Fuck it. I just went all in and purchased 3,030.25 ETH

Fuck it all, I'm gonna make it. Ethereum smart contracts are the future. I've been watching crypto prices drop ever since the beginning of 2018 and now I've finally taken the fucking plunge. No matter what happens, I'm in this shit to make it all or nothing. I'm all the fuck in. Let's go.

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no you did not
post wallet or gtfo

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Larping faggit

He did not, or I hope not. I like ETH, but it's uncertain as hell what direction it goes next. Long term it's probably good, but short term it might very well get another limb hacked off.

You would be better off dumping it all on secured P2P lending and compounding the interest.

Ethereum has not been legit since the DAO hack


im glad OP! It takes courage to admit you're a faggot.

Load vitalik cp fud...

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I'm not larping, fuck you.

Youre better off putting your money into Bitcoin if you are not confident about your research skills


BTC is old tech. ETH is the foundation of most cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech, incase you missed it.

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dont mix tech and ETH scam

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Yup, I totally missed it. Thanks OP, just bought 100k eth

I’m All in in nano.
It’s good?

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You’re not going to make it

People are only just beginning to understand the implications. You can set up a gambling site for instance and it’s all the same whether your users are in the US, UK, China or fucking khazakstan. Combine with the decentralized file system hosting, you can host a single page app and not only is your smart contract unstoppable but your website is too. Combine with some whois guard and you have a global commercial operation that cannot be shut down or traced back to any organization or individual except maybe by the NSA/CIA. It’s going to to completely destroy the entire legal system as we know it

i bought 2 eth yesterday at $535. NO LARP HERE FAGGOT

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So you think smart contracts are the future?
Lmao, there are better things beside smart contracts.


Lawyers aren’t going away. Transactional law is questionable

Right now very bad time to buy. Wait til prices tank and volatility reduces.

Decentralized pyramid schemes built in the ethereum pedochain made with the sole purpose of accuring more eturem

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>I-I am not LARPing you guyzes!!!!!
>Here, I won't post proofs! That'll show them!
Kys. Sage and hide.

No but it’s going to make their life extremely difficult because current legislation & enforcement has no way of dealing with this new reality

ETH is going to have a very strong couple of years because it will be the launch platform for both Enigma and ChainLink, and will benefit from standardised toolkits like ZeppelinOS.
Whether it maintains market dominance remains to be seen, but I think those three things alone will put it ahead at least until 2021.

based. I only have 275 ETH to my name. It's not much but it's mine.

I used to be worried about EOS, but I think they will fall flat on their face with mainnet. they got too greedy and I'm sure the SEC has them in their crosshairs for doing such a brazen ICO.

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