Mainnet date

ITT: Predictions for mainnet launch date backed with logic and/or plausible sources

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>logic and/or plausible sources

As the profit AssBlaster told us. Somewhere in May

Never cause vaporware and Sergey Spend all The $$$ dir Big Macs and hookers

LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA.

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"Request will use CL and the REQ mainnet is launching in April, therefore CL mainnet should be up by April"
>plausible sources
"Rory said that the team is ahead of their roadmap which states mainnet will launch Q3/Q4, so probably sometime in Q3"

You can use one, the other or both.

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>the year is 2022
>a single bitcoin is worth over $1M each
>chainlink has become a common household name
>no longer tied to bitcoin value
>this is because chainlink only worth less than $0.01 each coin

>pic related the average link holder

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No sooner than Q3

no later than Q2

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Checked, I nearly dropped my beer when I saw that it's volume on binance right now 6.93mm. I've never even looked at link once, I'm not sure what they do or whether it'll work but 6.93 mil in a day traded for an erc20 token from a two man team!?

Sergey looks about 21 but he's somehow replaced pink wojacks and has been endlessly memed since ico. I've been on here a while, it's honestly the weirdest shit I've ever seen.

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the last time link has this kind of sustained high volume was right after we hit our all time lows
link seems to be falling a bit relative to btc and straining against support levels, but if things settle out soon and follow what i think will happen there should be one more big opportunity to get in on a nice big but very short spike down and then hold steady and start to climb when we start to stabilize


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see this is the stuff I don't see having any significance unless you're a LINKlet trying to fill up your bags before the singularity. Really none of this stuff matters until mainnet is announced because that is when the partnerships are publicized and we have a clear runway to the bigger numbers ($10-$25-$50-$100). If you sell before this, you deserve what is coming to you. If you just heard about the project and were thus unable to buy at 27c (a couple of weeks ago?), my question would be how is that possible.

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AssBlaster !!MBPenmwX43G

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i don't really give a shit about any of this,
I loaded my bags when price was kinda high and don't want to add anymore to my stack
I'm sitting on 10k and will follow assblasters predictions. his predictions were moon shot to $50 then dump to $10, then moon to $150 or so
I plan on selling half at $40, the rest at $45 adn filling my bags back up below $15 and then starting to dump in portions once we break $100, however it is still hard to believe considering a 10k stack sold at $50, bought back at $10 and sold at $150 would net a $7.5 MM total figure
even if I play safe, sell at $40 and $45 buy back at $15 and sell at $100 that's still $2.83 million from what was an under $10k initial and a 10k link stack so I do still find it hard to accept and will until I start to see the actual figures

of course I have other investments that I think will get me some nice returns lined up but I really only need one to count

that's going to be a huge swing if you make it. I'm thinking of something similar, but with sums where I won't kick myself if it doesn't dump to the 10-15 range from the expected 40-50, but rather keeps climbing. This means I'll never completely sell my stack, but around that 40-50 range might sell a bit more than I need in order to facilitate that swing trade if AB turns out to be correct.

at $45 my 10k will be worth 450k which, while I'll still kick myself if it keeps going, would a still be a massive win especially from where I started.
it will be like remembering that time that I bought xlm at $0.03 and that time that I held 100k xlm for a brief period and would have peaked at $100k off of a sub 5k investment but instead hit closer to half that gambling on shitcoins
either way it's a win, and I doubt the $40+ figure so much already that if we hit it, I might as well take the gamble

in terms of only offloading portions, what I like to do is drop no more than 1/3rd of my current stack at a time
so if you have 9k, sell 3k on the first sell, then you have 6k, so the next sell will be 2k max, and so on so you can ride the wave up and also take profit

>in terms of only offloading portions, what I like to do is drop no more than 1/3rd of my current stack at a time
Yup, this is how I plan on doing it, except I will probably never sell more than 2/3 of my total stack, ever. I'm currently in the top250 wallets, so I will probably not sell more than 10% at once starting at around $10 and continuing from there.

Assblaster told us in Feb that Mar 20th was a huge date for CL. Same date that CL announced moving to Eth Test platform. Dude is an insider not just a larp. The announcement of the successful test by Swift on Mar 8th was huge as well. My opinion is this process is moving quickly and matter of weeks before the linkmarines are fricking giddy

There’s no way they would’ve released the code if they weren’t at least somewhat close to mainnet.

I think a lot of things are coming together behind the scenes. It would be epic if they dropped the launch next week to throw everyone off, but realistically I’d say Q2/early Q3

Do you think they have another privat repo where they work on other things
Or is github everything they got?

So he is insider. Think about his shilling. Of course he wants to shill a coin what he is holding. In the other hand there is no proof that chainlink would be revolutionariy. Assblasters price predictions is full of shit.

I hope its in April. My birthday is in April so that would be cool

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Your pajeet is showing

>CL still at 40 Ct

Don’t get too excited about volume. Lots of it comes from wash trading on shorty exchanges trying to seem legit. There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about link but that’s not one of them.
t. Diehard linkie who makes link OC and has literally printed a paper link cube

There was a leaker who said a week and a half ago we only had one more pay check to accumlate LINK. Then ropsten happens comes to come out a few days ago.

So I think the date is within next two weeks, and know what falls within that period? REQ mainnet. Maybe the REQ partnership is LINK, and they're going offical at the REQ mainnet release. And LINK will announce everything along side REQ.

The main reason why I don't want to buy LINK is because Veeky Forums likes it and I think you are all low iq.

then fuck off and stay poor.

I don't give a shit if you make it

Don't let that stop you from buying something if you believe in it though.

Do Darwin a favor and go buy some XRP. Your children deserve to starve for having an idiot for a father.

Also, check out the Dunning-Kruger effect it's about how idiots think everyone else is stupid.

If you can't distinguish the government and corporate shills from actual users, you should have lurked more instead of posting and showing your complete ignorance.

I'm sure you were the brainlet who passed on eth and ANS when biz shilled it too. biz helped me make it FUCKING twice. not once, but twice. you deserve whats coming to you by missing out, meanwhile I will be making it a third time and wiping my ass with those bills too.

Literally any time. Sergey is a mad lad and has repeatedly demonstrated he DGAF about hype or token holders. It could drop tomorrow, no meming.

at first i got happy and then i got sad

Don't get delusional bro

Req mainnet is not going to be fiat yet so also no link mainnet in 2 weeks, 2 months maybe but i wouldn't count on it. they have to make sure it all works Perfekt to get it up and running otherwise they would fuck themselves over

I know that.

But this leaker said we have two weeks to accumlate LINK.

and REQ said they're announcing a partner at mainnet release.

I could totally see them announcing LINK as their partner to help with their next step: incorporating fiat.

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Daily reminder that someone sold 800k LINK down to 1k sats LMAO.

>will follow assblasters predictions
There are literally, unironically, people who base investment decisions with REAL MONEY on Veeky Forums larpers.
Let that sink in.

Can someone link to a thread with assblaster predictions?

So? What's your point??

Stupid people have money too

I remember a week or so ago an user posted a comment in a thread about "ropsten testnet coming soon". He got no replies and I don't know why i remember that one random comment. He was right though. Biz has real insiders.

and that was before the GH commit a couple days ago.

He's better looking than all the other soyboy teens - he'd be balls deep later on that night. LINK marines defend their own. Fuck you, fuck off, Heil Hitler
LINK $1000 EOY

>let that sink in
paul joseph watson?

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last time I followed Veeky Forums was when someone had leaked info of XLM being called by PBC, which was because teeka had insider info about XLM and IBM partnership. i bought in at about $0.03 and saw two big moon missions in the same number of weeks

Have 30k. How much do you need? How much more time do we have?

Not sure if that's a big partnership for req, they allready said they Will be using link so that wouldn't really be 'news'
I'm guessing mainnet is going to be released sooner then we think! the team is putting in loads of work and Sergey is ramping up those big partnerships behind the curtains.

my body and my 60k stack is ready

I remember that leak and I remember thinking it was a LARP, so sometimes Veeky Forums is right. But believing someone who thinks they can predict every major LINK price movement is a whole other tier of retarded. "Like anyone can even know that"

He never said shit about March 20th faggot.

I wasn't to late for ETH and to new to catch onto ANS. I'm not missing LINK.

He is probably terminally new. The memes linkies use, and the fud made is done by people that have been here for actual years ~a decade. That’s how I was able to suss out the value even before I read the white paper. The memes are autochthonous and come from the minds of the last bastion of old candyasses.

what he said

Deluded the post

Yes he did. Look back at the archive, I doubt you even know how to you fucking mongoloid.

>calling other people mongs when you are holding an ERC20 shitcoin with 2 devs and highly likely no partnership with SWIFT, docusign or salesforce despite autistic screeching about "connecting the dots" because any article that mentions API's is surely a sign that chainlink is involved

This is what delusion looks like, and it can happen to anyone.

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where do you cunt , fags, neets store your 10 Linkies? i gots 107K i need to get of the exchanges?

Please help

LINK is literally not an erc 20
but thanks for proving to everyone you're just a braindead shitposter

ledger nano

>Not holding the next biggest innovation in crypto since Eth
>Being this wrong
>Using toilet-tier fud
>Denying you aren't a mouth breather
Have fun looking back at our conversation next year and wanting to end it all, you knowingly passed up on a massive transfer of wealth.

its compatible? or do i store it under ETH ?

Thanks for reply.

Testnet is only a month old, do u think its enough time to sort things out?

Link belong in toilet sirs you sell now bad invest

Show me the post where he said it, you raving homosexual.


Testnet isn't out yet. Why are there so many technically illiterate people on biz?

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Simplified mainnet already got released.

It's not usable, even for testing.

>t. Someone who hasn’t set a node up

have you been out of the loop?

See pic

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you can test it on Ropsten soon

The node literally takes task from the blockchain, completes it and sends results back to the blockchain.
No staking.
No commit-reveal.

doesn't make any sense, read the whitepaper again buddy

>t someone who hasn’t set up a node

Yes he did in the first post he made on Feb 17 that u can no longer see in the archive dumbshit.

>shorty exchanges trying to make it
>most of the volume is binance

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It's over guys. Just market sold it all

What exactly doesn't make sense friendo?
You can't "set up a node" right now, it's neither on mainnet nor ropsten. You can clone the sources and tinker with them on your local machine with geth running.

>pic related
Pivotal tracker to-do list ends on 8th April. Probably it won't be sooner than that date. However I feel like Sergey is going to write another Medium post/update on 31th March with big news

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>t. Someone who hasn’t set up a node
You keep forgetting this in your posts

Most smart people acknowledge that Sergey founded the blogchain. There is a picture of proof floating around from 2008.

Let that sink in a moment.

>hyping Chainlink
Pick one

>pic related
I didn't mention hype. He was pretty informative and clear during his end of year post. That's what I meant

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I'm trying to make reasonable discussion with you autists.

>t someone who hasn’t set up a node

Hard to have one with someone who has no idea what they’re talking about

Deluded. I'm all in link btw.

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>t someone who hasn’t set up a node
Ok here’s an upvote

I'm sorry you're so afraid for your investments you try to deceive other people. That's not the right thing to do.

>t. Someone who hasn’t set up a node

Linkies have good grammar, how is this not obvious?

>pic related
This kid has every girl in the room looking at him
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Alpha as fuck.

Link confirmed $1000 eoy