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Some facts for you anons:

Silver Mined 3000BC-2017AD:
>49 billion ounces
Irretrievably lost 3000BC-2017AD:
>25 billion ounces
Silver above ground end of 2017AD:
>24 billion ounces
>$16.61/oz spot price
>Total value of all silver on earth = $400 billion

My question is... how can physical silver be so cheap? Wasn't this shit money only 50 years ago?

Lets put this in perspective.. there's a $20 trillion US national debt, $571 trillion of total derivatives, etc

Sow can all the silver on earth ($500b) be worth just 7.1% of the Australian property market ($7 trillion)?

tl;dr Why aren't you stacking silver?

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Its cheap because of manipulation.
>Paper "silver"

Maybe it will end one day

Silver corrodes and has limited usage as the solar boom isn't happening in your lifetime.

Nice to look at tho, some sucker will buy these eagles off me.

i have about 5 kilos in sterling scrap, lambo when ?

Fundamentally silver is the most undervalued asset on earth. But we all know the price is manipulated by paper silver, will it ever end?

Thats one of the highest estimates of above ground silver i have ever seen.

i've been a bagholder of this shit since 2007.
when fucking moon?!

>Why aren't you stacking silver?

But I am stacking. Only Crypto and Silver/Gold. No Fiat and Stocks

It's 175:1 paper silver ratio its insane
I am holding all the physical i can get my hands on

>one of only 3 metals (copper, silver gold) ever used as currency
>highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and reflectivity of any metal

my bros... our patience will be rewarded sooner than we think

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How long can they keep this fiat game going??

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how much silver do i need to never work again

your own bodyweight is a rule

63kg exactly

The fuck is a paper silver? Is it like a deed to a mass of silver stored eslewhere?

>Is it like a deed to a mass of silver stored eslewhere
It is. It's what the bankers have been using in order to manipulate the price of silver and gold. They do this through the futures market by shorting. If you want the real value of silver, better have it physically than in paper. Your paper will be worthless in the case of an economic collapse.

Who else in Australia stacking these?

>Easy to store, don’t tarnish as easily
>Any coin shop will pay you cash on the spot, no assay
>Worth around $10 a coin

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he is either talking about custodians who store silver for you but may not actually have the silver they claim to have, or derivatives like futures which are contracts to buy/sell silver in the future.

I have 20 one ounce coins of silver.
Am I going to make it?


>Is it like a deed to a mass of silver stored eslewhere
NO. that's the whole problem, paper silver is just a derivative. it's not a claim to real metal, all these paper trades all settle in dollars.

shlomo longs 10,000oz silver while steinberg shorts the same 10,000oz and they just settle up in dollars.. so the spot price is whatever they want it to be.

it's 175:1 for silver and 76:1 for gold

My nigga. These are 3 to exactly 1 oz. I had 200 at one point but had to sell. These days only got kg bars but still looking to pick up more of these bad boys.

you'll last about a year after the crash

its a deed to silver, but the problem is if everyone all of sudden decided to claim it they wouldnt be able to deliver. Car makers had problems getting platinum with their deeds, they were forced to sell it on the market and go directly to the miners.

>my bros... our patience will be rewarded sooner than we think

What makes you think this? I've been hearing silver is going to moon since 2011

silver hit 50 dollars in 2011, then it got smacked down

>tl;dr Why aren't you stacking silver?
look at a silver chain and then look at a GOLD chain. the difference is obvious. the disparity in value is obvious. gold is king.

ITT bagholders from a boom that happened 10 years ago. If you ever feel that your bags are heavy, just consider what these faggots who bought silver at +$30 feel like. hahahahahahaha

>inb4 muh manipulation
>inb4 muh collapse
>inb4 muh true currency

Like a broken record year after year after year. I swear in 2100 there will still be faggots proclaiming the imminent end of 'silver manipulation'.

Ive been believing itll moon since about then too
Peter schiff was right about the housing bubble popping but he got one thing wrong
He admitted this in a speech recently
>i knew the fed would try and reflate the bubble, i didnt know theyd temporarily succeed

Theyve just reflated the same old bubbles but now added another massive one: the us government bond bubble

Short answer is since they cant pay back the bondholders but they wont default they will just print the us dollar into oblivion.

implying manipulating jews wont be purged till 2100

Can't they just keep the price of PMs down forever though?
What would cause the price to be unleashed?

Paper metals will die when big players will ask to settle in metal rather than fiat.

When China wants to, they can pull the rug out from under the west. The problem is that once they do that and the dollar collapses, they wont be able to acquire gold and silver anymore as the price of each will skyrocket (~25x). Watch the Chinese market for large orders of bullion to see it for yourself.

When people who own physical metals arent willing to pay what (they) are saying it's worth.

yeah, if you want speculative metals you want gold. nobody wants silver apart from old people and when they die so does the market

I see value in silver compared to gold. In this picture there's roughly 8 times as much silver as there is gold.
I think through history it hovered around 10:1 or 12:1.
Today it's 85:1. Essentially everyone has forgot about it, that's why it's such a great buy i reckon.

Why would anyone buy 'paper silver?' Paper gold I understand but why silver?
Also only I have a pound or so in bullion.

True, but when we finally reach that point silver is going to moon way harder

Pre-1933 gold coins - worth a damn over regular ones?

it's another market where people can place a bet. you have to think it's manipulated if there are derivatives equivalent to 180x the amount of metal that actually exists.

Give me some ratios. How much good, how much silver should i hodl

Great thread OP. I just bought some silver rounds last week thinking the same thing. I think silver is undervalued gold/silver ratio as well as USD value.

Think silver could 5x from here.

So it's a bet on the price of silver, and it has no influence on the actual price of silver right ?
As if me and my friend would take bet on the price of bitcoin in the future, it would not affect the price of bitcoin. We agree that all the people saying future market are used to decrease the price of silver are retarded ?

worlds biggest cup and handle

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Is 1650 oz silver and 5 oz of gold enought to make it?
Im hoping I can buy a 200k house in 5 years with it.

is this good?

>NO. that's the whole problem, paper silver is just a derivative. it's not a claim to real metal, all these paper trades all settle in dollars.
That's what we're saying mate. It's a deed but it's just that - a piece of paper. You can have all the claims you want but all those doesn't translate into real physical silver because obviously all those paper "deeds" in circulation are inflated without any regard to the actual physical silver in stock.

Bankers/institutions have also done this with gold and uranium. Bitcoin, when the futures market was created, has also been recently price suppressed by the powers that be. This is why I'm bearish for bitcoin long term. It's clear (((they))) are doing this and have a vested interest in doing so to keep the present system going.

There is no guarantee in that.. I have a box full of these (inherited) and they are worth 5 US dollar or less each... You can also buy them in bulk on ebay (and it's heavy silver)

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If you believe in TA yeah

Wondering about pre 33 gold too.
The fact that silver can breakdown pretty bad in certain conditions makes me want to switch to gold. Still like my silver coins though

gold/silver ratio will go from 80:1 where it is now to 15:1
so silver is a roughly 5x better investment than gold
with that in mind go 100% physical silver

a roman soldier got paid 1 denarius/day
so 10 days work = 10 denarius = 1 troy oz
we want to retire and live on comfy roman soldier's wage for 60 years, so we need
21,900 days work = 21,900 denarius = 2190 troy oz

So around 70kg silver should do it which is US$37,240 today

yeah exactly. that's better than i said it.
paper silver is supposed to be just betting on the price of silver.
but the fact they can trade 200x as much paper as physical, means the physical is currently deriving its price by what they do with the paper

Well shoot I better keep looking for deals then.

So how do you guys buy your silver? Do you buy locally or shop online? I found a decent dealer online here in leaf land.

Silver has over 10,000 uses, and a lot of them, there's no substitute for.

Silver is basically horrible as an investment, thanks to VAT. Would buy otherwise.

Buy gold, silver or buttcoins?

Because 50 years ago they didn't had the mining technology that we have today.

>How can all the silver on earth ($500b) be worth just 7.1% of the Australian property market ($7 trillion)?

Because land is scarce thanks to jews buying it all, Silver is not thanks to excessive mining/exploitation on Africa and South America, they can even hire slaves to make everything even more cheaper.


It's cheap because a) it's plentiful, and b) there is no cabal or conspiracy like muh gold standard which drives price up

Silver is intrinsically worthless. It does not even solve the oracle problem.

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They will be able to 3D print silver from graphene soon. Alchemy is real.

>They will be able to 3D print silver from graphene soon

Sounds legit.

You huffing glue kiddo?
Germany was recently fined for fixing silver and it's just a street hustler compared with the big boiz

>elon musk building space empire
>titaniun most used metal for parts
>ops buying silver
Jesus fuck man what the fuck are you doing?

Elon Musk isn’t doing fucking shit but larping to leddit tier faggots like you. Humanity is destined to die on this earth as it is written in the book of Revelations. We are living in the end times.

Buying silver is pretty stupid considering that mining asteroids is just around the corner, and a single asteroid could be worth around 10+ trillion of dollards in metals like titanium,nikel,cobalt,iron etc

Oh yeah sure and I bet they’ll even have flying cars in the year 2000!


Its funny how you talk about alchemy being real and being able to print silver and then expect people to take you seriously.
Go read a book instead of watching conspiracy youtube videos brainlet

I inhertied a shit ton of morgan dollars from my grandmother, IIRC I have 472, all ranging from different dates, mints, and grades. How much do you think I'm looking at rn?

You reek of Reddit you little bitch nigger

I've got 2863 Oz. Of silver and 44 Oz of gold. I think I'm good.

Depends if you have any true key dates.

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>he must be le redditor xD, also a nigger
You are just embarrassing at this point, just stop cringe kid

550oz ag 5oz au fag here, jealous

the only REALLY solid one I have are a PCGS graded 1893 S and 94 S. Everything else is pretty boring, except for a small collection of non-key CC coins that aren't in great condition

Reddit is that way little guy

I own ten kilos o, probably a good bit more if I include cigarette boxes, candlesticks etc etc. There are vast quantities of silver user, most coins were made of the stuff and even were up to the 1970s. Its nice to own 5 or 10Ks worth but it gets a PITA to store 20 kgs or more. Also modern made blobs like American eagles or ugly bullion is all well and good but if you buy it try and buy some nice aesthetic sets of older coins or a nice set of silverware mkay?

>Its cheap because of manipulation.

no its that price because their is decent profit in producing it at that price. Enough tin foil hattery

t. Has lots of silver

>Fundamentally silver is the most undervalued asset on earth

very debatable.

Hi anons,
Thinking of putting money into platinum CFDs because the political situation in south africa will cause the vol to spike IMO.

What do I need to be aware of with precious metals? Are fed fund hikes going to wipe me out?

PLATINUM traders opinions v much appreciated.

>PLATINUM traders opinions v much appreciated

Don't buy physical. Quite illiquid and expensive to trade in due to premiums. ust buy it via bullionvault or something like that and its easier to trade. Its a harmless bet unless the situation with Russia improves drastically, in which case you will get wiped on.

how do we know that half of all silver is lost? where did it go?

Maybe invest in miners mining the product, like umicore... if a boom happen the stock will go up and you can sell it for more GBP

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5-10% of your net worth should be in precious metals

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And enough autism to look through them all. I am really happy to have my grandpa's collection. Wish I knew more about numismatics to add to it (I just buy various mint bullion)


how do you lose a cube of silver the size of a city block?