to their model, if Bob wants to sell and asset to John, the transaction will be done using XLM. So if the stellar network is globally used, the billion of tokens will be used to run the network, and their price will increase with adoption.
It’s a long term bet though.

Im thinking about buying ripple or stellar during this dip and I'd like to hear you guys on this one - which one should i buy?

don't go for the soycoin, what would Ron Paul buy?

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Hear the creator of both coins. In an crypto ama he literally said that xrp is garbage compared to xlm. Just google it - it was a livestream 3 weeks ago which should be archived somewhere.

Stellar is aiming for - Remit. Western union, sure remit

>>What do you think is going to happen to the supply of undistributed Lumens?
They must reserve some for inflation distribution also duhhh

>>>What do you think is going to happen to the supply of undistributed Lumens?
>They must reserve some for inflation distribution also duhhh
Why people don't read the Whitepapers is beyond my imagination...
DOn't ask stopid qustions pajjet

Western Union is piloting XRP.

> (OP)
>Western Union is piloting XRP.
TEMPO is already using XLM for all their
money transfers IRL, XLM just works better then XRP just embrace it.

I threw spare change into XLM a few months back and still haven't touched it since, I lose basically nothing if it fails

>calls me a pajeet
>doesn't know what a rhetorical question is

Got in RMT at 0.03XLM, hope there are some news soon, it wasn't pumped even once yet so there is massive room for growth

>>doesn't know what a rhetorical question is
my bad XLM Bro, HODL tight

Split 50/50. Both will moon this year and be #1 and #2 market cap, just unclear which will jump first.

Go halfs on Both, once one moons the other is usually a week or 2 behind so move all into the other one, rinse and repeat. Make bank.