He's the saviour we need, not the saviour we deserve

He's the saviour we need, not the saviour we deserve

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Damn, he's actually smart.
I trust this chink.

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He's good, and more transparent than anyone one else in a similar position. I'm sure there is still more than what is said to every story (for example with this, supposedly they had to take their standalone Japanese website offline some time ago already, maybe due to pressure from regulators), but I trust Binance more than any other exchange at the moment. Their crisis handling skills are great.

I love this copypasta.

He is better than that Charlie Chink.
That's for sure

Binance flat out pumps and dumps there own shit BNB coin. Same with Ontology now with Bitcoin. These chinks have no ends too there fucking greed.

Why anyone in their right mind would use this piece of shit exchange is beyond me

this is pretty fucking smooth

i don't think so.
Prior to Binance Chain annoucement, BNB had been sideways for weeks. They didn't leak the information for people to accumulate. the pump started a minute or so after the tweets. This is practically unheard of these days.

He has proven himself again and again after so many binance "hacks and exit scams"

He basically gets shittalked at every turn and he keeps exceeding my expectations

Who cares this whole thing is a fucking scam to make the poor even poorer and the rich richer. It is just easier to manipulate then the dow jones bullshit. How the fuck else would you explain the MSM going from one day "LOOK ALL THESE BITCOIN MILLIONAIRES" to the next day "THE BLOCK CHAIN WILL LAND YOU IN PRISON FOR CP"

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Fuck Binance. It causes nothing but trouble and only exist to let chinks dump their shitcoins on the rest.

>Nikkei is lying
>Just a simple letter
Wow this chink is so based does he pay the Binance shills on here or do they do it for free


they also pay me to fud kucoin weekly for the past month on here and reddit.

payment is in bnb which is fine by me.

Binance paid shills on both here and reddit are so fucking annoying

What the fuck. Where can I apply? All this time I've been praising CZ for free.

sell the rumor, buy the news? wtf is this chink smoking?

>sell the bearish rumour
>buy the bullish news
Are you literally retarded?

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Some coins have paid shills, I don't know about Binance, maybe. They would gain something to have paid shills on board like this, but it's difficult to know if they actually do it. They're still being a good exchange compared to all the shit that's out there, the only problem as far as we know is only the withdrawal fees.

buy the rumor sell the news retard

He might have implied that the poster was trying to FUD Binance in the hope that it would have an effect on BNB's price.

And here I am shilling because I actually like the dude, and other cunts are getting paid for this shit??

Didn't they just movie to malta? You know, the tax heaven?

He really is one of the few people to look up to in this whole shitshow of crypto kikery.

Don't do my job for free, you scab.

>t. buy high sell low
you fucking braainlet

I don't get why would CZ need to pay the shills. Binance is genuinely the best and most transparent exchange out there. I cringe whenever I have to use any other exchange to buy some obscure shitcoin. Yes, the withdrawal fees suck and should be addressed.
>doesn't even know about IDs
What is your personal experience with having 2 digits IQ and not being aware you're a retarded subhuman? Does such low intellect even allow for a consciousness?

Hey retard, BNB chink was being sarcastic. You're the brainlet.

He was implying that everyone dumped on a rumour from some supposed insider's twitter feed (sell the the rumour), now that it's confirmed and they received the letter and it's confirmed, the dump is over (buy the news)

Bearish news: sell the rumour, buy the news
Bullish news: buy the rumour, sell the news

Yeah they did. President or prime minister for Malta just confirmed it.

No you are just an idiot nothing wrong with just having downs not your fault

>I don't get why would CZ need to pay the shills
Oh, I don't think most posts about it are paid. I just meant they're a multibillion dollar company so they must have some form of social media monitoring going on, and that's probably mostly hand off, but it wouldn't be surprising if they have people who can intervene if need be.

>too there

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I agree, it'd make sense for them to have people to clear up FUD and engage with community, and that most likely is the case. That's far from the meme "muh paid shills" narrative though.

I would suck cz's cock. For free.