So, tell me user, if btc been following this pattern for 3 months, why woudn't it keep following it for 3 more?

so, tell me user, if btc been following this pattern for 3 months, why woudn't it keep following it for 3 more?

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Because real life?

But user, it will. why, are you worried?

what pattern is that?

I’m thinking this too.

apply your reasoning before the trend shifting.

Hi whale. I already told you once and I will tell you agan: fuck off, I ain't telling you shit. You think you're really smart, with your cock sucking bros? Someone is smarter than you. That's right, I'm on the sidelines, holding the bags of money since january, while you are hustling on Veeky Forums trying to data mine. What's wrong? Oh, that's right.. you tried to swindle the market, but got bamboozled instead. HAHAHA Get fucked, whale cuck. You will never be as good as this. Keep chasing my farts, fuckface. See you on the bottom. Don't even waste your time with your fake pumps and bull traps, because I can see right through your BS before it even happens.

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>what pattern is that?
2013 correction soon as it goes to 9.5-10K then it completely invalidates this, right? would you go kys then?


big if true

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Why would it?

That escalated quickly

If every single Decemberfag cash out then it might.

Because this.

We're still in a bulltrend

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zoom out? Bitcoin is in an overall upward trend.

your lines are off a tad

It might, but if markets would be so easy to predict, we'd all be rich. BTC does what wants to do (or what the whales want it to do).

>Bitcoin is in an overall upward trend.
so why everyone is getting their panties in a twist if it goes to 3k?
anything above 2k is super bullish

Bitcoin was a meme back in 2013

Patterns in the stock market are a literal meme to misguide fools who do not realize that what drives the markets is not beholden to obeying consistency.

>Patterns in the stock market are a literal meme to misguide fools who do not realize that what drives the markets is not beholden to obeying consistency.
and yet, here we are

also btc is not a stock market, it's a meme market

the real meme is the measuring stick gets shorter every year to obfuscate the patterns

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We are overdue for alt season

Damn that's interesting. The 2000 crash lasted until 2013

Does this prove Democrats are better for the economy

The governement doesn't have a big impact on the mid to long term in democracies.

Proves they're 10/10 at inflating asset bubbles

It really is just a big bull pennant.

no thats just when you redraw the lines

I like to think that this is caused by tradingbots that are trained on old btc data, assuming past performance == future performance, making it a self fullfilling assumtion

You're right. It'll continue the trend until 1BTC=$3.5

Because of tether printing massive amounts of USDT to buy Bitcoin and thus increase the price. Bitcoin forks also played a major role since people could easily 5x their investment.

I fell for the user and ((their)) tricks and bought in December at 15.7K .
Now I have lost about 50% of everything and I am stuck with a small amount of BTC.

What should I do now? Any plan ideas to at least get back what I put?

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Because the 5th elliott wave is done. We're going up now.

It always repeats the same fractal patterns. Transpose pretty much any dip over today's price action and it looks like it's following it.

I did the same thing at the start of 2014 at $800. Forgetting about it an moving on with my life was the best thing I ever did. I suggest you just hodl and do the same. You only really lose when you sell at a loss.

It was $250.. I will leave the $126 in blockchain and forget about it.

are you shitting up this board over $250?

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Post your fucking digibyte adress and i will send you your lost money. But you have to sell the rest and never come back to the crypto world.

No more sellers. Simple answer

I can have back my $250 ?
I will cash out and leave. I am not ready for buttcoins..


Because TA is astrology. /thread

>log chart

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wait 3 months.

I would love that to happen so I could own 1+ bitcoin and die in peace

After easter weekend next week it's going to start pumping again. People have just been withdrawing so that they can hide chocolate candies for their children.

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>ITT nubiz

>we're still in a bulltrend

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who gives a shit. it should hopefully clear out all of these shitcoins, especially those late adopters aremt even aware are scams like bcash or litecoin.

and 3k btc is still incredible unless youre one of those clueless late adopters

:P LOL just hodl we're going to 100k per bitcoin
just zoom out and use the Log Scale!!!

Oh cool. Then its safe to say if we breakout over $8700 then we're in a new trend. But if not.. Lmao. I hope it drops more. I dgaf anymore and I can eht more coins.

what is to say that isn't a bear pennant

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becauh bibcoin is evolushcanary and i wantne make it hehe buy teh grape heh yay hodor

long run, well be fine but if you think this isnt gonna follow the bubble chart *even if it is being manipulated to do so* youre gonna learn the hard way

I know fractals are solid but let's consider the following: What event following the Gox crash could signal a reversal? A major reversal of trend is cause by a 'fundamental' change.

So with that in mind, we know we had phase 1 of normie FOMO causing the bull run of our life. Then of course the bubble popped and we corrected massively. We have been steadily down trending for about 3 months. Then news comes out that the G20 doesn't give a fuck. Bullish. The US congress releases a positive paper regarding crypto. The tether FUD is dispelled with findings of their bank deposits. BULLISH.

2 Major fundamentals and a medium tier importance once mixed together after a healthy 88% (roughly?) correction. Seems likely we reverse from here. If not maybe one more wave down, then bull but we are bloody close and I am not counting this one out.

Bull and bear cycles are much quicker in crypto and we still have a tiny market cap that is not even accurate in it's reflection of how much money is truly in here. The 375 billion is inflated and yet even that is TINY compared to any traditional market.

You could start with $1000 right now and in 5 years if you make some wise moves, end up with half a million to a million. Many on Veeky Forums will be millionaires THIS YEAR. This is similar to the internet in the early 90's.

>Bitcoin at $3k
I fucking hope so man, I wanna accumulate

damn thats motivational. IDK personally i feel like the bull run is not upon us yet and were gonna crash to 4k

show the rest of the blue chart, please.

That's still in the cards but even the biggest perma bear faggots have that as the last one down. So don't fret if we do. Short that bitch low leverage. You can hedge right now on mex. There's 3 different contracts for BTC.

>The tether FUD is dispelled with findings of their bank deposits
kekekekekek nope. Tether is a blatant fraud and anyone who says otherwise is a complete moron. Only issue is that nobody know when it will implode. Could be tomorrow, could be a year from now.

dont trust myself w bitmex yet and am in US anyway. gotta get the vpn or whatever. Ill stick to tether while I learn

People have been saying this about fractional reserve banking for hundreds of years.

Not comparable. When the news drops, everyone will try to sell their tether, but nobody will be buying. Millions of dollars in value will evaporate from the market over night.

We literally just had the year of the alt. We will never see that ever again.

thank you based user
I think were not through with the bears atm but the bulls are slowly coming back in
I would not buy into crypto right now but i wouldnt open shorts either

if you are so sure, why are you not shorting bitcoin, you mongoloid?

oh... not sure, are you?

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because it won't fall in May

bitcoin will soon be the alt
buy ETH, poorfag
screencap this and post it next year